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  1. Not having English as a second language doesn't mean they need an interpreter. Some of those will already be bilingual and some trilingual before they start school, e.g. Asian children with regional language, Hindi or Urdu, and English.
  2. Isn't that less £68k costs, so £17K profit?
  3. vic

    maggoty bins

    Line the outer rim of the bin with salt or vinegar to prevent flies from entering the container or sprinkle rock salt or lime inside the bin as a further preventative measure.
  4. If we're back on the thread - I watched a ship go through Chester Road locks on Saturday -11 mins from bridge opening to closing, but 2 mins of that was the final squeeze to get the roadway in line.
  5. There's a "memorandum of understanding" between the Council and Peel (about avoiding peak hours). The LibDems have "rejected" it http://www.warringtonlibdems.org.uk/not-nearly-good-enough but rejecting it means nothing when Peel has navigation rights and can legally swing the bridge as often as they want. It would take a private act of Parliament to expunge those rights.
  6. vic

    Walton Locks

    I'd think that, apart from losing the navigation rights, there would be issues over flood relief. If the Mersey is high, does it still flood this area, and wouldn't water then go into the canal and down to the Weaver sluices (which would go back into the Mersey, but far enough downstream not to have an impact back at Warrington)?
  7. Algy, I can see a second 30 mph sign (obscured by the traffic light in your picture) so you missed both.
  8. vic


    How long are they going to take from Warrington to London?
  9. I'm never sure when you're serious... but I'll rise to it. The Jubilee Line has had platform glazing and doors since 1999... And I don't think any train did Warrington to London in two hours in the Victorian era.
  10. http://www.cheshirefire.gov.uk/news-events/incidents/search-of-river-mersey-in-warrington
  11. Not a scientific idea of course, but perhaps the American experience has two factors. Most big American cities have decent public transport (and Portland offers some free travel, and 8% of commuters cycle to work)... And NB "Many young people care more about buying the latest smart phone or gaming console than getting their driver's license." - And you can't play with them while driving!
  12. I dunno. You get your car nicked for a robbery, you get it back abandoned but safe, OK apart from the have-a-go types denting the bodywork.
  13. vic

    election charges

    Shock horror! Parish councils to pay for parish council elections!
  14. vic

    20 mph

    3rd Annual 20mph Places Conference 1 May 2012 London Two acclaimed conferences entitled “The 20mph City” were organised by PTRC with 20s Plenty for Us in 2009 and 2011. Today, 20mph speed limits are increasingly being implemented in villages and towns across the UK. We have renamed this event to “The 20 mph Places” Conference in recognition that slower speeds contribute to a sense of “Place”. More than just a space, great places to live, work or play are characterised by vibrant communities who respect each other’s rights to get around safely. I think Rod should put on a bus to get us there.
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