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    20 mph

    All the Council have to do is get rid of that new-fangled tarmac stuff and take Warrington streets back to cobbles. No one ever drives fast on cobbles unless they're in someone else's car or deaf.
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    Obviously too many speeders and dangerous drivers in Stockton Heath. Seems to me the Council has a duty to plaster the whole area with cameras and speed humps as they have in the rest of Warrington!
  3. Well, I've looked on the WBC website at the out of focus plans and compared them with the one that originally appeared in the Guardian, 2002. Where I can read what it says, the plans have obviously changed a lot since 2002. I wonder which one was the one presented to the public when WBC "consulted" us? Incidentally, leaflets advertising the public meeting at the park were only pushed through letterboxes on the afternoon of the meeting. So you arrived home from work just in time to realise what you'd missed. The website plans give the impression the project is between Winwick Road and Orford Park, yet the recent Guardian still said the main access and car park would be off Hallfields Road ie where the bandstand used to be. What isn't clear is just what the true, latest, plans look like and what is going where. For such a major project, WBC are very poor on clear up to date information. Joni Mitchell and Big Yellow Taxi comes to mind. "You don't know what you've got 'till it's gone".
  4. If you travel to USA now, they want your fingerprints and iris scan. I don't think that will stop a "once through" suicide bomber! In the meantime, we all get treated like criminals having our dabs etc taken for that big database no doubt shared with UK Govt and accessed by all and sundry or left on a train somewhere.
  5. Welcome to UK open prison. It's getting such that everything you do can be monitored and assessed without your knowledge. At least with good old snail mail you don't have to write on the outside of the envelope who the sender is and it is a criminal offence to tamper with mail in the post. Any security service would have to already be suspicious about who the letter was sent to in order to start opening all their mail. Imagine the uproar if they started opening all the mail to record who sent what to whom! Imagine the cost! You would also be able to tell if someone had opened it aswell. I think with email it's a case of they can do it behind the scenes without people knowing, so they think it's okay to do it. Yet we wouldn't stand for it with snail mail! Terrorists will have to go back to using letters dropped off in isolated post boxes. Or get a pigeon loft.
  6. Part of me wonders if this project is a Trojan horse to get the expressway built across Orford Park. About 15 years ago the Council were told they couldn't build the new road through parkland. On the face of it, the new leisure facilities look good, but it seems to have grown from a ?5m scheme in 2002 to a ?28m one now. Back in 2002 there were a few pitches and a community centre, now it's grown to include a re-located Fordton leisure centre with swimming pools, a library, community centre etc and supposedly Warrington Wolves training facilities (should the Council be providing facilities for private companies? - that will be ?100,000 and one park the Wolves will owe Warrington taxpayers!). So, goodbye mature trees and open parkland and hello huge car park and building development. The only bit of parkland in the area and the Council want to build on it! Why ruin it? Especially when we already have the facilities elsewhere. What will go at Fordton etc? More car showrooms or fast food sales? Once it's all built, the Council will then make the case that a new expressway wouldn't be going through open parkland anymore. Mark my words, the corridor for it is still there on the plans.
  7. Thanks Fatshaft. I'll check out Callands Rd and Old Hall as you say and add them to the map if I find them. Anybody found any more? XYZ
  8. The humps in Bridge Lane are outside a school as I mentioned at no3??
  9. Most days, I have to negotiate speed humps as I travel across the town and it got me thinking about where they are around Warrington. So I got a map and I marked on it in red all those I could think of. I'm sure I've missed some. See the map:- http://i250.photobucket.com/albums/gg275/xyzxyz1/speedhumps/map1-1.jpg Notice the concentration in the north-east of town with few in the west and east and practically zero south of the ship canal. Why is that? Why does the NE have so many and the south have such a raw deal? What is there in the NE that isn't in the rest of Warrington? 1. Dangerous roads? A recent article in the local press named high risk roads as Manchester Road, Kingsway, Marsh House Lane, Lovely Lane, London Road. Could be, but that doesn't explain why speed humps are in Fearnhead, Poplars, Penketh, but not Woolston, Stockton Heath, Appleton. 2. Narrow roads/narrow pavements? Not in Poplars and no more in NE than other areas. 3. Schools? All over town. The only place speed humps appear in south Warrington (Bridge Ln). 4. Housing estates? All over town but speed humps are not. No humps in Callands/Old Hall, old south Warrington or Cobbs/Dudlow's Green etc. 5. Rat-runs? South Warrington and Penketh/Sankey are full of them, but hardly any speed humps. 6. Proposed expressway? Applicable to NE, Callands and Latchford/Grappenhall. Could the humps persuade local people that a main road through their houses and park might not be so bad after all? But, what about the proposed route through Latchford and Grappenhall? Both routes were hit on the head weren't they? What do you think? Why so many in the north-east? Why almost none south of the ship canal? Maybe, if the rest of town still had cobblestones like Grappenhall, they wouldn't need speed humps either?
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