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Yes thank you she is LP..... Sunday morning at 08:40 me and my little one were at Manchester to pick her up only to find that after all that time away, the plance had landed 20 minutes early!!


The sink is now empty and I am back from the brink of starvation!! :lol:

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Another one... :shock: I just hope it is not as bad as it looks and that no one went in the canal :shock::cry:


Fairfield Road, Stockton Heath (opposite Alexander Park junction).

Was not like this yesterday afternoon so must have happened since then :cry: although nothing on the news .. is that good or bad :?:shock:





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Why/how would they lose it there? :shock:


I have no idea Peter as to take out a metal fence, a concrete post and a tree (which cant be seen on the picture) and considering the number of accidents round here over the past few months and the blummin idiots on the roads anything seems possible :shock:


I just hope no one was hurt in this latest 'happening' or maybe there is a less worrying reason for the apparent carnage. The odd bit of car debris there said otherwise though :shock::cry:

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Happened at approx 6 a.m. Sunday morning apparently according to someone who saw it as it was about to be removed.


Car apparently went flying down Alexander Road, straight accross Fairfiled and ploughed right through the fence... down the small enbankment and it came to rest with it's front wheels hanging over the concrete platform. :shock::shock:


No mention of anyone being injured thank goodness but talk about having a lucky escape... good job there was a concrete platform there eh :shock:

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