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  1. Just as well there wasn't a vehicle parked in that cycle lane - imagine how much of an inconvenience that would have been to this "road warrior"
  2. Teachers aren't able to get a "proper job"... employers wouldn't touch them
  3. A drop in the ocean compared to what Europe has cost the UK over the past year alone
  4. If it was upto some of the people in this thread Peter T would have been dragged into the dock at the European court of Human Rights by now
  5. Not that this ever happens in the UK anymore
  6. As if it's not on television enough (it gets too much airtime IMO) now it's online as well rediculous
  7. This happens if someone has subscribed to a thread (ie they wish to receive an e-mither notification when there is a new post) Either their email address is wrong or the mailer has packed up
  8. I'm sure there are plenty of council employees who surf the internet looking at forums like these (during working hours). When they've finished doing that they may go out and fill in those potholes you mention!?
  9. What about poor old Bill's phone getting hacked into? Don't see the Police making a fuss over that
  10. Bill - have you looked "a little closer to home" - eg are your employees using the facility trustworthy? You don't employ any Liberians do you? Who set it up? Could anyone else know your PIN/passwords? Since this has come to your attention have you changed your system/manager PIN on your PBX? A lot of "hackers" target switchboards using the default PIN numbers as suprisingly most dont change these - this then allows them to dial up your PBX then in turn connect to these numbers and rack up your bills!
  11. The sooner this pathetic excuse for a postal service is privatised the better. Perhaps then post will be more reliable and their drivers will learn to drive company vehicles without breaking the law
  12. Well, more fool the council for getting sucked into the Apple fantasy world and buying these over-rated, over-priced devices. If they *really* felt they needed this device, they should have got an Android equivalent. Half the price and not locked down
  13. Looks like far-eastern furnishings to me.
  14. Didn't station canteens go years ago - try McDonalds instead
  15. You may ask Obs, but clearly as a centinarian yourself perhaps you could tell us your thoughts!?
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