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  1. Has SHa left the building ?????????

  2. PJ. The library petition ensured closures were crossed off the 'list of possibilities'. A recent report re the Civic society, which contained quotes suggesting the threat to our built heritage was from 'developers outside the town' whilst omitting the fact that the true threat is from WBC themselves, was archived not long after I posted criticism of WBC. I'm surprised you missed this considering how closely you seem to be trolling me! During the libraries issue, my main concern was for the historic town centre library and plans to destroy its beautiful interior and the slapping of a
  3. PJ. I agree with you that the general apathy of people is a contributing factor in the decline of our town, but is it just 'apathy' that makes people reluctant to act? Half the time, many people have no idea of what is going on. Would you be surprised if I told you that I have spoken to people who live close to the green fields that are proposed to be developed as per the PDO, people whose lives will be negatively impacted by congestion /pollution and who will likely suffer substantial loss of the value of their homes, who had no idea what the PDO was? Of those that do know about the prop
  4. JM Parking Ltd. Directors, Jeremy Micheal Clarke & Miguel Carlos Corral. Numerous previous companies; makes interesting reading!
  5. Diz said;...." I guess they have their reasons though...." Yes Diz, and from a post I wrote earlier on the news page re the Civic Society, this is what I think are the reasons....... The true reason we have lost so much of our built heritage and that what remains is being left to rot is because we have a council who don’t care a damm about us or our history and who completely ignore their duties and responsibilities as protectors of our heritage and whose only interest appears to be in ‘the value of the land it stands on.’ We have a council who chose to employ a ‘Regeneratio
  6. This building was owned by Warrington & Co at the time of demolition - says it all!
  7. Sha

    Manx Arms

    Warrington town centre fast turning into a soul-less no-where-ville.
  8. The latest.......8 storey high apartments and 9 storey high car park proposed near to central station, planning committee concern over lack of 'affordable' units .........what about height? Also, another car park? What 'chance' has Warrington town centre got?
  9. Negative thoughts have certainly led to negative outcome!. It was the negative developer/greed led thoughts of those who produced the town centre ‘regeneration’ plans which have led to it’s destruction. It has been the inaction of our councillors – what on earth were they thinking of when they allowed these plans to be passed? All, despite the professional, renown CABE DESIGN refusing to support the plans! The result of these negative thoughts and foolhardy decisions has led to one monstrous, ugly mess which will only get worse as the developments progress. Warrington town centre could have be
  10. Hope these cobbles don't go the same way as the Forge machinery after being placed in 'safe storage'.
  11. Thanks, Algy. I'll have to try to find the source of that info again.
  12. Specialst Aggregates appears to be the company chosen to advise on the Grappenhall cobbles. http://www.specialistaggregates.com/grappenhalls-million-cobbled-road-n-123.html They have given their version of the history of the cobbled road. Algy, do you have any information on the history of this road? I remember reading a geologists report, I think it was circa 1860's where the cobbles were identified as originating in France and having been washed along the Mersey were found locally, from where the Mersey tributaries had originally extended into what is now Grappenhall / Appleton
  13. Sha


    Happy Belated Birthday Stallard - have a good year!
  14. Well done Agamemnon, for all the work put into the Blackbrook fireworks display. The amount of organisation that has to be done re health and safety, risk assessments etc. is no mean feat and for a community organisation to take on this level of responsibility deserves credit. However, I think that this responsibility should fall on local councils and not individuals / community groups. I think fireworks use should be strictly licenced and should be for organised displays only. I don't think they should be sold to the general public. I also think that there should be only a few set day
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