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Give Warrington town centre a chance!

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On 4/22/2018 at 6:59 AM, Evil Sid said:

not to me they don't, can't stand tea. last cup of tea i had was in 1965 and i didn't drink that. something when i was very young put me off tea, it got so that even the smell would make me feel nauseous. not so bad these days but cannot drink tea even if my life depended on it.

Mind working overtime wondering how a cup of tea can so adversely effect someone?




seems that trendy coffee houses are the norm these days.

cafe's were easier it was tea, coffee,chocolate, horlicks or bovril for your hot drinks. nowdays you have to spend ten minutes reading the varieties and variations to try and find one that you can at least recognise and just might drink.

One other thing i miss is proper mugs for drinks. they seem to have three types now. shaving mug ones with those ridiculously small handles that you can't get a finger into and can't grip. Ice cream type ones that you used to get served sundaes in in some  places, and those thimble sized ones that have about two drips of coffee in.


What is wrong with choice?  you can still get a traditionally brewed coffee in the trendy coffee places, although never seen horlicks or bovril sold in a cafe!

You don't see the thimble shots of coffee for sale in the UK, ever tried one, they are powerful

I often wonder why tea shops have not taken off in the UK in the same way as coffee houses have. You can't go 50 yards meters without going past a coffee shop in most high streets, would make sense to open a tea shop instead? Just to add I much prefer coffee although my favorite drink is creamy milky ones!

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