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  1. I seriously don'y know what your problem is, I wasn't trying to be horrible, difficult or anything like that, I highlighted a problem I had with the adds, However I will do what you wish and clear off and despite your attacks on me I do wish you all the best, I am pleased your business is doing well and it goes from strength to strength. you want to know my real ID I will email it to you if you wish.but I give up I don't need this attitude
  2. Let me explain as your not sure, without traffic you won't have adverts, Google Adsense are not a charity. I brought up an issue that is a problem to me, being redirected to full page ads, I certainly did not expect a Basil Fawlty type of response. Maybe if you don't want to worry about what people think you should quit and the moaning old geezer just might be in the mirror.
  3. Here is me thinking this site is your business and your here to make money.
  4. Back then I used to be gay!
  5. I will tell you how many deaths the government should have tolerated, non. Use your 20/20 hindsight to see what was happening while the UK was hosting large scale events. BUt some people were blind
  6. But some people are wiser than others. The WHO were telling the UK to isolate instead Boris and his so called experts knowing there was a highly congestion disease on their doorstep (France, Italy, Spain, Germany were already having many infections) decided it was OK to have football matches and invite over supporters from a country badly effected by the virus, horse racing events, concerts. If it was OK then why is it not now? Back then Johnson and his 'experts' were talking a different strategy one of herd immunity. The storm hasn't caught up with the likes off Greece, Hungry, Poland, they are just catching the edge of it, while your boat is sitting it out in the middle of it, some captains are better than others! Was your blood boiling Thursday asperity, seeing all these NHS workers singing and dancing on TV?
  7. Local authorities are being allowed to close roads to Aid Social Distancing Apparently Brighton have already closed about 15 miles of major roads, surprisingly.
  8. Its not 20 20 hindsight vision, it is kind of common sense.. Its kind of if your on a boat at sea and you see a weather report saying there is a storm on its way do you run for shelter or sail into it? Other countries that have quickly imposed a lock down have relatively low infection and death figures.
  9. So what is happening with the Cockhedge Center? Been hearing apartments were to be built on the site but last I read it was to be expanded? I don't get why the spaces over the shops in the town are not converted to apartments. They make great sizable apartments.
  10. I look back on the jobs I have had and wonder if I could social keep my distance while still doing them. THere were a couple of offices I worked in that would have been difficult but mostly with some changes I think that could be achieved. Many businesses are still open and they seem to manage without spreading the virus, supermarkets, petrol stations and so on. I need my car serviced, brakes adjusted and so I rang the small garage I have used for many years to book it in. I did not get a letter or e mail saying they would be closed but the phone just rang and rang, no answer machine to say it is closed, same the next day. So I booked it in else where. Nissan rang our neighbour to tell them they would be collecting their car for service Mcdonalds, KFC and other national chains, OK understand why the restaurant is not open but why can they can not be open for drive through and deliveries I do not know. They are in other countries!
  11. Maybe the lesson learnt is that manufacturing everything thousands of miles away is not a great idea
  12. I don't think it is a PR video, just some staff messing around when they have a few minutes. They are still allowed meal and tea breaks in the NHS.
  13. No there are not many French or German fruit pickers coming over to pick strawberries but they don't want to come from Poland any more either. Even before the government announced the restriction on working here the farmers, care homes and other businesses who pay crap money for hard and unpleasant work were struggling to attract the workers from places like Poland, Bulgaria, Romania. I struggle to understand capitalist bosses who pay themselves millions because of their superior intellect and talent don't understand the free market of labour.
  14. I am not sure what your whinging about, so they are letting their hair down and some tension out, what is wrong with that?
  15. Milky

    Buying Wood

    it was still there in the 80s, wasn't it? Can't remember the house, got any pics?
  16. I understand that and the ads are to much of a problem on a Windows machine but when using Android the ads are very intrusive taking over the whole screen, its a pain.
  17. Since posting this I noted there is a Forum Problem topic were it has been debated. Guess there is no harm in reminding the owner there ois a problem.
  18. But we know the effects of the virus and who it kills, enough people have been hospitalized for a sort of pattern to emerge of people in higher risks with high blood pressure, over weight, diabetes, of ethnic minorities (BBC ran this story two days in a row), your more likely to get worse symptoms or more likely to die if your a man (again news programs ran this saying possibly due to smoking and that 50% of Chinese men smoke as opposed to 3% of women, does not follow why this remains the case in Europe), we also know what ages are most at risk. As for the economy, we know governments will be far more in debt, so will need to tax someone more.
  19. Ads on this site are becoming an annoyance on this site especially when using Android. Click on a subject and what you get s a full page ad, pain in the donkey.
  20. Why would Covid 19 be fetal to you Observer??? Just because you have a precondition does not mean you could not survive the virus. Yesterday on one of the news channels there was a recovered count of people who are over a 100 years old. But I agree with you, I am in my 50s but with high blood pressure so puts me into the high risk category, I have a 12 year old cousin who is very asthmatic and if he gets it he is in danger. WE hear of the harm being done to the economy but maybe we will just have to tax some businesses a bit more, maybe some jobs will come back from China
  21. Bought the Sun first time in years a few weeks ago and realized page three is no longer a feature.
  22. They are supposed to be surrounded by Britain's top experts, doesn't fill me with much confidence. Still when I was listening to them going on about herd immunity I was wondering which internet site they bought their qualifications off?
  23. You never heard of Linda Lusardi ❤︎❤︎❤︎ page 3 girl when I was at school! You remember page 3?
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