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  1. I've been in the market 3 times this week, buying something on each occasion. I was very impressed with it especially the food court, which I haven't used yet. I'm waiting for Cineworld to open and I'll have my dinner there before the pictures. It isn't like the old style markets like you will find in Bolton and Bury, with very cheap garments and cut price foodstuffs, it's more quality rather than quantity, and matches our towns demographic ideally. Hopefully it will kick start the development of Bridge St. It would be interesting to know how it has affected existing stores like Han
  2. Finally got round to see the transporter bridge close up using Dizzy's link which was spot on. I didn't realise that footpath through Crosfields existed and it was great to see the factory and the river from a different perspective. The bridge itself was impressive close up and it would be a massive task to get it back to its former glory. Hope it is though. I intended to continue my journey on the other path returning via Slutchers Lane ,but the path was very overgrown and clumps of Giant Hogweed blocking the way so I backtracked. Well worth a visit.
  3. The recent South Korea outbreak was traced back to a single man who passed the virus on at a night club. So for some reason the S Koreans thought it OK for night clubs to open so soon.
  4. In 1965 all the old Warrington factories had gala days where their recreation grounds would stage large galas in summer. Obviously the bar would be open for the adults, and there would be slides, rides and games for the kids. I was at Rylands rec for one of these around 1965 and was having a go on a ride around the field on a line of open carriages with seats being pulled by a tractor.. It was part way through its circuit when I noticed adults running towards the tractor shouting and pointing to where I was sat. I looked down and saw a child aged about 10 under the wheels being rolled ov
  5. I'm just amazed that no one has had Flu for 6 months.
  6. Sums it up perfectly. They also seem terrified that we go it alone and we become the Singapore of Europe, drawing business from them. A word of caution with the fishing is that if we have full control of our fishing grounds, out of spite they will probably refuse to buy from us.
  7. The pandemic has been a massive blow, but how does it affect our Brexit negotiations? Our economy has tanked, but so has everyone else's. If we were still in the EU, we would be expected to bail out those badly hit mediterranean countries. So as bad as it is, has Covid 19 boosted our chances of a better deal?
  8. I remember Lancashire steel being situated between Bewsey Rd and Dallam Lane in the 70s/80s. It was a large site but I'm sure there were bigger plants elsewhere. I seem to remember there being railway tracks sunk into the road on Dallam Lane.
  9. It seems to me that these testing stations are underused. Indeed the one I saw last week outside the AJ Bell in Salford was very quiet. Surely now is the time to test "ordinary" people. If a shop or factory wants to reopen, and everyone is tested negative for Covid 19, there is no chance of anyone catching it.
  10. I wonder if Manchester Airport charge you £4.50 for driving into the testing area. Wouldn't surprise me.
  11. Anyone know the location of a post box in town that gets emptied more often than others. I have a letter to post over the weekend and if I use the one near our house, it will be sat there till 4pm on Monday. When the PO was on Springfield St the one there used to get emptied several times a day.
  12. From what I've heard everything from Asda to Scotland Rd will be demolished. This along with the land available when New Town House is knoocked down will leave a sizeable amound of land for residential use. Asda and the other side of Cockhedge will stay open apart from the old Comet building which is also going.
  13. Totally agree Davy, but there are apartment blocks going up on Winwick St and Academy way with others in the pipeline, so in a couple of years time there should be a sizeable town centre population. They will be looking for local food shops and Tesco and Sainsburys aren't to far away. Might be an opportunity for Asda to move from Cockhedge into either the old M&S of even Debs, especially as most of Cockhedge is being demolished soon.
  14. Not so much to be positive about after hearing of Debenhams permanent closure. Really disappointed in the landlords for not negotiating a deal to keep it open. They either have a queue of potential customers just waiting to move in once Debs have left or they don't mind having gigantic empty units for years. Sad to say that there is little to draw people into Warrington town centre these days. You can get the same in much smaller neighbouring towns. The council need to look into the impact of out of town retail parks too.
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