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  1. No, you blame the Government for everything, but when they gave notice about quarantine starting the relevant folks decided to come back and avoid it. Next you might argue that they shouldn't give notice and when people arrive back here they have to go into quarantine without notice and unable to pay, you would then complain about that. Fact is you just complain about the Government whatever they do, it is impossible for them to do anything right because they have to consider the public and you don't have to.
  2. Because they are British subjects and have a right to be here for one. An example being the oil workers who came home from working in Brazil.
  3. Bill, does this heat map help at all? Deaths | Coronavirus in the UK (data.gov.uk)
  4. From Matt Hancock tonight: "Thanks to the brilliant team who’ve been working so hard over the past week, we’ve now successfully identified the sixth case of the variant of concern first identified in Manaus in Brazil. Using the latest technology, and the dogged determination of our testing and tracing scheme, we’ve successfully identified the person in question. The best evidence is that this person in question stayed at home and that there’s no sign that there’s been any onward transmission. But as a precaution, we’re putting more testing in Croydon, where they live, to mi
  5. My mum had pernicious anaemia and the doctor recommended a bottle of Guinness each night. Oh and an injection every month that really did the work!
  6. The number of vaccinations in Warrington up to the last detailed publication which included jabs up to 21 Feb was: CCG of Residence 1st dose 2nd dose Cumulative Total Doses to Date Under 65 65+ Under 65 65+ NHS Warrington CCG 23,662 36,273 419 955 61,309 And the are
  7. Bill, Had read this Confirmed cases of COVID-19 variants identified in UK - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) Then Dr Susan Hopkins said something about it on the news conference last night. I put the things together and apparently they have identified the test kit batch now and are going round 379 houses. Brazil variant: Search for mystery case narrows to 379 households - BBC News AdditionaI Speculation: I note that the test was taken on 12/13 Feb in the South East and surge testing was being carried out that week in Lambeth looking for the SA variant but all samples were to be sequenc
  8. My understanding is that they think it was a kit handed out by a council canvasser - it was not a PCR test apparently. The user posted it back thinking the council knew who they had given the test to, the user was wrong. They do not actually know this person was on any flight but will have been asymptomatic to have been given the Lateral Flow kit. Hence the concern. It doesn't sound like they put serial numbers on the kits does it? The user may not be trying to hide but thought they were asymptomatic and still do since nobody told them otherwise, they may not be too bright either. We have to h
  9. Oh dear Geoff. I think the moral is something like - you may think you are fine but when you exert yourself your body tells you that you were mistaken. Listen to your body and your sister in law they seem to be aligned in their opinion!
  10. I strongly disagree. R is currently only 0.8 or so and with all schools open the massive infection spike caused by mass irresponsibility at Christmas and the New Year would still be growing now. I would accept that infants schools open soon but definitely not secondary schools. The kids in secondary and tertiary education are uncontrollably dangerous with regard to Covid.
  11. If there is no way of being able to prove on the balance of probabilities that it was caught on the plane the lawyers will not take the cases unless the litigants cough up the fees and there will will not be a no win no fee bonanza. There may be a few foolish folk who try but they will act as and example to the others as they lose their money. Th airlines would not be concerned but simply use their victory for advertising.
  12. Don't see that as a problem - the incubation period is so variable proving that you caught it on the aircraft will be nigh on impossible even for a transatlantic flight.
  13. Adam, It is because there is a group of behavioural scientists in a sub-group of SAGE that keep telling the government that blaming people will cause them to behave worse. Instead we should praise and that will encourage them. One of the most prominent is Susan Michie, a member of independent SAGE too, oh and a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain!
  14. Bill, Your last point was spot on they now need the infection rate to fall low enough to do a full RNA sequencing test on every positive sample and do the testing and tracing. At the moment they sample between 5 and 10% so the cases need to fall at least 90% to get full information on variants. They will probable need to develop some new testing reagents because the are currently not getting positives from some of the S gene tests and using that to estimate prevalence of the Kent variant. I find it interesting that when they stopped wasting t heir time calling every person in the h
  15. The statistics are meaningless. The number of arrivals need to being multiplied by the prevalence of escape variants in each country. The countries with the highest prevalence are already on the red list so there are no arrivals from there. The vaccine does stop transmission to an extent as I have pointed out before. However it has to be one that works against the variant concerned. The COGS sequencing is now tied to a fast vaccine production facility in Essex to produce mRNA vaccines to address variants. The UK science and pharmaceutical base is really being pointed at this moving target in a
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