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  1. Why you want all that trouble and a trade war is beyond me. We are not however tied to the ECHR through the EU, rather I believe we actually wrote it.
  2. The ONS have surveyed this recently and the compliance in shops goes up with age as you suggest. However compliance is below the national average in the North West and above in London. That will not end well. Only 15% of those dropping off or picking up kids at school wear masks despite it being a hotbed of infection for kids and their parents. Where is the Public Health Advice from the council!
  3. I think that you are pretty much right since the vape is probably mostly water vapour carrying the vape materials and your coronavirus is also carried on water vapour. You exhale a bit harder on vaping hence the water vapour droplets will be a bit larger than normal breathing. If you exhale with just the normal breathing force your results would seem to be totally valid to me since it is really just the water vapour droplets and the material mesh size interacting which matters. I do not "know" this but it seems eminently plausible.
  4. Gas is being uses for over 49% of Electricity production as I write, wind is managing 10% or so. That results in a daily rate of gas use for electricity of 82 million cubic metres per day. 119 mcm/day being used for heating, 4.8 for industrial uses and 15 being exported to Europe. The exports are lower than yesterday but we get 71 mcm per day delivered from Norway. Only 25 mcm/day from LNG tankers. Hence what we are told, we will not run out of gas we just turn off the exports for Belgium, Netherlands and France. What we are short of is LNG tanker loads, because the Chinese government told their nationalised power generators to buy enough LNG to keep the lights on at any price. If we have a problem then we will make the EU's problems worse but cutting them off but the price is determined by what the EU are paying for our gas I think. We are not importing by pipeline other than from Norway at the moment. That should allay your concerns!! We need to consider the amount of gas for which the market price is applicable because it is not obvious that it is all of the supply even if firms do not have futures guarantees. As small firms fail the large firms take over and the average price of gas goes up by a smaller fraction because a large percentage is gas the own from the fields or from Norway of long term agreements. That is why the Government will not step in to prop up small companies; it is worse for consumers to do so! So our problem is that the risk for Together energy falls on Council Tax payers in Warrington as neither the Government nor private investors have any incentive to keep it going as far as I can see.
  5. That is what the wokeys want to change; rewrite history to change the future - its working unfortunately.
  6. I don't think it is jealousy because I think the woke folk in the education system are the ones looking to redress the balance and overturn their perception of unfairness of opportunity. Remember from 1984, George Orwell's manual for Wokies, "Who controls the past controls the future" The problem is that they are interpreting equality as equality of outcome rather than the more traditional equality of opportunity. If the desired equality of groups is not achieved then offer quotas until the right outcome is forced.
  7. This has been in the public domain for a very long time but key evidence is either non-existent or being withheld. It is not possible yet to say if patient zero was linked to the lab. Incidentally the work at Wuhan on Gain of Function was also funded by the Australians as well as the Americans. One of the key people in damping down the rumours was said to be a British Professor, he is not employed by HMG.
  8. Your GP receptionist was wrong about the separation, other than for the convenience of the surgery of course. I told you 25 weeks because that is the likely date for the National Booking Service to accept a booking from you using the NHS number you already have. Anyway you are sorted. PS I had my flu jab at the chemist last week!
  9. The telephone alternative to the website is actually 119. Try the website when you get to 25 weeks after the second jab and you should be able to get an appointment.
  10. How did you book your first dose (did the GP send to a text or phone or did you book online with the national service? Was your second dose at least 26 weeks ago and if not how many weeks ago was it? The priorities for surgeries and the PCN networks are meant to be different this time with more being expected to use the National Booking Service according to NHS documents. The exception being, of course, Sid's excellent surgery getting on with the job.
  11. Who is Jeff Taylor when he is at home? The story about Brussels, and the whole of Belgium, was in the express with pictures.
  12. Obs, I think your list suggests that you are blaming the wrong government with your criticisms. The migrant invasion and lack of energy policy go all the way back to Tony Blair and his human rights lawyer wife. The Northern Ireland protocol comes from the agreements under Theresa May but in truth they could have been made to work if there hadn't been a French Presidential Election in the offing in which the EU chief negotiator knew he intended to become a candidate! So the NI fiasco will stretch out until May 22 after that election I would guess. The only way to keep the lights on is a baseload of nuclear and top up of renewables. The Greens have made nuclear difficult to build and therefore expensive so Blair put off the decision to replace Magnox until it was too late. It does not matter what the average price and capacity of wind and solar is because it can always fail during a cold night and the grid design must meet the average demand even when it does fail. The constant refrain of use batteries is little more than wishful thinking I'm afraid, the proposals usually refer to a local area not a whole grid. Storage in Car batteries is ridiculous because the time when the generating capacity is stable is the time when you don't need it. It is also grossly inefficient to use millions of low power generators each of which has to be perfectly synchronised to the grid to avoid taking it down, what could go possibly go wrong! The current cost of the standby costs is assumed to be the depreciating unusable fossil fuel generator capacity because the renewables suppliers do not provide a standby back up supply. When the fossil fuel and remaining plants are gone the total cost falls on renewables so the price will go up again but the capacity will still not be there so TV, Cars, heat and light will all fail and then it will be so catastrophic that blaming the government will not change the fact that there is nothing they can do.
  13. As usual, it all hinges on the assertion that what sex one is hinges on your own state of mind. This ignores the corollary that others also feel that what sex you are depends on their state of mind about you. It all goes wrong because other people do not have to agree with your opinion, no matter how much indoctrination the media pumps out. I don't mind the NHS paying as this problem must take a toll on mental health of whole families. I just resent being told what to think.
  14. I also tend to use plusbus when I can too. Also remember your bus pass is valid everywhere in England, if you have one, on normal service buses so can be valid where plusbus isn't.
  15. Good luck with that -they want PR so you will actually voting for the Greens policies which I thought you were against! I must have been mistaken.
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