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  1. You should be aware that the latest ONS news reports were measured in the days ending the 17th July whilst the numbers of positive tests have been falling for the last four days. It is not certain that fall will continue of course. The Ro for Delta is so high that it is difficult to see how herd immunity could be reached without natural infection of very many under 18s. It may be difficult to accept but what is happening now is fairly inevitable and the peak infections should be over by some time in August.
  2. It almost certainly isn't just me that you give trouble to. Points over you are not really worth scoring, I just wanted to help stop some of the pointless arguments, they put people off.
  3. Well your problem is that writing is meant to convey your meaning to others. If it fails to do so because what is says can only be understood properly by the author then it is pointless. I did not say that I understood what you wrote better than you did. I said that, based on ( and indeed evidenced by) your subsequent protestation about being misunderstood, you had not written down what you intended to convey. You do it very often and complain that others are wrongly accusing you of this or that. I can indeed understand simple English; when are you going to start writing it instead of tortured sentences that you claim mean anything other that what the average person would take from them. I think you do it on purpose.
  4. Oh dear, the unit of language conveying an idea is normally more than a single sentence. The first sentence defines the idea being conveyed. Read Paragraphs & Topic Sentences: Writing Guides: Writing Tutorial Services: Indiana University Bloomington and you will understand how others read and understand what you write. That you seek to define it another way is the cause of much misunderstanding. What you seek to do on this occasion could have been easily expressed by put each sentence in a different paragraph thus making them clearly different and independent ideas. Don't complain that it is my fault that I read like the rest of the world does it!
  5. " A lot of people have made a lot of money in this "pandemic" out of not fit for purpose ideas like this app. Delete it, just being in the same room as someone with Covid isn't a death sentence." Er, YOU did.
  6. Nope, the app only records you being close to a person while you are out. you need the contact to be pinged, it doesn't just say that there had been an infected person at some time that night. So no it wouldn't have pinged you in the case you give. Remember though that the average time to give a positive test is 5 or 6 days.
  7. That advice is not reliable. The app is only supposed to ping in cases where the proximity does represent close contact. Your advice assumes that they were only in the same room and one of them was closer than that according to the app. Unfortunately because of the lack of co-operation from Google and Apple the app is less useful than it could have been. It only bluetooth signals in a clumsy way. If you leave your phone on a table and one of the staff is carrying their phone with an app and comes to clear the table it can measure a very close contact but it doesn't do any checks. The sensitivity of the phones isn't taken into account and nor is anything else. The original design was better but foiled by the tech giants for no good reason.
  8. I think that is right Bill. The last cohort of over 18's will be double jabbed around the same time that the booster programme starts by the second week in September. The kids are being allowed to run riot and lots will have caught it, which is notionally less risky than giving them the vaccine (neither is risk free). For delta the theoretical herd immunity threshold is about 85% but the vaccines are not perfect so it can probably never be achieved. Roll on the school holidays eh....
  9. Respecting the other person's health seems rather more important in the scheme of things than respecting their desire to be awkward (or what ever other word or phases you want to substitute for the purposes of arguing).
  10. Well that is true Bill especially if as seems likely they do not have enough Pfizer and Moderna to vaccinate kids and they are at greater risk with the Oxford than by catching the disease. Looks like vaccination +infection for the 18-25s and infection fot the under 18s, hence no bubbles off school. It is best to get it caught by the kids whilst the first lot of protection for grumpies (over 50's) is still intact. The third dose vaccination is due to start on 6th September in the same order as last time down to the over 50's by 17th December to give more protection after Autumn. They are planning to give a flu jab at the same time at the moment by the way. The bubbles were intended to reduce transmission in kids who relied on older folk, i.e. grandparents, who they might put at risk. So for grandparents without the vaccine there could be trouble ahead next term when the policy is just to send them home when they are infectious..
  11. That is interesting. You are therefore here by virtue of the existence of the Common Travel Area and those pieces of legislation that enact its consequences. The Common Travel Area extends to the Republic of Ireland by virtue of the whim of ministers. There is no treaty which guarantees its existence and it predated and post-dated the EEC/EC/EU treaties. Ireland doesn't behave in accordance with the rules as applied by the UK, it reserves the right to demand passports at the border, and does so whilst the UK does not for example, and the MoU does not require exact or even constant behaviour. So you obey and are reliant upon the whims of ministers everyday since abolishing the Common Travel Area would not require anything but a decision not to follow the Memorandum of Understanding ( Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Government of Ireland (publishing.service.gov.uk)) .
  12. You need to remember that this country is a constitutional monarchy and we are actually ruled by the Queen acting through her government within the rule of law. In the final analysis you are a subject and not a citizen! You seem to have lost sight of this!
  13. It may help to look at todays numbers in more detail, I have put together the vaccine numbers of second doses in Warrington up to yesterday and the cases in the 7 days up to the 22nd. This is just to give an idea of what is going on. Age Band Cases in 7 days Fully Vacc Under 25 48% 16% 25_29 13% 24% 30_34 8% 26% 35_39 8% 32% 40_44 7% 39% 45_49 5% 54% 50_54 3% 83% 55_59 3% 87% 60_64 2% 89% 65_69 0% 92% 70_74 2% 94% 75_79 0% 95% Over80 0% 96% So you see that the percentage of the Age Band who have been fully vaccinated and the percentage of cases in that band are inversely correlated. The majority of cases being in the least protected age groups. This was a direct result of the policy to prevent deaths and it is working. So the spreading cases are a problem in allowing mutations to occur and spread and long covid in the young but hospitalisations and deaths should be minimised. However you can get the disease even if you are fully vaccinated so we need to keep taking precaustions and think carefully about who we grt close to. Avoiding those in the younger age groups is sensible and minimise contact with schoolchildren would be my advise because they have the highest rates of infection and the Indian variant spreads very easily amongst them with its very high R of 6.7. Herd immunity needs 85% coverage with this new variant.
  14. Just remember they are human too, we are not ruled by robots yet.
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