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  1. The BBC is, in my opinion, forcing it upon us. We definitely were laughing at Alf Garnett and It ain't half hot mum was written by an Indian and the blacked up character was that Indian, Michael Bates. When played as a repeat I do not accept that I cannot see what we once enjoyed again because someone has decided to make a political point. They can stick their political stance where the sun don't shine and accept that fee speech means that we should be free to look again at old TV programs and old films without political interference.
  2. Not history but if you watch this clip Local elections: What would England's teens vote for if they could? - BBC News you will see the BBC propagandising for all teir favourite projects and also see why the easily influenced 16 year olds should definitely not have the vote.
  3. Well at that time you were in the area of the Lancashire County Council Education Authority since you lived in Warrington Rural District. The law at the time was the 1944 Education Act which placed a duty on the Lancashire County Council to provide free transport to school if they offered you a place at a school which was more than three miles from your home for secondary pupils. The two schools offered to you give you the clue Wade Deacon and Urmston are at opposite ends of the Manchester Central to Liverpool Central line. Wade Deacon was a short distance away from Farnworth (Widnes) station
  4. So defunding them isn't as useful as you thought Obs.
  5. When You’ve Been Fully Vaccinated | CDC The need to wear a mask continues to protect others at present as described at the bottom of the second link.
  6. To be fair Asp he didn't have that opportunity since he was answering a direct science question in the Coronavirus briefing live on Wednesday. It is the press and media that want the rules simple and the questions always answered but they never get the criticism for the trouble they cause.
  7. Even worse they are getting the BBC to spread the mud now because election rules permit it at the moment never mind that large numbers of grumpies have postal vote and it is polling day right now for many. This kind of story is not permitted on election day but as usual the BBC are helping the left out.
  8. Well the alarm bells should stop. Dr Mary Ramsay explained this and actually I though it was clear what Van Tam said, we are currently using one set of rules for everybody so you don't meet up. That is is, you cannot be sure about the other person and nobody wants vaccine passports so the consequence is the rule is don't even if it is safe ( which it is) if you complain people don't understand the rules or you are unsure that complain about different rules in different places then this is what you get. Until everyone over 50 has had their second dose for at least 10 days that is how it will st
  9. So the maths you will accept is only that which deals with inanimate objects and matter. The provable point thing is a therefore red herring. Human beings with free will do not follow the classical mechanics rules which you will accept. Therefore there is no point you telling Bill that what he says is a guess because the tools that you will accept are inadequate for the problem to be analysed using those models. You have no yardstick without using statistical inference so your judgement of Bill's numbers is not useful. I It is an interesting consequence that your claimed belief system mea
  10. Why use the derogatory word "guess" about a reasoned explanation then?
  11. To be fair that also needs a version of remedy such as Beecham's Powder for Covid to be freely available so we are still waiting but it is what Boris tried to promise last week but was less than convincing.
  12. If you mean to suggest that what I said isn't plausible then you are not just sceptical. What I said not only sounds plausible, it is plausible unless you can point to an assumption that you believe is wrong. I put in no numbers for the same reason as Bill.
  13. Exactly Bill. There will have been a spike amongst the protestors because some of them will have been infectious and many others will have met in close proximity with them to a greater extent than their normal behaviour would have allowed. That will have caused more infections than if the protest had not occurred. However the spike will have been spread across all the boroughs in which they live and the spike in any one borough would be unlikely to exceed the natural data variation of cases. Importantly that does not mean that there wasn't a spike in cases but just that detecting it other than
  14. Because that would require the appropriation and redistribution of private property other than in accordance with Company law. That is, it would be illegal and definitely contrary to the Human Rights Act now enshrined in English Law.
  15. The very last part is likely to be the only part of that post which is actually true. However you cannot reasonably blame any government for its population being as thick as pig excrement.
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