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  1. Gord seems to be cropping up more in the news at present. I wonder if he is hoping to become Starmer's successor on a pro Europe agenda. Gordon Bennett !
  2. I was watching points of view & BBC were slammed for not covering the Normandy Memorial ceremony.
  3. Perhaps the secret is a lifetime of acquired immunity from ,such as ,eating your butties with grubby hands or laughing off the cuts & grazes you got falling off your bike. Maybe over use of antiseptics & antibiotics has damaged natural immunity.
  4. He might get his just deserts in jug.
  5. As was Major a died in the wool Europhile.
  6. Weren't we supposed to have our top lawyers in the negotiations ?
  7. The trade part of the EU when it was the Common Market was ok. The real traitors were the politicians who turned the UK into a European state & surrendered sovereignty. These failed Labour big wigs are a part of that movement.
  8. 80% of people are supposed to have antibodies so perhaps is now the time to let covid spread & achieve herd immunity.
  9. We should be able to rely on the likes of Saudi Arabia with its wealth to preserve the welfare of the civilian victims in Yemen . The UN needs to grow a pair & ensure that aid doesn't fall on the usual contributors.
  10. I wonder how many variations & mutations of the common cold there have been since Fred Flintstone first pulled a sicky ?
  11. Well , come the 21st June ,that will be another summer on the wane with nights drawing in so this country needs to be opened up again to let it thrive before the year is too old.
  12. Totally ridiculous ,but alas, social media is becoming the downfall instrument of choice in modern times.
  13. If this covid19 has many varieties & mutations ,just like the common cold which will never go away, we could end up living with science led restrictions for a very long time.
  14. I think the really bad thing is that these people ,who bought or are renting in good faith, are having to pay for the interim safety measures & removal of the cladding.
  15. Is Tatchell as vocal about the number of tenants living in sub standard homes for which the Rachmans of this world are charging exorbitant rents ?
  16. The main problem is still the EU with its porous borders & all immigrant routes clearly pointing to our land of milk & honey. The EU coastal countries are only too happy to allow illegals in as long as they are only heading to the UK. They have no interest whatsoever in providing safe integration into their countries.
  17. In fact the national lottery would be best placed to fund those services.
  18. Charities are nothing but a con & have been for years. The volunteers do all the work for nothing while those higher up the tree get very well paid & rake in the honours for their charitable work. The government should take a fiver off everybody every week to fund medical research in all its forms & probably old folks homes & hospices.
  19. In Hollywood films ,the heroes have American accents & the villains have British accents. In the biblical epics ,the British actors were terribly well spoken but at least Sid James gave Mark Antony a London accent.
  20. They were quick to get rid of the Nightingale's ,they would have been ideal for post covid restart . Mind you ,we probably don't have enough staff for them.
  21. At least ,it seems the sun has finally been let out of quarantine.
  22. Perhaps they should start doing the same with energy & tv companies. It isn't before time.
  23. I haven't had my usual dose of bad colds for over 12 months ,Bill ,maybe it is the mask that keeps the cold germs away. Incidentally, my cloth mask is now 14 months old & still doing the biz. I wash it occasionally in the washing up bowl ,after the dishes have been in & spray it a couple of days a week with dettol spray.
  24. If this is a corona virus related to the common cold it will mutate ad infinitum. What next after the native sub continental strain to drive us all into delirious isolation or lockdown ?
  25. I was watching a programme a couple of years ago & it showed this super glacier in Alaska that had shortened by about half a mile in 150 years , even before pollution was as bad as it is today. The ranger had to keep moving his hut as the glacier shrank, so to speak. The rising sea levels could even provide irrigation opportunities for the planets barren lands.
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