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  1. Mr Brindle is still at large ,somewhere in Burtonwood.
  2. The legacy of the Corbyn McCluskey alliance has cast a giant shadow over the Labour Party. Not even the staunchest of genuine Labour supporters want a return to seventies political mentality.
  3. I remember the Labour Party becoming inclusive ,starting with female MPs to balance the books , & now they are unelectable & provide nothing but an extreme alternative.
  4. Just have to watch they don't use their super etendard missile like the Argies did.
  5. Perhaps it highlights what was wrong with the Common Market ....the political entity it became.
  6. Knocker was a legend Obs. Last time i saw him ,a good few years ago, he was on walking sticks. Proper fair & well respected teacher.
  7. Love thy neighbour...Rudolph Walker gave Jack Smethurst as good as he got within the bounds of the script.
  8. And when did you leave Beamont Tech , Latch ? There used to be a lad when i was in junior school who lived just across the stinking brook in Padgate Lane & he finished up having to go to Wade Deacon.
  9. I think Amazon Prime is a con . We don't pay for it , we piggy back off a family member but the amount of stuff you need to pay extra for is extortionate. A lot of these companies are producing bundles that have to be paid for though ,like Brit box & Discovery plus & there will be more to come , in order to watch repeats or items that have been covered in previous documentaries. The whole shooting match is turning into getting every penny out of viewers pockets.
  10. Pardon the pun ,but whatever floats your boat Asp.
  11. I don't actually consider the licence fee to be extortionate for a service that provides some of the best programmes around . Most of the tv we watch comes from BBC & ITV & the occasional netflix or prime programme or film . People are paying hundreds of pounds a month for channels showing rehashed films & 2nd rate tv progs so why should i complain about the tv licence ?
  12. I caught the end of a broadcast in the early hours of this morning called Global Questions . There was some black Conservative fellow on there really laying into one of the top bods of the BLM organisation. He was condemning all the statue desecration by protesters & accused BLM of making lots of money out of a political situation that they were happy to promote in the media . A sort of where there's a BLM ,there's a CLM ,ambulance chasing type of organisation.
  13. Town centre living will surely be the future if town centre economy is to be revived .
  14. I had a walk through St Helens last Monday ,their High St is in even worse condition ,not helped by the building of the off town centre shopping park that needs a car to get to . They don't even have any buses going past it.
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