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  1. In all honesty though ,these emerging variants are similar to the common cold virus which can provide any one of us with 3 or 4 colds a year ,from a sniffle to a full blown assault on our immune systems. There will be so many more variants emerging in the future that it will be impractical to isolate in every case & the whole policy of isolation will fizzle out as humanity begins to deal with the virus.
  2. Just thinking ,this virus could be the inspiration for a Netflix rock opera with the main song being My Corona by the Knack. Even the errant Royals could be the stars of the show. The plot could take us from a karate Kid inspired wet market ,through Holby City to the vaccine emerging from a Dreaming Spire. The finale could be a worldwide peace initiative with Trump,Biden ,Putin & who Flung Dung from Korea bedecked in saffron robes ,complete with finger cymbals.
  3. I think the census questions must have been posed with diversity in mind ,Asp .
  4. Was 75,000 more case in one day ,Obs ? Wow !
  5. Casting our eyes a bit further afield ,it seems the Italians have blocked a delivery of 250,000 doses of AZ vaccine signed for by the Australian government. Just shows what a petty bunch our European friends can be . Bunch of p****s more like.
  6. Perhaps the new law firm , Whenurbamethere'saclaim will be taking covid19 to court on racial discrimination grounds.
  7. According to BBC, the Huns & Frogs have now decided the Oxford/AZ is perfectly good to use.
  8. Perhaps the latest SNP bid for the UK exit door will flounder after these revelations.
  9. Perhaps some of these BAME people would be happier if the local witch doctor or shaman was providing them with an anti covid potion.
  10. He must be gutted to lose his high profile role for the RFL too.
  11. Perhaps there is a reciprocal quota arrangement ,Obs.....x number of illegals /ton of fish. PS note the correct spelling of ton.
  12. The French politicos really are a class apart who are great at making the bullets for their great ally ,Germany, to fire. I think the term is "lacking moral fibre" ,a once formidable foe whose candle has long since blown out. Weasels without integrity.
  13. I think the growing list of likely causes could be a case of grasping at straws. If it is now aerosol spread then surely air conditioning units in most shops haven't helped as per on aircraft. By the way ,Aldi had uv mobile phone sanitisers on sale today.
  14. Of course it may keep us vaccine dependent indefinitely Obs , but there is no way lockdown can continue indefinitely.
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