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  1. I think the abandonment of industry training boards has played a big hand as well. The UK found it cheaper to import EU labour.
  2. My flu jab is booked for mid September. Will i get a booster as well ? Will have to wait & see.
  3. Our doctor has been using hospitals for blood tests for quite a few years.
  4. The days when public transport actually provided a public service Artie. Those golden days of yore.
  5. Exactly Obs, where are all their close neighbours & muslim friends in their hour of need? Btw ,why do we need to fund them anyway when they have very rich cousins in the Gulf states?
  6. The transport industry was short of drivers by many thousands when i retired ten years ago. It is the only industry where the so called H&S friendly Eu Drivers Directive made it possible to work even longer hours ,which has been exploited by many companies. The driver's CPC is also another expense unless you work for a company which will foot the bill. The congestion & dog eat dog attitude of other road users doesn't help & most HGVs have been prohibited from parking in towns & cities & pushed onto bleak lorry parks & m/way services or even lay-bys. Drivers & their vehicles are generally treated with disdain these days until someone's milk ,bread or newspaper fails to arrive.
  7. We could always train the willing ones up to make up for the shortfall of lorry drivers, Obs. By the way ,i see we have a new ISIS faction doing the biz in Afghanistan.
  8. When you consider this Taliban influx into Afghanistan i have to wonder if this more to do with certain oil rich states in the Gulf, who may or may not be sponsoring these actions, in order to get a healthy stake in the eco battery market for when their oil is no longer needed in today's quantities.
  9. Have we to assume that the refugees will all be fully tested & vaxed & quarantined on arrival in the UK ? As for the Taliban ,if the leopard hasn't changed its spots ,will have free rein to do what it wants under its regime ,once foreign troops are out of the country, without fear of retribution.
  10. "Aunty Andy ",not much has changed . I must confess my den of iniquity was the Queen's on Orford Lane. No doubt similar films but i think we sometimes got Sir Gallahad.
  11. Having done some web surfing , their doesn't seem to be much clamour from Arab & Muslim nations to give refuge to fleeing Afghans. We are one of the major donors of help.
  12. I think the most we can expect is to be able to tolerate Covid ,similar to a common cold.
  13. Hasn't Afghanistan always been a pretty insular nation ? They have fought tooth & nail to repel much more powerful aggressors . Perhaps that is the goal of the Taliban who we hadn't even heard of till a tv programme about 25 years. Are the Taliban exporters of terror or do they just want to be left to get on with their Sharia state with no outside interference? Perhaps the best policy is to just remove the non fanatical muslims etc & allow them to resettle in secular neighbouring countries.
  14. The triple lock definitely needs to stay to keep us pensioners up with inflation . Apparently, we could be in for an 8% rise if one news report is to be believed.
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