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  1. All the security checks are there to protect everybody involved from take off to destination.
  2. I'll take my hat off to both of them . My Dad was an airframe fitter in Egypt where they also got plenty of leisure between work . Best days of his life ,he said.
  3. Exactly, Latch. I wonder if there has ever been compensation awarded to or offered to war workers whose jobs were very dangerous with hindsight.
  4. My ex mother-in-law ,who i never met, died very young & left young children behind after wartime service in the munitions factories at Risley. Apparently,she contracted some form of cancer from the stuff they were handling in the pre PPE days.
  5. I really dig our new avatars . I've got more medals than the Italian captain in allo allo .
  6. Perhaps there are other medications that people may take for other ailments that help to provide some immunity. Covid looks like it's here to stay ,how we deal with it as the human race is what matters but we can't hide behind our front doors forever.
  7. Considering there is an alleged "cheat" to ensure a positive test result ,known mostly to school kids, it will be interesting to see if the figures decrease now the schools are closed for summer.
  8. We could deduct it from the alleged debt to the EU.
  9. Isn't it our latest ,up to date carrier. Have we filled the carriers with aircraft yet or are we still waiting for them to be delivered by China ?
  10. It seems we are now going to pay France another £54 million to prevent illegal immigration into the UK . I am surprised the French government have not been hauled into court on H&S charges for allowing vulnerable people to set sail in flimsy craft, from their shores, onto one of the world's most dangerous stretches of water.
  11. Furlough is paid by the taxpayer ,hospitality is funded by the people who want to give it their custom.
  12. I've just heard that the Royal Navy has shore parties touring holiday resorts & requisitioning pedaloes. Perhaps they could also make use of some of the craft left by immigrants on the Kent foreshore.
  13. It does help ,Obs. We are all urinating in the same pot.
  14. But they do provide individuals with an income to spend in the economy. In big cities a lot of people are supported by working in pubs, clubs , & restaurants.
  15. Apparently, there is a young lad on board who was given a golden ticket when a passenger who had paid $28 million dollars for a seat had to cry off to go to a business appointment. Might dust my lump sum off .
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