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  1. Thankyou Asp. I’ve seen and lived the best and now I will see the worst. America’s brashness and can do culture has been a beacon in most peoples lives, especially in WW11 and now that is about to become Venezuela. One bright spec, apparently, amazingly, there are some Democrats with brains. It is reported that a good majority of Democratic Senators will vote with Republicans on most of the controversial proposals, so maybe there is hope yet for humanity. When considering all aspects of this situation, remember that Joe Biden, the next US President, instructed his son to “ Make sure yo
  2. 9:30am Wednesday our COVID vaccination shots, thank you President Trump, one year instead of twelve. Y’all are in for a bad time. The US is now a non player, who’s going to save the world from China and Russia now? The criminal idiots are in total control, there will never be another authentic US election. With control of all of Congress and the White House, laws will be changed and illegals will be bussed to polling stations and every ‘election’ will be a ‘Democratic’ landslide. It is the end of America as the world has been privileged to know it, completely amoral, disgust
  3. Just to see where we are on the age scale - market research for you Gary. How many people actually did business with "the stores horse", how many remember the doctor visiting your house on request? How many actually listened to the radio reports of the 'blitz', how many listened to Lord Haw Haw on the radio and Itma. How many remember a traffic circle at Market Gate, Burtons Tailors and the Royal Court Theater? The level crossing on Wildersppool Causeway, 30,000 people at Wilderspool. How many WALKED to Market Gate for the New Years Eve celebration? What is your favorite memo
  4. I can only speak from personal experience and say that I have left this forum about three times and then tried again. On every occasion it was due to an obnoxious poster who hogged the forum and had extreme views and was dragging me to a point where I was being obnoxious, so I had leave for peace of mind. It all came off the rails when it became a political forum, news is news, but it ain't life in general. Remember the old days when Harry told his old policing stories and Algy covered all the old pubs? I have tried to introduce things like " What is modern art all about", and " Do you
  5. Wonder if they still have the Duck Billed Platypus on show ? Be pretty dusty after sixty years ! Just off the cuff Latch, my uncle Eric Wilson lived with his wife Gladys and two daughters on Richmond Street for many years, just wondered if you came across them. His story of being a Private in German and Italian POW camps, was much different than life in the officer's Stalags. He got taken prisoner at Tobruk.
  6. That's fine Bill, everyone is entitled to an opinion no matter how wrong it is ! Just joking, based on a recently deceased basketball coach at out local Lamar University. Billy Tubbs was asked by the refs at the basketball game, to appeal to the Lamar crowd not to be so anti ref. Billy went to the PA system and appealed to the fans to "Please don't give the refs a bad time no matter how bad their decisions are !". He was thrown out of the game. Emotions are emotions but facts are facts, there are probably a couple of dozen things more likely to kill you than covid19.
  7. Per the Canadian medical profession : covid 19 is the greatest single hoax perpetrated on the world ever ! My sentiments exactly. There were 540,000 registered deaths in the U.K. in 2018, about a week ago the figure for 2020 up to the 16th of November was 418,000. Strangely enough, when I look now, that figure seems to have disappeared, there does not appear to be an official website that will give numbers to date for 2020, they all edge around, giving weekly percentages etc. One official website stated that "total deaths for 2020 MAY possibly exceed those of 2018" ! The blue fu
  8. Confused, I knew the meaning of mutate when I was four years old, so forget the parenthesis please. Your final sentence borders on gibberish, what on earth, in this context, does, ''sentience' ( animals feeling or not feeling pain, or other of it's other weird meanings), just following your methodology, sorry. Confused is apt, cos at this moment I have no idea to which camp you belong - are you pro or anti lockdown? Im guessing that you are a school teacher or such, not meant to be offensive, just an observation. If I'm anywhere close, a bit of advice, your points valid or not, a
  9. Liquor always seemed to be expensive in the U.K., maybe I'm wrong. I get bourbon for about $20 (15 Pounds) for two liter jug and Scotch for about $ 15 for two liters at most of our liqour stores.
  10. Confused, y'all sure as hell have gotten yourself the darned pu'fect handle. !
  11. Spreads to what Bill ? More headlines, more hand wringing, more panic? You're a clever guy Bill, if everyone on the planet had a cold for the rest of eternity, it would be inconvenient, but hardly the end of the world. Which if we don't come to our senses, the 'cure' will be.
  12. I know the sofa hiders and herd immunity parrots will find some way to twist this, but these are straight facts. Seven members of my outer family, cousins, nephews etc, have, at different times, tested positive for covid19, they are all in their seventies and none of them had any major discomfort. In fact the only thing that pissed them off was having to sit twiddling their thumbs for fourteen days. My sister-in-law is a registered nurse at a major hospital, she says that most people admitted as positive covid19 tests are only there because they panic and insist on being there, most
  13. Not going to belabor the point Asp, but this is what has happened in Democrat controlled States all over the country. It happened in Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan etc. Michigan is a perfect example of what happened in those places. Trump was ahead close to the end of voting to the point where he confidently declared the State won. Then suddenly the vote counters, all Democrats, miraculously 'found' 138,000 'lost' votes, no Republican witnesses. There were four people on the Presidential ballot in Michigan, Trump, Biden and two eco nuts. Again miraculously, all 138,000 'lost' votes were for
  14. This is just an historical statement. The election is a farce, but caused by one side only. The Democratic Party, has been taken over by anarchists and Marxist, who have been welcomed by the Democratic power hungry elite, who had no chance of victory on their ability or record. They have for four years, treated government in exactly the same way as Stalin, North Korea and China, the only difference being that they destroyed their opponents by mob rule and slander rather than outright assasination. They have thrown away the rule book and the Constitution and are completely without shame
  15. The product actually works exactly as they show in the video. In fact the color match is so good that it is essential that you mark the position of each chip, otherwise they are damned hard to find. As I said, I use a small piece of painters tape positioned about 2" above the chip, which leaves enough room for the rubbing with the solvent. Do not remove the tape pieces until you are completely finished. I usually wait an hour before using the solvent. Keep rubbing until the slight haze around the chip has completely gone and you'll be amazed. I once had a truck throw a shower of gra
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