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  1. Not been following this topic, but will throw this in. In Texas, the payback on solar panels is generally accepted at 20 to 25 years. Seeing as we get around 300 days of constant sun every year, I can’t imagine it being better in the UK. If everyone had solar panels and the landscape was covered in wind farms, it could still only produce enough to be a supplementary source, the bulk would still be produced by fossil or nuclear fuels. It’s obvious that the most sensible plan is to develop nuclear Power Plants while continuing to enjoy fossil fuel, then when it runs out just switch to al
  2. Before you get carried away with anything from the CDC, know that they have pretty much flip flopped continuously from the start of this mess, it appears that guessing is their favorite tool. On top of that, the full blown whack job who is Biden’s new head of CDC, just publicly stated that she considers racism a disease and a pandemic and will be treated as such by her department.
  3. Asp I think that it’s time that we quit trying to educate the Neanderthals ! Maybe having them locked down for a few years will be a boon to mankind. Indisputable facts, Florida and Texas ( God I love it ) took an entirely different approach to handling this pesky bug - no panic, no lockdowns and now it’s gone to the point where it no longer affects quality of life. Hospitals are back on normal operational schedules, the testing stations are closing their doors, every manufacturing business, bars, restaurants are thriving and there’s a smile on everybody’s face. All infection rat
  4. People are right to protest the stupidity regarding covid. One simple example, from what is known now, we could have had 40,000 supporters in Old Trafford six months ago. For the skeptics, wear a mask, take temperature at gate, have a 60 year old age limit and block off every other seat whatever, but don’t give up years of your life on another global warming, oh no, climate change, another ice age prediction. Instead we just ban everything because it’s easy and the result doesn’t come out of the politicians bank account. This is only one example, there are many others, no one under 60 sh
  5. All I am telling you is that very few people are worried about covid any longer. The fear has gone out of it, some of our friends had it, some of our extended family had it, our neighbors family all had it and the consensus is - no big deal. People are just living normal lives here. It has been proven and accepted that, to be fatal, almost without exception, it has to be coupled with at least three other major medical problems, diabetes, heart problems, cold, etc. Under those conditions you have to have one foot in the grave before covid is a real problem. I go back to what I have alw
  6. Too dumb for the job market, they may get jobs in the Democratic Party ! Here we go, global warming didn’t fly, so it became climate change, COVID is now history, so it becomes Brazilian variant ! It’s comical.
  7. Texas is now living normally. Everything is open, we even went cheek to cheek country dancing last weekend. Bars, restaurants, sex shops and churches are all operating at a hundred percent and I haven’t heard COVID mentioned around here in a long time. Crowds are all back at the golf tournaments etc. The people are happy, business is booming and there are unlimited job opportunities, in fact filling them is a problem cos out of date unemployment benefits are too attractive. Poor Obs ! Called my eye surgeon last Monday, needed the cataract removed from my second eye. Consulted on We
  8. Thankyou Asp. I’ve seen and lived the best and now I will see the worst. America’s brashness and can do culture has been a beacon in most peoples lives, especially in WW11 and now that is about to become Venezuela. One bright spec, apparently, amazingly, there are some Democrats with brains. It is reported that a good majority of Democratic Senators will vote with Republicans on most of the controversial proposals, so maybe there is hope yet for humanity. When considering all aspects of this situation, remember that Joe Biden, the next US President, instructed his son to “ Make sure yo
  9. 9:30am Wednesday our COVID vaccination shots, thank you President Trump, one year instead of twelve. Y’all are in for a bad time. The US is now a non player, who’s going to save the world from China and Russia now? The criminal idiots are in total control, there will never be another authentic US election. With control of all of Congress and the White House, laws will be changed and illegals will be bussed to polling stations and every ‘election’ will be a ‘Democratic’ landslide. It is the end of America as the world has been privileged to know it, completely amoral, disgust
  10. Just to see where we are on the age scale - market research for you Gary. How many people actually did business with "the stores horse", how many remember the doctor visiting your house on request? How many actually listened to the radio reports of the 'blitz', how many listened to Lord Haw Haw on the radio and Itma. How many remember a traffic circle at Market Gate, Burtons Tailors and the Royal Court Theater? The level crossing on Wildersppool Causeway, 30,000 people at Wilderspool. How many WALKED to Market Gate for the New Years Eve celebration? What is your favorite memo
  11. I can only speak from personal experience and say that I have left this forum about three times and then tried again. On every occasion it was due to an obnoxious poster who hogged the forum and had extreme views and was dragging me to a point where I was being obnoxious, so I had leave for peace of mind. It all came off the rails when it became a political forum, news is news, but it ain't life in general. Remember the old days when Harry told his old policing stories and Algy covered all the old pubs? I have tried to introduce things like " What is modern art all about", and " Do you
  12. Wonder if they still have the Duck Billed Platypus on show ? Be pretty dusty after sixty years ! Just off the cuff Latch, my uncle Eric Wilson lived with his wife Gladys and two daughters on Richmond Street for many years, just wondered if you came across them. His story of being a Private in German and Italian POW camps, was much different than life in the officer's Stalags. He got taken prisoner at Tobruk.
  13. That's fine Bill, everyone is entitled to an opinion no matter how wrong it is ! Just joking, based on a recently deceased basketball coach at out local Lamar University. Billy Tubbs was asked by the refs at the basketball game, to appeal to the Lamar crowd not to be so anti ref. Billy went to the PA system and appealed to the fans to "Please don't give the refs a bad time no matter how bad their decisions are !". He was thrown out of the game. Emotions are emotions but facts are facts, there are probably a couple of dozen things more likely to kill you than covid19.
  14. Per the Canadian medical profession : covid 19 is the greatest single hoax perpetrated on the world ever ! My sentiments exactly. There were 540,000 registered deaths in the U.K. in 2018, about a week ago the figure for 2020 up to the 16th of November was 418,000. Strangely enough, when I look now, that figure seems to have disappeared, there does not appear to be an official website that will give numbers to date for 2020, they all edge around, giving weekly percentages etc. One official website stated that "total deaths for 2020 MAY possibly exceed those of 2018" ! The blue fu
  15. Confused, I knew the meaning of mutate when I was four years old, so forget the parenthesis please. Your final sentence borders on gibberish, what on earth, in this context, does, ''sentience' ( animals feeling or not feeling pain, or other of it's other weird meanings), just following your methodology, sorry. Confused is apt, cos at this moment I have no idea to which camp you belong - are you pro or anti lockdown? Im guessing that you are a school teacher or such, not meant to be offensive, just an observation. If I'm anywhere close, a bit of advice, your points valid or not, a
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