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  1. Just as long as it’s not related to that other piece of SA crap, the zoo zoo thing !
  2. This is not an a bragging issue, just a comment on this situation. Whether it’s London or Manchester, UK airports are a nightmare. I have claustrophobia, usually it’s to do with caves and such, but whenever I fly into or out of the UK airports I can feel the panic rising. I can walk thru Houston, Philadelphia or Nashville airports at any time of day and never even rub shoulders with another traveler. Most lines are reasonable in length and space is not an issue. I’m sure someone has had a bad experience, but I find that all US airports are bright, airy and generally crowd free. However, airlines are the scum of the earth and rate very close to lawyers as a species to be avoided.
  3. One thing overlooked in this discussion is, if you have had full vaccination, you can’t get it and you can’t give it. You can stand right next to someone with covid and you will not catch it. If you do not believe that, why get vaccinated in the first place. The whole world doesn’t need to do it, just you. I know some will say “Ah, but, there is a chance…..”, if you are going to live your life in fear of those odds there’s no hope for you and for Gods sake don’t consider driving a car. Covid is becoming the biggest cash cow since global warming. It is a boon for so many people, both financially and politically. Don’t expect these ‘variants’ to stop any time soon, they are a built in way to prolong the pandemic and keep the cash rolling in.
  4. Don’t get too nostalgic about the corner shop, we had one ! Mom and dad and by conscription, me, invested all of their savings into a typical corner shop at Pinewood and Oakwood, across from Oakwood school. It was hell, they worked 24 hours a day when sometimes they only had one customer who spent two pence for a piece of candy and the the lady, who bought 1/4 lb of cheese two days ago, brought it back, “cos it smelt funny”. They went out of business because of low sales and low profits. Watched a “ New Open All Hours” the other day, couldn’t watch it thru because the image of DI Frost made me too aware of my own mortality.9
  5. I guess it was the international angle that threw it. Ah well, I wish Betty and her sisters the best where ever they are.
  6. My favorite story about Wellington, was that while they sawed off his damaged leg, he sat up and joked with the doctors. Fact check me, I don’t want my hero to be a lie.
  7. Tried the website Latch, but it got confused by me not being local, phone number, post code and all that. Thanks anyway.
  8. The soccer authorities going with the kneeling campaign just illustrates how liberal and therefore dumb they are. This ‘rascist’ thing is a small cadre of idiots cyber screaming and swearing, I put rascist in quotes, because it’s meaning has now become lost. They are not influenced by campaigns and PSA’s, the only thing that can stop it is to shut down the social media outlets, which would be good all round. However, the stupid soccer authorities launch a campaign that insults 99% of the population by suggesting that we are all rascists. Kinda like putting down speed bumps to catch a handful of speeders but penalizing a 100% of the population. They mistakenly offer up BLM, a domestic terror organization as their mentor and use the actions of the most disliked person in the US, Kappernick as the point of their campaign !
  9. Let me state the obvious - on this subject, you’re an idiot Obs! I don’t care what you think, that is personal and it’s directed right at you,. Up til now you have been a joke on this forum, but enough is enough ! You have absolutely no credentials other than a big mouth, which usually issues a stream of idiotic gibberish and your views are either extremely naive, or designed to be controversial. From a world where this nightmare is over, forget it, if you can can not recognize that ‘ infections’, means that someone had caught a cold, then there’s no hope for you. I guess you will desperately hang on to your indefensible position, cos you’ve made too much of an fool of yourself over the last year to concede now. I don’t like to be controversial ! But I had to help you out Asp, you are too nice.
  10. Just a little personal bumbling. Had cataract surgery today on my right eye, had the left one done 2017. Lay in a hotel bed right now withe the plastic dome over the eye and tripping over everything in the room. Have to go to the surgeons office at nine in the morning for final evaluation and release, so we have to stay over - we live 100 miles east of Houston. Amazing place the Houston Medical Center. There must be twenty hospitals, all 1000 bed facilities, cheek to jewel in a three mile x three mile square, with about thirty hotels squeezed in between. There’s the Children’s Hospital, The Womens Hospital, M D Anderson Cancer Hospital, Memorial Herman Surgery ( mine) etc. Everyone is considered as the best in their field, with world recognized physcians and surgeons. We were talking to several people in the hotel lounge and it’s amazing the life some people have to lead. I was saying to one guy that we were tired of driving a hundred miles to this place - my original surgery was cancelled six weeks ago. He said my wife has cancer, they were from Atlanta Georgia, the local hospital gave her three months to live, so we came to MD Anderson here and they have been using the latest medicine and information from their research and we have been coming here once a month for three years. Poor guy was about 75 yrs old and looked worn out. Also talked to a Los Angeles Laker player having damaged tendon surgery, don’t know his name cos I hate basketball ! He said they don’t send their players anywhere else. All the hotels run constant free shuttles to every hospital on the hour. And no Obs, it doesn’t cost me a single penny. Well that’s not entirely true, two nights in the hotel is $300, plus mighty breakfasts and fabulous dinners in the damn fine restaurants around Houston can add up to a pretty penny. But that’s ok, we’re right next door to the heart hospital where D’Baky did the first successful heart transplant ! Anyway, my wife handles all that, she likes to make me happy!
  11. Very careful with my charity donations based on experience. Several years ago a friend of mine, who was President of the local American Heart Association Charity, asked me to organize a golf tournament because they had no one who played and didn’t know where to start. I got with a buddy, organized a committee and got started. Within a week we had the course selected and scheduled, plus sponsorships, forms etc. I got a call saying that a Charity official needed to see me right away. I there found out that we couldn’t, do this without the Heart Assn’s training. They flew myself and my buddy to Dallas to a week long training session at the Three Seasons Hotel Convention Center. There were about three hundred other trainee people there from all over, all staying in a $500 a night hotel for a week! The head of the Heart Assn flew in on the company luxury jet ! They had about two hundred in staff running the deal. They just laid down the financial rules which basically were, minimum $300 entry fee, no prize moneys, beg for that if you want prizes and at the end of the day there has to be a minimum of a $10,000 check for the Assn. If you were short, you had to go find some other sponsors to make up the difference! He then boarded his jet and left. That’s an insight into the behind the scenes shysters running these charities. At the end of the week we flew home and told the locals what they could do with their golf tournament !
  12. They need a real manager and a team of real qualified trainers. This ‘old boys’ thing is death regardless of whom they buy, if anyone.
  13. We’ve all heard for years about how the Polar Bears are going to be dropping like flies unless we give up cars, coal and farting ! Has anyone ever seen a dead Polar Bear yet ? It’s just another scam that is a great indicator of the intelligence of the worlds ruling politicians. No wonder we can never solve any problems, if they’ll swallow this they’ll swallow anything. I say scam because of the barefaced facts about finance in this mess. It would be comical if it wasn’t for the monstrous bill attached to this fantasy. Take the Paris Accords, signees would be split into two groups, one donating money and one receiving money ( someone may nit pick me on that, but that is the essence). Y’all would be sending money to Yemen and India etc, to help them develop cleaner fuels. - we all know where that money would go. In the case of the US, it amounts to trillions of dollars to almost every country in the world including China!, thank God Trump told them to kiss this! However the idiot in charge now wants to sign it, hopefully only a couple of Democrats need to cross the aisle to kill it. Believe me, kids of the future don’t need to worry too much about the climate or Al Queda, what is going to devastate them and the world are left wing liberals, that who we should be banning.
  14. Yes. Weather is weather and it will do whatever it decides to do at any particular time. Billions of years ago UK was a primeval forest and was at one time connected directly to the continent. There was no pollution nor probably any humans to influence it at that time, it all changed naturally. Self important people cannot risk the urge to want to seem smarter than the rest of of us and are constantly promoting screwball theories to prove it. They are no better than the witch doctors who shake sticks at the sky and demand rain. The evidence presented is not evidence, it’s opinion. They somehow come up with facts like ‘the oceans have risen 2” in the last twenty years, therefore a hundred years from now there will be a catastrophe. This from people who get tomorrow’s weather forecast wrong ! I’m still waiting for the new ice age predicted in the fifties, and for the six feet of water that was supposed to cover New York City in 2004 . Worry about ground level pollution for health reasons, but leave the management of the heavens to God.
  15. I will try it Latch, these three sisters were a big part of my teenage years and the Hop Pole was our home. Our group and theirs were like brothers and sisters - their choice! As well as they rebuffed our amorous advances, the church might be a good place to look ! Just wondered how they were all doing.
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