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  1. Davy, Bill is quite right about digital voice is. It is voice carried over the Internet access so that everyone gets internet an connection and voice goes on top of it if you want it (and even if you only want voice). You can get newer versions of the Roku box that will accept Alexa voice commands. It entails streaming TV rather than watching over Freeview or Freesat. How do I use Amazon Alexa to control my Roku® streaming device? | Official Roku Support Alexa can already choose Internet streamed radio stations. I am not aware of real TVs being controlled by TV but Bill is again right when he says you can get voice recognition stand alone on something like a raspberry pi and then there ought to be a way of generating infrared presses to match particular equipment. The technology is not the issue so much as the configuration because the exact equipment has to be designed in by someone and when equipment changes you have to come back and do it again. The Alexa route seems more wasteful but it is more practical.
  2. The latest theory I have seen is that on Endemic Equilibrium. Since one can be re-infected and Delta is very infections because it apparently can spread between nose and throat cells by contact and does not get checked by antibodies because it does not come into contact. That means that you can get it and pass it on but when it spreads away from the upper respiratory tract the antibodies and memory T-cells start working (creating Antibodies) and severe disease in more likely to be stopped than mild disease. That mechanism means that herd immunity is effectively impossible and the latest plan from Zahawi is to achieve Endemic and controlled status. That means that it keeps on going round but the most vulnerable have top-ups of antibodies and the rest rely on T-cells and mild re-infections. So living with it just like the alpha-type coronaviruses that cause the common cold. In terms of cases that means the number goes up after more mixing and down after less. Even after they vaccinate the 12-15 year olds grandparents should remain cautious. It is those whose immune systems are failing that will suffer most so we can expect life expectancy to fall and it will be vital for care home workers and NHS staff to be top-up jabbed for their patients sake.
  3. Given the impetus of both your pointers I have found the details of Modem-mode and details of the Superhub3/4. I now understand how the integration works and the voice service has different services because it is provided on a Huawei softswitch. The link up with O2 may allow a move to Ericsson in due course. BT use Ericsson but even that is not the same service set as you had in the Yellow zone, which I take to be ex Nynex Cable System X. The hub has a published FCC specification which tells us that the device has a REN of 5. The two Tel sockets are independent PacketCable2.0 phones so only Tel1 actually works and the total REN is therefore 5. I now have the information that I need to write my response to Ofcom which is actually about BT, but the point is that VM do at least obey the law which BT retail do not!
  4. Thanks Sid. They seem to be stingy with the back-up device which appears to be a mobile phone break out. Essentially if you don't have a mobile phone they give you one you can use in emergencies. The problem is that the mobile base station batteries run out in short order, in some places they will struggle to keep going for an hour, so the mobile networks do not offer a real alternative; it is just window dressing. Only making 999 calls makes sense because all networks will allow an emergency call without a SIM which means the device can make them on the strongest network left working.
  5. So was that to open a vpn tunnel to work from the Draytek, so a number of devices connected to work via the Draytek. Did you have to use the Modem mode to make that work?
  6. Sid, Thanks for the info. I could not have got the yellow zone info. I do not have VM but for a paper I am writing I needed to find out how the new phone service is to work. Thanks Bill, so I take it you have a superhub3. I wonder if you got a new installation or as I suspect just changing the router and moving the phone over and disconnecting the siamese twin cable from the coax? Am I right in thinking the old F connector went into the new hub and the only other work was on the telephony NTE? Now you are likely to be able to help me with the next layer of information. I expect you were asked if you had a mobile phone to make emergency calls but were you told about the emergency call attachment so you could get one if you need it later? Were you told how many REN the phone port supports? Did they connect the old extensions wiring up if there is any? Did they explain that older phones would not work, if you said you had one did they tell you that you make the bell work by using an ADSL filter ? Did they tell you that the supplementary services were not the same as the old network and that you were now in the purple zone? I have other questions about the features on the router such as VPN and static routing or are the features on the router minimal. Most importantly can you connect your own router behind it and get full network features via IPv4 and IPv6?
  7. Vaccine passports will not go ahead in England after all; well not unless there are further developments according to Health Secretary on TV.
  8. I need to do some research and I wonder if anyone on here has been changed over from the old wired voice service to the new one which is delivered from the Set Top box or Cable Modem? I am very interested if the connexion has also been made over Fibre to the Home too. I want to know what restrictions there are on what you can do such as using your own router or getting a voice service other than from Virgin. I would like to hear from anyone with actual experience of this.
  9. As I explained it is fixed at 4.98% unless the law on referendums changes, WBC always take the maximum so after rounding the increase stays below 5%. They do the same every year. You are assuming they increase the rate by what they need and it just is not like that. The simplified process they use is first work out what cuts that you promised that haven't been made yet then add what you estimate will be the increases in prices and costs then subtract from that the total expected income after a 4.8% increase in Council Tax; the result is the amount of cuts they will claim need to be made next year. The amount of cuts never goes to zero and also never actually get completely cut, nor do the council budgets ever identify what they are to be in enough detail to hold them to account for not making the cuts. The government may also increase the amount of the Adult Social Care Precept to offset the NI increase in contractors costs which WBC will also take in full.
  10. We are always due a rise in Council Tax. They have risen by the maximum permitted without a local referendum in every single year since Labour took control of the council you can rely on another four years of that.
  11. Syria was a League of Nations mandate country not a colony. It was the French equivalent of Palestine to the British. There are less than 1% French speakers in Vietnam. Your comparisons are not valid Obs. The SE asians who are refugees do indeed try to get to Australia i.e. boat people from Vietnam. The distance over water to Australia makes it harder to reach than overland to the EU and on to the UK. You will have noticed that the USA is well protected by the oceans. Most of the South Asians that come here do not walk all the way. Intriguingly the official estimates put Syria as 53rd out of 60 in the list of origins of UK residents born abroad. Vietnam is not on the list and nor is Lebanon, the nearest Francophone country in the middle east to us. In a nutshell no, I do not so notice.
  12. The UK is attractive because the migrants are far more likely to have some English as a second language than French, Italian or German. They are just trying to find where they can get by in a job. The idea that they are coming just for the welfare state is bogus because there are more generous welfare provisions elsewhere but they cannot get them without speaking the local language: and they don't. You can see this to be true by considering why we don't have a large number of immigrants from francophone former French colonies. The Francophone refuges gravitate to Marseilles and Paris - the reasons are obvious and don't seem to align with some of the things Obs claims.
  13. What you say is understandable because the opponents always say that it does not stop the possibility of it being passed on (given that transmission is not reduced by 100% that statement is true) and then argue as if it had no effect at all. The broadcasters never correct this misleading behaviour. ( Well More or less on Radio 4 gets it right but opinion and a bit of news programmes don't.) Most of the BBCs output these days is more opinion than news. The Ofcom rules require that you can tell which is which!!
  14. The current vaccine surveillance report says that there is between 35% and 50% reduction in transmission of the virus after just one dose. So if everyone present is doubly vaccinated there is say 40% less chance of transmission. There is then at least a 70% reduction in symptomatic disease in the contacts. So the chances of needing a test and to isolate fall to 0.6*0.3 or 18% if everyone is double jabbed. To me that means that having vaccine passports required at football matches has a very significant effect in reducing the effective R and preventing super-spreading. Those one meets in the pub are not subject to the same reduction so your instincts are clearly correct Bill.
  15. It is the attraction of the Lycra. The council think it is very popular and are spending millions on cycle lanes to persuade people to wear it.
  16. If you analyse how you interact with people at a seated football match you will realise that the match itself provides only limited interaction face to face by the nature of how you get to and from your seat and sit in rows one behind the other. The super spreading is likely to arise from the partying outside the ground, the pubs and on public transport. The events themselves are probably not the problem rather the problem is the drunken idiots as it normally is.
  17. You need one for an android smartphone I think.
  18. Gmail is very touchy about such things and required a particular protocol to let third parties collect your mail. They also moan every time you use a new mail client on a different device requiring you to say that you recognise the transaction before unlocking the server. Added to that Warrington Worldwide server for the forum is very unhappy about letting google addresses through and it makes for a total mess. To get to Gary you have to mail from another address altogether I seem to recall.
  19. Davy, did you by any chance tell sky to collect your gmail for you?
  20. They were only gearing up for over 50's and extremely vulnerable between Sep and Dec anyway, not everyone. Yes it is changing, I keep looking for something new from the JCVI but there has been nothing. Your story about your friend is interesting. They still don't know how to evaluate the effect of T-cells and the fast response. I believe it is not as effective in the upper respiratory tract so you can get it again there again and I would expect that is a less serious infection than if it spreads to the lower tract. Hence the Professor's like a cold comment. I do wish we were given proper information instead of 10 second sound bites. As I wrote the above the BBC live site put out a story "Government still aiming for booster programme in September"
  21. There is some serious thinking going on I suspect. The booster programme has gone quiet and Boots are taking bookings for Flu jabs for over 65's without a Covid booster. Prof Paul Hunter is saying the number of cases due to endemic equilibrium would be 54,000 per day. I am looking for more information on that idea but it would suggest that the elderly need continued boosters but until a certain age if is just treated like the common cold (not flu). These are interesting ideas and I have yet to find corroboration but a change of approach seems to be happening. Anyone spotted anything like this?
  22. It appears that the decision is a national NHS wide one: https://www.cas.mhra.gov.uk/ViewandAcknowledgment/ViewAttachment.aspx?Attachment_id=103828 It says: "Primary Care and community care All primary care and community testing must be halted until 17 September 2021, except for clinically urgent testing. Examples of clinically urgent testing include: • Bloods that are required to facilitate a two week wait referral • Bloods that are extremely overdue and/or essential for safe prescribing of medication or monitoring of condition • Bloods that if taken could avoid a hospital admission or prevent an onward referral • Those with suspected sepsis or conditions with a risk of death or disability .... We appreciate that this temporary position is frustrating for patients and services alike. ... " It remains to be seen whether things will revert to normal after 17th September! I think you should have been told the reasons and that it was temporary. The letter from the NHS goes on to say that hospital use must be reduced by 25% as well so sending you for an urgent test at the hospital suggests that Warrington CCG have chosen to implement their own form of rationing and bloody-mindedness combined. It says nothing on their website or twitter.
  23. So that I can understand properly, have they they just stopped doing blood tests at surgeries because making you go to the hospital is how they are implementing rationing or is it some other form of bloody-mindedness?
  24. The tests aren't being withdrawn at all but there is a national shortage of phials to draw the blood into because of some shortage in manufacturing. Since everyone faces the same shortage in making them there isn't a ready alternative supply. As for ears they withdrew that ages ago saying that the over the counter kits were just as good.
  25. The triple lock is 1) Inflation measured later in the year 2) Average wage increases in July of the preceding year and 2.5%, taking whichever is the highest percentage. The wages measure for July was 8.8% using a measure called KAC3 which is average of all wages and includes overtime. The graph shows a massive and unsustainable spike but it is not reflected in inflation. Inflation uses CPI, I think in September. It is probably not appropriate to use such a large increase in KAC3 to set the pension rate for this year. It would be more reasonable to use the change over two years in the figure for 23/24 and only use CPI and 2.5% this year (21/22 uprating). If the OBR think that the wage increase will stick the I will think again. However the high job vacancies and a shortage of applicants is probably distorting the statistics at the moment. I don't think the triple lock is to be scrapped just modified this year because of the distortion in the labour market.
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