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  1. Operation Red Screwdriver. The positive effects of Brexit 1. Blue passport 2. Brexit 50p 3.
  2. P J

    Papas Chip Shop

    don't you mean Correr?
  3. unlike the Vote Leave brigade who would never cheat, lie, overspend etc
  4. for "look after" see "pay for"
  5. sometimes they cover their mouths when hiding the uncomfortable truth. https://news.sky.com/story/brexit-hundreds-of-gagging-orders-taken-out-by-government-11671933
  6. Because it’s not that difficult to use a computer, any muppet can manage it, as your question proves. Driving a motor car safely on the road is far more complicated and dangerous to the old duffers let alone other drivers.
  7. If they can’t use a computer you have to question whether they are fit to drive.
  8. Diversity is one of our strengths and it helped us win the World Cup Moeen Ali https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/jul/15/diversity-strength-england-win-cricket-world-cup
  9. which they are, but your ignorance is very hard to forgive. You follow politics, must British Prime ministers have been born in Britain ?
  10. P J


    Found another superb butty shop a while back but was in there today for an awesome sausage and bacon on farmhouse thick cut toast ( real butter not wagon fat) Absolute belting food. Chesters on Chester Road.
  11. What a retarded, backward, narrow minded, ignorant and wrong headed view of the real world. Another quality post from the forum Nazi. We depend on British citizens for our national sporting heroes, it's just a minority of neanderthal idiots who can't quite grasp it.
  12. such wonderful grammar, your handler must be so proud lol.
  13. He is simply a racist bigot, misogynist, opportunist and bully. You may be right to thank God for Trump as no doubt God gave us cancer and dementia, child mortality and Nascar.
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