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This Human Rights business really puzzles me. Is it a child's Human Right to vandalise property, abuse citizens, shoplift, steal cars, carry offensive weapons and generally behave obnoxiously? If it is, I'm glad I didn't have any Human Rights when I was growing up and I feel good about not having let my children (and subsequently my grandchildren) have any either.

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Obs I can see both sides to this (there a change :wink: )


Think the 'Human Rights' issues come about as the mozzy device can be heard by anyone under 25 yrs regardless of wether they are a yobbo or not :wink:


The devices are being used outside shops etc with a known problem... however what you have to think about is the other young people who do not cause a problem, and people shopping with young kiddies or babies.


Don't forget these can all hear it too and it seems they find the sound that is omitted rather distressing. :o

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It is a breach of human rights, Don't forget we were all under 25 once. and even at the age of 18 I was a responsible young adult.


the correct deterent would be to have real prosicutions and real sentancing for the few criminals and thugs in that age bracket.


its not all kids, its not even most kids, its only the ones who make themselves known by their actions so we percieve that all kids are bad, because the only ones that come to our atention are bad....most are good.


most people convicted of drunk driving are 25-50 year old men...should we not allow that group to drive ?


the only group of mindless yobs are those that sweepingly generalise other groups.

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Diz: I believe these devices can be turned on/off, as required by the shop owner/resident; thus, if there isn't a problem it's not needed. :roll: Here we have a simple, relatively cheap, instantly effective solution to a problem - then all we get is a load of excuses as to why it can't be used: no wonder we're not getting anywhere. :roll:

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From my understanding of these devices, they?re not running continuously and are only turned on if someone decides they feel there?s a need to move young people on. Even then, by law just like an alarm system, they must shut themselves off after 20 minuets. So all in all not really as bad a picture as the media paints.


I have some sympathy with the kids who end up having to move on having done nothing to deserve it. But if the kids want to be treated as adults, they should try and understand the bigger issue and accept who the real bad guys are.


The human rights argument for these devices is just a load of old tosh from the usual PC brigade.


Bill :)


[ 13.02.2008, 14:31: Message edited by: Bill ]

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as opposed to the usual anti-kid brigade.


the fact that they are (to quote in franks terms) "turn on&offable" to have to ask how long will it be before one of the real thugs who this is aimed at, takes offence at this...lets not beat around the bush here ultrasonic "attack" on himself and in turn attacks the shop keeper.


The classical music approach seems to be genius to me.

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I don't think the "Mosquito" is an infringement of anyones human rights. It is turned on by a concerned shopkeeper when groups of "nuisance youths" are causing, well, a nuisance!. Once the group has dispersed, the mossy can be turned off again - simple. Unfortunately, the "PC Brigade" seem to jump on every opportunity to suppress the general law-abiding citizen of their own rights. If I had a shop with such problems, I would install one of these without a second thought.


Bill, I have also remonstrated with nuisance youths on several occasions, and have been stunned by the confrontational and vindictive responses of their parents. This leaves me in no doubt as to where the real problems stem from!.


Keith, A Mobile Phone jammer is widely available, just "do a google" and away you go!.


As far as hearing deteriorating after your teens, well, I'm afraid its a fact we all have to accept. It's not that you'll notice any significant changes, but the ear is not able to pick-up the very high frequencies emitted by these "Mosquito" devices after our teenage years have passed. Medical fact, hence the invention and success of the "Mosquito"!


Classical music is also deemed to have a similar effect, but not, apparently, as effective as (Sir) Cliff Richard or Barry Manilow tracks (again curtesy of goggle).


Sorry if my first post is a little long-winded!


Rick 8)

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