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  1. Why do the police and the politicians repeatedly thanking the public for being so responsible during the pandemic? It seems to me that a good proportion of the public are acting very irresponsibly, ignoring both the law and the guidance. It is time to get tough with the miscreants - fine them, imprison them and NAME THEM!
  2. I am sick and tired of hearing air travel bosses whinging about how much money they are losing. I realise they did not create COVID-19 but they did spread it around the world. Now they don't seem to realise they can never go back to business as it was before. Even if we defeat COVID it will only be a matter of time before another virus appears - possibly a more deadly one. And if airlines carry on with their policy of trying to pack as many people as possible into aircraft to keep the price down they will again spread it around the globe. The interior of airliners has to be completely re-designed so they are no longer breeding grounds for viruses. Passengers must be separated from each other so they are not breathing each other's germs. This will mean aircraft will not have the same seating capacity - in fact it could mean it could be cut by more than half. This will mean that prices have to rise which won't be popular. But would it be so unreasonable? It has always been absurd that so many overseas holidays cost less than holidaying in the UK. So let's hear less whinging from air travel bosses. Instead, let's hear a bit more from them about what plans they are making to ensure they won't create another pandemic. And of course, the same applies to the cruise industry.
  3. I think the only thing to emerge from the referendum campaign is that, unless we can find a better way of doing it, this should be the last ever referendum. It is a completely unsatisfactory way of deciding a complex issue. I am not voting - not because I haven't got an view, but because I realise my view is purely a gut feeling. And I suspect most other people, if they would only admit it, are the same. A gut feeling is not good enough and the misleading and hysterical campaigns waged by both sides have failed to provide any impartial guidance to enable anyone to make an informed decision. Many people may THINK they are making an informed decision when in fact they are votiing on a predetermined prejudice. It just isn't good enough!
  4. It is high brows who draw up list such as the one which has triggered this debate. After 100 years of free education in this country, there shouldn't be any low brows any more but it seems you can't make silk purses out of sows' ears! Incidentally, the "no canals" clanger was dropped, I think, by one of the newspapers reporting on the list, not by the RSA.
  5. Precisely the point I was trying to make in my first post Davy!! It is high brows who define culture. Warrington DOES have much to appeal to these people, but it has a great deal more to appeal to "low brows" and we do ourselves no favours by drawing attention to this type of popular culture when trying to defend our town's reputation. I mean, Rugby League might be a great sport but there is not much "cultural" about it, nor would it be any better if there was!
  6. Accepted. I doubt if even Hillcliffe Walker expects organ recitals every week. Twice a year wouldn't be bad though and perhaps the organ could be made available for local musicians to play. This returns me to my earlier point. If we had an educated populace, the things we regard as elitist wouldn't be elitist. And then Warrington might figure higher up the list for culture. But I fancy most folk wouldn't care because we live in an age when mediocrity reigns supreme - not just in Warrington but almost everywhere.
  7. You are right PJ, 272 isn't a good crowd. But surely culture cannot be measured by the number of people who like it. You need an education and a bit of oil in your lamp to appreciate the beauty, the depth and the complexities of organ music. You don't need either to appreciate Pixie Lott - in fact, if you have much of either you probably won't appreciate her at all.
  8. I'm on your side really, Hillcliffe Walker. But luring people in from other parts of the country does nothing to enhance Warrington's cultural credentials. If they had all been locals it might have been different. I agree about Smooth FM being an unsuitable audience for the organ, but I doubt if even Classic FM would have been much better and there is no other suitable radio station. There might be some specialist magazine around that would have done better. Incidentally the words "free" and "advertising" are surely not appropriate in the same sentence? But Warrington is no different to most other towns when it comes to culture. You need a city like Manchester or Liverpool which is capable of drawing in crowds from over the region if you want to fill auditoriums with culture. The Lowry does it regularly - but they don't all come from Salford. Unfortunately they probably don't come from Warrington either.
  9. What we have to remember is that "popular culture" does not rate very highly with the people who carry out these surveys. Thus, George Formby, admiral artist though he may have been, is hardly a great cultural asset. When the Warrington Festival chooses Pixie Lott as its headline act it is hardly likely to win brownie points from the culture vultures. Warrington HAS got some great cultural assets, but as PJ has already hinted, the problem is that Warringtonians don't appreciate them. Mention has been made of the Parr Hall organ - yes a great cultural asset even if the town only posesses because they haven't been able to off-load it on anyone else. But how many people attend a recital on the organ when the handful of local culture enthusiastgs persuade some distinguished organist to come and play it. You could count them on your fingers! New cinema? Not really a sign of culture - and i suspect the films that draw the biggest audiences will be anything but cultural. In fact, culture doesn't very often draw great support anywhere, so it is puzzling why Warrington has been singled out. If we want to figure highly in lists like this, we have to start supporting "high culture" - opera, ballet, visits from symphony orchestras (The Liverpool Phil used to come regularly years ago!). If we are happy the way we are, let the Parr Hall (another asset that has been mentioned) carry on staging pop stars who are "over the hill", tribute rock bands, foul mouthed comedians and other acts that many of us probably haven't even heard of. You may make more money - but don't try to pretend its got much to do with culture.
  10. Adam

    Council loans

    Sounds to me like the old split in the local Labour Party surfacing again, with the Lib Dems and Tories making the most of it
  11. Adam


    Yes - a good one Dizzy. But I hope you realise these guys can sing better than most of the pop/rock millionaires that used to figure in the late lamented music section of this forum.
  12. My, my Dizzy. We are serious arn't we! Each to their own - you are quite right. But not if it effects others. Creamfields should not be allowed in that location and the fact that it is is a sign that the lunatics have taken over the asylum. I agreed with everything you said in your original post. It is deplorable that music of any sort of music should be played so loud that it disturbs people miles away. But you wouldn't get DJs (announcers) using F words at a Halle concert would you?
  13. Boom Boom festivals? Is this the same Dizzy who tells me I should open my ears and appreciate all sorts of music?
  14. You are far too kind Algy. Acker Bilk was a very ordinary clarinet player. Most of the British trad players were very ordinary and at best were just imitations of the greats liked George Lewis, Mez Mezzrow, etc. I was more of a modernist myself so I preferred the likes of Buddy de Franco. Jimmy Hamilton (of the Duke Ellington Orchestra) was also great. But for some strange reason modern jazz largely ignored the clarinet. Benny Goodman and Woody Herman were pretty good too. But Mr Bilk - well, I believe he learned to play in prison, which perhaps says a lot!
  15. Algy..forgive them, they know not what they talk about. You are the first person to make a sensible comment in this conversation. I agree with you about Acker Bilk - in fact I regard Acker Bilk as nothing more than a pop musician
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