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  1. I would opt for memory card, Hard drive has mechanical parts so more chance of failure over the years, plus memory card is interchangeable so you could buy more if on holiday with full memory without deleting your old stuff. Less weight to carry, and opposing the theory that you can record longer on a Hard disk (sorry E.S.) less power consumption so longer recording time as an 8gb memory card will fit hours on it. Cheap memory so you can actualy just save the memory stick as a backup like we used to with old tapes.
  2. You've missed off the most important question. "Do you have a Toshiba TV?"
  3. Is this your entry to this years Longshot ? Saww doggin there last year..very good.
  4. sorry wrong area...can someone move
  5. Wamdram is Warringtons spinnoff amateur dramatic group they're producing thier first play a comedy by Bob Larbey who wote Darling Buds of may, A fine romance,Please Sir etc which is showing in 3 weeks 21/22nd July details and tickets are £5 ONLY £5 http://www.wamdram.org.uk/ please support local amateur dramatics tickets available from here http://www.ticketsource.co.uk/event/15092
  6. to be "at one with all"...can you make me one with everything!
  7. try right click and open in new window/tab works for me
  8. what no mention of putting on lipstick, smoking, eating, singing, shouting at the kids, picking their nose, cb radio, police radio, changing radio station !!! there is no difference between using a mobile phone and any of those above just driver distractions...just that someone decided to make the things "he/she" didnt do illegal. did all these drivers successfully navigate the road..or crash due their incompetence? maybe the fact they could use their phone and had confidence that they did not wear a seatbelt was a sign of how good a driver they were? proofs in the pudding.
  9. I don't have a problem with GW taking more of SVP (isnt she in sex in the city?). I supported save WG because it had so much to offer for quiet family time, but SVP needs a bit of spruce if you ask me. my only concern would be they may have to RE-RE-REDO (not sure how many REs are required) the acees by road...ie westbrook traffic lights...dare I mention them again.
  10. maybe they use google maps... apparently 70% of Warrington is "birchwood" as far into town center as asda cockhedge.
  11. maybe if there were any difference in the candidates people may take an interest. meanwhile its just old men saying one thing while lining their pockets and covering their a***es. viva la revolution
  12. At the risk of being repetitive my biggest nark is the way that Warrington has turned into a clone town with the big names eating all the prime retail space. Warrington was founded as a market town. we have hundreds of shops lying empty in town center thanks to the extortionate rates being charged to lease them small shops newsagent sized iro ?1million a year. no room for the small businessman in this town. so if they are going to spend ?200million redeveloping the area what will the rates be then?
  13. thats STUPID !!! Wouldn't work USB slots further away from the power socket for that to reach !
  14. Silverlady you will notice that I actualy put "(unpoisoned) E " due to the lack of regulation these drugs have all sorts of risks, these risks exist directly as a result of the legislation and would be erradicated by legalisation except in cases of overdose. this is no diffrence to alcohol, there are many documented cases throught history of illegal unregulated alcohol being poisonous. again if you focus only on the media reports you only see the hysteria created by those with the agenda to. so my statement stands. A single correct dose of un-adultorated substance will not kill you. I also notice you put 'just 1' in quotes, where I suspect you think as I do that every one of these relations try to defend their relations lifestyle by claiming it was their first time. Inky Pete, your comments do not relate to my comments at all, as I am talking about the effects of personal proportioned usage. the creation/supply chain is a diffrent subject entirely which currently is run by criminals these criminals are only intrested in making money via any means nescisary They are the same people who provide blood diamonds, slave trading, illegal arms trading, in fact whatever is convienient for their circumstances. They did not select drugs to help people have a good time out of the goodness of their hearts. if their particulare drug was made legal worldwide tomorow, they would just switch product to one of the others such as guns, slaves.. you cannot regulate for these people. Horace are you suggesting that anyone who drinks, smoke or takes drugs are weak,Spineless no hopers? Because that would be 99% of the population including our armed forces, police, doctors, politicians...all of whome partacke in at least one on some occasion or more. I can assure you I am none of your descriptions and I drink & smoke and have taken drugs. I think there were many members here who went to the beer festival...did you? I have done all the above because I enjoy it, not to de-stress, not go forget or deal with issues in life. from this knowledgable viewpoint I can form valid opinions (in fact more than opinions practical experience), can you tell me your qualifications on this subject?
  15. my expert opinion. 100% alcohol causes more damage overall to society, but thats because society accepts it due to its legal status. Having done a few drugs such as Canabis, Acid, Extassy, Coke I think myself and others like me are the only people who can fully appreciate the scale and possition of these activities in comparrison. If alcohol was Illegal and had been througjout our lives we would pretty much only gain exposure from the media. So if you imagine only what you see in the media of booze and its effects on society without your personal experience you would no doubt demonize it in the same way you(or the majority anti-drug opinionators) demonize the above drugs. Because the media portray the above drug users as no-hopers, living in squats, needles on the floor, robbing from their mothers to feed their habbit then thats how society sees them. The effect of all drugs including alcohol and cigarettes is a period of time when your emotions or perception are altered due to chemicals. The levels of these effects are measured by intensity and duration. By these standards Heres my charts in terms of legality. Cigarettes are the best as they have very short duration, very limited effect. However they have negative society benefits and a link to long term health issues on the individual, (I do not subscribe to passive smoking theories). Because of the legality and relatively small effect, most people wont break many laws to subscribe to their habbit, apart from maybe littering and smoking in the work place. plus they are addictive, very addictive. The Next Canabis - Duration determined by mix (upto 4 hours), effects - DO NOT DRIVE...though you probably wouldnt want to as you find it difficult to hold focus however you do become very philosophical as I belive you see the big picture due to your inability to focus on details. Do you steal to feed this habbit, no, you never develop a addiction other than you may now start smoking cigarettes as they are more readily available, this creating a by-addiction. Acid/Magic Mushrooms - Much like canabis however visual ability impaired, best to do something like dancing or just resting. (take a notebook and write down all your wacky ideas, they'le make perfect sense now)..Law? other than taking them you are unlikely to break any law to feed this habbit, you are unlikely to find an ounce of aggression in your body, infact you'll love everyone and think that wars are stupid and love is all that matters..love is actualy GOD ! Duration 10 hours. (negatives...you cant get this anymore..not profitable for the dealers). Alcohol - Effect varies upon dosage, however your ability to judge your dosage will be impaired by the consumprion resulting in a snowball effect. Vision Impaired, Hearing Impaired, Judgement Impaired, can make you feel invincible, you will start loosing tact, inhibitions, and possibly due to these combine become easily aggitated or agressive. You are likely to feel that you could drive, handle heavy machinery, the more drunk you get the more confident you become until you hit the "Wall" or the floor, you then are likely to collapse somwhere where you are vulnerable to all the other people around you who have lost inhibitions. You are likely to break many laws because you feel you can get away with it. long term health issues, addictive. You weill austroucise your family and freinds to feed this habbit. Duration till you pass out then comedown for at least 5 hours upon regaining conciousness. Extassy- Like having a massive energy boost, resulting in twitching and the need to move, strong euphoria enhancing the need to dance also makes you feel a bit lovey like Acid. However its comedown is much like alcohol heavy, lethargic, headache.Duration 8 Hours I'm not going to put coke on the list due to my inexperience, I have had it a couple of times, due to my having alcohol I judged it OK to have a line or two, but on the plus side for acohol maybe, booze also somewhat negates the effects of coke so I cant realy claim to know how much it affects you. Didn't do anything for me. So there you have it for those of you who have never tried some of them, you have to expereince it to put it into context, all these pro-drug lobyists (particularly canabis) are able to make a rational comparison, if you have not experienced the above then based on my comparission you have to admit Alcohol comes out pretty bad. and theres no use claiming the odd pint/glass of wine never hurt anyone I do it and I'm fine, well your right but by the same standards the odd joint, or (unpoisoned) E or ACID or Line of Coke when taken in moderation and in the correct environment didnt hurt anyone either. Its only when you read in the context of those who missuse ANY of the above that there is a prolem.
  16. I'd go Interplanetary founding father.
  17. Me too, Back then it was Sandy Hills and Rigbys farm as I recall
  18. shops have less abiliy to flex their offers than the head office. ring them up, tell them you are leaving, tell them that you want a free upgrade, the phone you want (shop around to find a reasonable one best bet one that been around for at least 12 months) on a 12 month contract at your current rate or less (max ?10). odds are you will get it. I do this with vodaphone every time my contract ends even though I have no intention of leaving.
  19. The labour stance seems to be that all these public sector employees are going to be shelved to the dole queue. knowing this is coming, the creme will find alternative jobs. the rest are probably Gravy train riders. as to the cuts in services. well they are long overdue, I (as a tax payer...blah blah) am sick of funding needless layers of government and departments who do not service me. its about time the chaff was extracted, funny how labour has all the "right way to do things" now, the muck hit the fan nearly 3years ago, had labour had 2 years to implement them before they were kcked out..funny they didnt seem to have all the answers then.
  20. Sorry you don't have pics or sorru for the awful punn?
  21. Anyone know of one, preferably for free or cheap where we can rehearse on a Thursday nights? thanks
  22. Preferably free preferably thursday nights cheers
  23. They are to arrest only, they have a duty of care to everyone in their custody. they then can gather evidence....FULL STOP. they have no power to drag anyone in such a manor that is assault. if they need to force somone into a cell then that should be dispersed between multiple officers as to ensure equal weight distribution and reduce risk of injury as a result it is not possible for one adult to move another adult forcibly without injury.
  24. recording direct into your DVD recorder will work
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