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  1. I dont think much of the Swine Flu helpline I phoned it this afternoon and all I got was crackling. John
  2. JayC

    Chewing gum

    Wolfie. Stop spoiling Lucy's rant, you know the use of real facts are frowned upon. John
  3. Hes making a poker for the fire. John
  4. Eagle, Why would it offend the Muslims or Jews wernt the crusades fought againts the Moors. But I do agree we are to PC in this country. John
  5. Peter. Thank you I will check the website. John
  6. I realise I have been away for a few weeks, but what happened to Paul Moore, when did he leave , did he jump ship or was he pushed. John
  7. JayC


    P.J. I found that to be in the poorest of taste, as a scouser I have in the past had a good natured banter with Wolfie and Eagle I repeat good natured but what you did was disgusting and shows how low you can stoop to have a dig at someone I have never seen wolfie or eagle ever bring a members family into an argument and I doubt they ever will. I feel its about time the moderators put a stop to this childish tit for tat arguing and if that means barring you from the forum then so be it. John
  8. JayC

    First Time

    Wolfie, Trojan. It pains me to say it but Liverpool are playing some of the worst football I have seen since Rafa arrived, but it takes a great deal of luck along with skill to win the league and we appear to have luck by the bucket full. John
  9. Pieman. Thats not going to do his confidence any good is it , he hasnt kicked a ball yet and your calling him a jessie. John
  10. Wolfie. You can take the boy out of Liverpool , but not Liverpool out of the boy. John
  11. keith R Calm down, calm down I nearly spilt my WKD right over my Lacoste nylon trackie then. John
  12. Wolfie. I never found the need to insult you , (just the team you follow) ONLY joking. John.
  13. P.J. Well done you have now given people as much ammunition as they need to call "Whinging Scousers , self pity city etc). I have enjoyed with pleasure the ramblings of Eagle, Wolfie etc and like you I got drawn into the debate, but unlike you I noticed I was never going to win so I stopped. As a scouser living in Warrington I have put up with all sorts of predjudice but I have now risen above them, if I can offer you some advice try doing the same as myself and Gary have done. You will find it a lot easier on the forum. Rgds: JohnC
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