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  1. My own mother went 11 days in Warrington Hospital without sleep due to the super strength chemo they used on her that burned her back so bad she couldnt lie down. She wet herself a number of times waiting for the staff to come and help her to go to the loo due to the pain. When I found out I spoke to the nurses on duty and demanded she be given something to help her to sleep, they put an automatic morphine injector box thing onto her stomach and said that would do the trick....had I known she would go into a sleep that she would never wake up from I wouldnt have left the hospital that ni
  2. Has anyone seen that fella/woman/thing thats sometimes stands outside HSBC bank on Bridge street in the all white robes and berker? Its about 7 feet tall and looks very very creepy....everyone gives it a wide berth and I think it scares the kids, it sure creeps me out. They should be banned, I'm sure if we all decided to wear balaclava's that the govt would ban it straight away, these people have no respect for OUR ways in OUR country, I mean its not like we want them to walk round with no pants on is it. Is it really too much to ask to show their faces? If the jealous a$$ husbands ca
  3. "Strong Possibility", "Highly Likely" and "Imminent"....could not all these phrases be re-worded to mean the same thing, that an attack is going to come but they dont know when? Seeing as they dont know where or when but it will probably come one day...shouldnt we be permanently on critical, ever vigilant etc?
  4. In a word yes, and much more besides. These boys are not the product of liberal parents. They are the product of parents who belted the hell out of them and each other. They grew up in a world of corporal punishment. How ever can you conclude that they lacked a good hiding to set them straight? I did not conclude that LP you did for me...what I actually meant is that the removal of corporal punishment from this countries seats of learning many years ago has contributed to the decline in society and these kids now think they are 'untouchable', which they pretty much are. The ca
  5. I think yes, our ladies are made to cover up in certain countries and as a mark of respect they do so, I think its only fair that the people that condone the wearing of them reciprocate when they come here. Baseball caps and hooded tops are not allowed in many shops here already so why are they? Also it is a security risk, we dont know for sure who is under there, or even in fact if it is a woman...for all we know it could be a man with a bit of eyeliner on with 10lb of semtex strapped to his chest, and I cant think of an easier way to smuggle illegal immigrants around the country right un
  6. He was once regarded as England's best striker...it will be interesting to see how this pans out. Rooney and Owen may turn out to be another Yorke and Cole...only time will tell but I'm looking forward to the new season whatever happens
  7. It didn't even warrant a mention in the WBC website list of events for the town...how sad. Nice pics mate...I usually go watch the walk but I couldnt today, hope you had a waterproof camera
  8. You have restored my faith in human nature thanks Gary Even though you changed my post header slightly I'll let you off lol.
  9. Well seeing as all you miserable gits never even saw fit to mention it...have a nice day all and heres hoping it doesnt rain on the kids as usual
  10. Congrats...now sort out all the political oneupmanship that goes on between the usual suspects and you may get more regular posters like you used to have We've given them their own soap box so it is quite easy to ignore them!
  11. You can survive...but it isnt living. I'm not a young lad nor do I have parents to fall back on, I live alone in a 1 bed flat and after I have paid my gas, electric, food, water etc I have enough left to live on toast for the most part until my next payment. My car is broken down outside a friends house which I cannot afford to have fixed. I have applied for over a dozen jobs in the last 2 months and heard nothing back. Depressing? Yes ! On average I am up against about 6000 applicants for every job I am applying for ( according to a man on the inside ) and these aren't all sch
  12. I wouldnt call Lucas world class...even poo supporters on the whole dont like him he tackles badly and couldnt pass wind in the right direction if he tried. Having said that Liverpool deserved to win on Saturday and even if Vidic had stayed on the pitch I dont think it would have mattered. Torres played brilliantly and the Liverpool defence definitely did their homework. But you know Utd only let you win so the southern softies dont take 2nd place...all you have to do now is try and win a couple more, maybe if all the poo players are given glasses that make everyone on the other team l
  13. We used to have a lot more youth clubs, the council deemed fit to close most of them down
  14. Too right Mary...I'd be more than happy to work in either place at the moment.
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