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Near miss Tuesday night!


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Why are you confused Peter?


Harry said it's "just another firework"... I replied "and it's free" (have you seen the price of fireworks these days Peter :shock:)


Anyway....If it misses us and we are still alive on Wednesday we can all be be happy (well depending on your outlook on life of course)... if the scientists have got it wrong and it hits Warrington for example then that's a bugger as I wont be able to whinge about it on Wednesday :lol:


Hardly rocket science :lol::P

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:blink: Don't worry folk. If it hits the world it wont hit Britain. -

But it might drop into the sea, so I hope you all like fish because it will scatter all the fish all over Britain. -


In a massive flood tide that will drown everyone - including the Poles and illegal immigrants, so that will be one problem solved for you, eh? :lol::lol::lol:

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