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  1. How does it feel to have killed so many innocent people in a campaign that you have effectively lost?
  2. There isn't much left of RAF Padgate now. There is half a running track (the other half had the Birchwood expressway built on it) that now makes a path. You can see it on google earth. Also if you look hard enough you can find the remains of the firing range but it is just rubble. A few other bricks that used to make air raid shelters are dotted about. There is a good picture in Warrington Museum taken by a German plane in 1940 of the whole camp but it doesn't photocopy very well. I have a picture in my hallway of the camp taken from Padgate lane. The picture is from Francis Firth and is on there website. Algy's recent pictures in the Orford Farm topic shows part of the camp. The barracks are now tiny compared to what they used to be. They used to occupy 16 acre's but now occupy only 5. Penninsula house and the surrounding estate were built on the barrack's land. Still a busy little place though. And with the TA now doubling in size the future may hopefully be bright for these historic barracks. Again Warrington Musuem have the original detailed plans. Well worth a look. When the barracks were built they were surrounded by fields with the old railway line and Orford Hall the only thing nearby.
  3. Great picture Algy. My house is here but the map is a little before my time. This must be late 1930's as the estate is still being constructed. Good to see the avoiding line when in use. It looked a lot quieter round then, than it does now.
  4. Any compensation for the Ruck family? Thought not. www.dailymail.co.uk/news/.../Kenya-Mau-Mau-atrocities-1950s-dossier.ht...
  5. 2) Queen Street 3) Meat Market 4) Howley power station 6) Fair ground All rough guesses of course as the old market and surrounding area was a little before my time.
  6. Tetley Walker Winwick road?????? Now the Wire stadium.
  7. And in the Warrington end so I should be easy to spot.
  8. Anyone here going? If you are, come over and say hello. I'll be wearing a Warrington top
  9. You Beauty. Ticket and hotel sorted. It is a great weekend. Can't wait to go again.
  10. I'm nervous already. Good squad out so lets get the job done.
  11. I agree. After watching him on SLSM he has now gone up a notch. He is now at Notch 1.
  12. I realised this myself last year. I was a season ticket holder for 21 years but I like you became disillusioned. The season tickets are not cheap and like already said you then have to pay extra for cup and play off games. My work commitments meant I could not go week in week out but I maintained my season ticket at a loss to myself purely for the love of the club and the game. But after the prices started to rise and the club sold my seat before renewal, twice, I decided it was time to no longer be a season ticket holder. The games I can go to during the season (when not working) I pay cash and still don't spend what a season ticket costs. I really do question the value for money on a season ticket. I also found a poor attitude from some at the club when dealing with my seat that was sold behind my back probably to someone in a suit offering corporate money. I sensed it at the beginning when we moved to the new stadium that the club would put the fans 2nd and the corporate suits 1st. I was at Salford last week and I can clearly say I would have not gone in hindsight. It is not that I mind getting beat but to pay £20 for a ticket to watch effectively the "A" team is taking the pi**. But hey ho. We live and learn. I still love the game and I will always support Warrington but now I reluctantly give the club money as I feel they treat the fans like crap. Last Friday was just another example.
  13. Wolfie, that is bang out of order calling Dizzy one of those. :-)
  14. You see a few towers converted in Grand Designs and they do come up nice when finished. It is a shame the tower went. I don't remember it but it looks good on the picture.
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