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inky pete

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Unfortunately in today's world there is too much emphasis on "PC" and "HUUUMan Rights" and that means people think that anything they do not agree with is wrong and should be changed.


If it he had turned up at school looking like that when I was a lad he would not have made it past the school gates before being laughed at, thumped and probably dumped head first down the toilet and flushed. The only PC we paid heed to was the local one who would give you a clip round the ear if you were up to "no good", this being defined as just standing around talking if he had had a bad night. Human rights were doled out often accompanied by a human left when you got home complaining about being given a human right by said PC. :mrgreen:


The school are not saying that he cannot go to school with that hairstyle just that he will be put in a class with pupils that are considered disruptive elements in other classes. So he would still receive an education and how good that would be is up to him. If he is as intelligent as his parents make him out to be it should make no difference what class he was in as he should be capable of learning all he needs to. In fact the only people stopping him from getting an education are the parents themselves by stopping him going to school.


Still they have got their name in the paper and now this lad is going to have to come to terms with the fact that he will be getting a lot more attention in the future because of it. (not all of which will be welcome).

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I don't know if he is a clever boy or not but if he is I can only wonder where he got it from. In the picture with his parents, his mother looked like a simpering halfwit and his father looked like an intoxicted halfwit. Certainly they have done themselves no favour by taking it to the Mail. They have merely made their little precious look as silly as his off-centre mohican hair style.

There were about 2.5 hundred comments and I read abour 25% before getting bored with it and out of those I read only a handful (5) which were favourable to the family. :roll:

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oh dear oh dear......... why are these sorts of people ever allowed to breed and have kids.


These will be the parents who run to school at every opportunity when little "Regan" (Wasn't he in the Sweeney?) gets shouted at..... and then threatens the teachers and such like


Never mind.... I'm sure there'll be a place for him at the new Longbarn PRU :D

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I see nothing wrong with his hairstyle. The lad looks smart and clean. It's one thing to ban someone because his hair is too long, or too weird, but it's another thing to send a boy home because his hair is too short. Proof positive that some schools governing bodies are barmy! :angry:


One wonders how long the teachers' hair is and if the school governing bodies dare to tell them it is not acceptable? :unsure:

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When he gets to an age where he doesn’t have to conform, then he can wear his hair however he wants. Until then, the parents just aren’t doing him any favours by encouraging him to disregard rules.



Bill :)



I agree Bill. However, "When he gets to an age where he doesn’t have to conform" will probably never apply. Most employers will go nowhere near him with that kind of cut and who can blame them.


I am all up for individuality but hair like that just makes a statement of "no likes me. I don't care."


Fair enough if that is how he wants it to be but he will come up against more obstacles in life than most.

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