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  1. The issue is Mercury from dental work. They now have to ensure that it isn't emitted in the smoke.
  2. We had a single parent on just after Christmas who had no heating or hot water. They'd called out British Gas since they had been paying for boiler cover, but BG declared the boiler obsolete and beyond economic repair and just offered a £500 discount against a new boiler install quoted at over £3500. Within a couple of hours a couple of the experts had diagnosed the problem and provided details of the required part - including finding a supplier who had it in stock. A local RGI then fitted the part and fixed the problem. Total cost £75 including the part. Needless to say, the user has cancelled their boiler cover - saving them around £30 a month - and now has a local RGI who they can trust and can call on in future. In my book that's a saving of thousands.
  3. No it didn't. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=eagle+and+child+video
  4. I don't propose courses of action which I'm not prepared to personally fight for.
  5. Most of the forums I mod are based around DIY and home improvements. The experts on them go on to freely offer advice to the general public and generally be helpful without expecting kudos or reward. (Thanks and feedback are always appreciated though). On one forum we have about a dozen mods looking after over thirty thousand registered users with probably 500+ regular contributors, so the opinionated fools get either diluted or drowned out. We have our general discussion areas, but because we're national - and often international - we don't tend to get bogged down in local partisan political spats. And when we do have a "frank exchange of views" on a national subject like immigration, terrorism, or the EU, at least we have a degree of mutual respect based upon the expert advice we have all freely given to others. We as mods are also plenty willing to issue warnings, suspensions or bans to users who consistently drag threads off topic, abuse others, or state untruths as facts. As the site owner often says, "You may think this is a democracy, and we here are easy going enough that it often appears to be. But as long as I'm paying for the server space, in the final analysis - my word is law!"
  6. No. The real question is - was the funding too high under the last bunch of profligate vote buyers?
  7. For God's sake put this forum out of it's misery! I'm a mod on a number of other - far larger - forums and know that when every topic descends into the same blinkered, polarised views you know you've just got a forum frequented by people who are just in love with the sound of their own voices. It's time to either wield the axe a ban a load of users, or kill the thing off altogether.
  8. Freedom of speech is useless without the legal freedom to punch pugnacious idiots on the nose!
  9. Funny then how it's those who are "close to the finishing post" who are campaigning most vocally in favour.
  10. They'd save even more energy if they turned off all the lights at the EU................then locked the door and threw away the key! Imagine what the carbon footprint of the whole Brussels to Strasbourg merry-go-round, and MEP's plus staff travelling back and forth to home country's must be.
  11. inky pete

    Icy roads

    There was a forecast of freezing temperatures, freezing temperatures occurred exactly when forecast, WBC state publicly that they will respond to a freezing temperatures forecast by gritting primary routes before the temperatures drop and ice forms. But WBC didn't grit the roads, and have yet to explain why.
  12. inky pete

    Icy roads

    The Met Office do the forecasting, and freezing is below 0 degrees - obviously. Freezing temperatures were forecast for 26th, 27th and 28th well in advance, WBC just did nothing about it.
  13. Lymm is, and always has been, a Cheshire village. I don't personally know about Stockton Heath, Appleton, Grappenhall, Thellwall and Latchford, but Lymm used to have it's own Urban District Council and managed perfectly well. When it came under Cheshire County Council things were also fine. There's absolutely no reason to believe that Lymm would be any worse off under either Cheshire East of Cheshire West - of course, the loss of the cash-cow areas would mean that Warrington would go bust within a year but that's not Lymm's problem. Fire and police services are still run on a county basis (Cheshire Constabulary and Cheshire Fire Service), and hospital and health services are nothing to do with WBC anyway.
  14. inky pete

    Icy roads

    WBC's website states that primary routes will be gritted in advance whenever temperatures are forecast to go below freezing. Obviously didn't happen.
  15. We most certainly should expect the board of an organisation to notice when they're missing £30,000! That's why most company boards contain people with financial experience and qualifications. And why was he being given a severance package - by the board, since they would have had to sign off on such an arrangement - until a more junior colleague discovered the thefts?
  16. Three current councillors (all Labour) sit on the boards of Live Wire and Culture Warrington, with one of them on the boards of both. The other board members include the usual sprinkling of public sector nobodies. Take a look at the composition of the boards of all of WBC's spin-offs - GGHT, Network Warrington, Culture Warrington, Live Wire, and the rest - and you'll see the same familiar names cropping up again and again. As obvious a case of cronyism as you're ever likely to see. Oh well, that's alright then!!! .....until they see what the premium for renewal will be. And there's something pretty smelly about the whole thing too. "Stockham was recently promoted to his senior role - which gave him access to funds and the responsibility of making strategic management decisions – after being taken on by the groups when they were founded in 2012. He was set to receive a severance package after working his last day, on what would have been November 18, but was instead immediately suspended, without pay, just a few days prior after colleagues discovered missing funds. It was only when a fellow colleague asked a worker to double check one of Stockham's payments that his actions come to light." Recently promoted to Finance Director and then severence package??? Aren't severance packages usually paid to get someone to leave quietly when a board discovers their misdeeds but doesn't want them to become public? There's no statement on either organisations website explaining what has really gone on.
  17. This'll be the same bunch of idiots that didn't even realise that two of their spin-off companies had a £150 a day coke-head senior staff member who had robbed them of a total of £30,000 - until a more junior staff member queried a single payment! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2892347/Council-leisure-services-boss-stole-nearly-30-000-taxpayer-cash-recreation-150-day-cocaine-habit.html
  18. inky pete

    Icy roads

    They also have a duty to maintain safety on the public highway. Still not seen a gritter though.
  19. inky pete

    Icy roads

    I bet the parking areas used by councillors and council employees have been gritted - in fact I know that they have!
  20. The ticket clearly states no return within 1 hour. You cannot "top up" your existing ticket, you can only purchase a new one - which will automatically include a free hour. People can and have been issued parking tickets for doing this. Ignorant as to how long your medical appointment is going to take, whether or not the doctor has been called out on an emergency, or whether and by how much the clinic you are attending is running late? At the point when they pull up and park, how could anyone be otherwise? You're correct when you say "Firstly you presume , without knowing, which way I intend to vote", however your dogged defence of indefensible descrimination against one section of the community in order to favour another and use of untrue statements to bolster your arguements is very remeniscent of what we were subjected to by that snake-oil salesman Blair for all the years he and his cronies were busy mortgaging our futures to pay for their votes. So go on then, my voting preferences are amply recorded on here, how do you intend to vote? Or are you ashamed to say?
  21. Yes there is actually, the terms and conditions clearly state no return with 1 hour. But even if not, are you really going to say to your nurse or GP "can I just stop you there while I pop out for a new car park ticket"? If that's what you want then you're voting for the wrong party. Liebor will only ever increase taxes and charges to pay for their pet preojects
  22. Let's face it, doctors - especially in cancer care and the treatment of other often fatal conditions - already routinely practice euthanasia, with the informed consent and approval of the patient or their loved ones. I'm not talking about administering a single, fatal, dose of morphine or whatever. But as soon as paliative care is all that is left, the treatment options they have available include courses of action which will make a patient more comfortable for their last days or weeks but will inevitably end their lives. Heavy opiate sedation for pain relief without artificial feeding and hydration will bring about death in an already weakened patient in less than 48 hours. Such is the course which my own mother's last days took last year. Her liver cancer had returned for the second time, had spread, and was untreatable. Once she declined to the point it was obvious there was to be no last minute rally from her, the Christie arranged for a hospital bed at home plus support with sedation from the district nurses and a speciallist ambulance crew to transport her home. She made it home and passed away that night. But then there are patients whose condition is not going to kill them quickly, but will either debilitate them completely whilst leaving them to live on for years or will kill them slowly and with untreatable pain or distress. Such patients are equally deserving of dignity at the end of their lives. Yes there need to be safeguards, and I'm not convinced a Dignitas clinic style approach is the right answer either, but there does need to be a way for people to access care which will end their suffering as well as care which will cure their condition where medicine has acheived that.
  23. Just because I don't approve of WBC and - as I've often said - would like nothing better than for Lymm, Stockton Heath, Appleton, etc. to rejoin the rest of the Cheshire villages under a Cheshire local authority, does that mean I don't have a right to express an opinion on matters which affect the borough I live in?
  24. Hospitals and GP surgeries are full of sick people. Best avoided if at all possible!
  25. An insurance based system does NOT mean insurance companies and private hospitals. It's exactly what a National Insurance funded NHS was originally intended to be before NI got rolled into the general tax receipts of the exchequer.
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