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Real Xmas Trees in Warrington


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There's a farm in Broad Lane at Grappenhall called Christmas tree farm needless to say they grow tree's commercialy whether they sell them to the public, not sure, another place is Bennetts farm at Walton over the 'Toast Rack' bridge on the right.

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as a regular traveller between warrington and winsford there seems to be no end of places selling christmas trees. unfortunately no prices so guess it is a wander in and see then wander out after they tell you how much.


can you still get those that you replant?


took these pictures whilst walking the dog around half ten this morning.




considering it was on a mobile phone with a very poor camera it has come out quite well.


of course there is the other option, a quick night raid on delamere forest :shock::shock::shock::twisted:

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Morrisons near Stockton Heath have xmas trees for sale outside the main entrance.


The Greenalls garden centre on Walton Drag sell them (are they still open?)


and also on the opposite side of Walton Drag there is a farm/small garden centre where you can get them. Used to be able to just pick which one you wanted from the field and they dug it up for you. Not been there for 3 years since getting a dog though as we are 'artificial' these days :roll:


I miss the lovely smell of a real xmas tree :cry:


Lovely pictures by the way Sid... very good from a mobile phone eh :D

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Bennets Farm, A56 Chester Road, Higher Walton tel 01925 262 342 as advertised in one of our publications! :wink:

Christmas trees, holly wreaths and even mistletoe - you can also get logs, coal, Irish peat, hay straw , horse and rabbit feeds and it is a drive thru!!!

Please mention Village Life and warrington-worldwide if visiting :wink: [/b]

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