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wimbledon final.


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I'm not watching it but I can hear my other half moaning and/or swearing at the TV every time Murray does that stupid fist clench whenever he scores.  Ha ha he's just bellowed 'I CANT STAND TO WATCH THE PRAT ANYMORE' and has turned over.


Personally speaking I hope he looses too.....

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I watched the few sets too in the end Algy and although I still don't like him he is very good and probably deserved to win.   


The evil side of me was praying for the other chap (who seemed very nice) to come back all guns blazing at the end and whoop his 'rear end' as I wanted to see him blubber and make a fool of himself like last time he was defeated  :oops:


Saying that when he did his little chat before getting his trophy he did come across a little bit nicer and with a tiny bit more personality  than I remembered. 


I can't imagine how anyone could play tennis at any level in this heat though.  I even struggled to take my dog for a slow walk.

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I'm disappointed there isn't more enthusiasm on here  for a great moment in British sport - at least on a par with England's over paid footballers winning the World Cup. The level of fitness a top tennis player needs to achieve far exceeds that of probably any other sport and he's on his own - not one of a team.

He's there to win - not to win a charm contest. But if you had seen the documentary on him that was screened the other week you would have seen he is actually quite a nice bloke.

I hope he goes on to become World Number 1 and, more importantly, inspires some more British players to match his achievements. We don't want to have to wait another 77 years.

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Did not manage to watch it, was more concerned about the bowls match that I was competing in at the time. Lost the match due to a partner who was struggling to get his game right and seemed to lose interest after a while and not really play. Still it was a day out in the sunshine and the two bitter shandies were a welcome relief from he hot sun.

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