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  1. RIP to everyone that died, truly a very sad day. Having being there myself with my Daughter that day, it never leaves you the horror of it all.
  2. Fantastic photos and video Gary, brings back lovely memories, thank you.
  3. Hope the weather keeps fine for the walker's at Warrington Walking Day today. Looking forward to all the photos . Truly a wonderful event, showing everyone that Warrington is steeped in history and lovely people too.
  4. Ha ha very funny asperity.
  5. Just heard Marks and Spencer's to close, in the Golden Square how sad. Lots of people use this store and I'm sure it will be sadly missed.
  6. I use facebook to keep in touch with the kids.
  7. Happy retirement Asperity, enjoy your freedom.
  8. Bazj to your comment, i'm just a caring person who considers people who can't be bother to pick up.
  9. Being a dog owner I know how easy it is to scoop the poop, its the owner's responsibility not the dog's. Even if I see poop that's not my dog's I pick it up.
  10. I remember the bandstand. As a child I used to go quite a lot. Happy times.
  11. Truly a terrible tragic accident to talented lads from Warrington. RIP xx
  12. Beautiful video and pictures of the seal amazing.
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