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  1. Robbo

    Minimum wage

    Seems that Subway are one of 115 firms named and shamed by HMRC for failing to pay the minimum wage. It appears that the government know but refuse to do anything about it. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/named-shamed-hmrc-reveals-list-122501811.html
  2. According to the government website the minimum wage for anyone over 21 is £6.70. I saw an advert in 'Subway' the other day advertising for 'Sandwich Artists' must be over 21 with a starting salary of £5.31. So why aren't they fined?
  3. MPs who supported the bombing motion Conservatives: Adam Afriyie (Windsor) Alan Mak (Havant) Alberto Costa (South Leicestershire) Alec Shelbrooke (Elmet and Rothwell) Alex Chalk (Cheltenham) Alistair Burt (North East Bedfordshire) Alok Sharma (Reading West) Alun Cairns (Vale of Glamorgan) Amanda Milling (Cannock Chase) Amanda Solloway (Derby North) Amber Rudd (Hastings and Rye) Andrea Jenkyns (Morley and Outwood) Andrea Leadsom (South Northamptonshire) Andrew Bingham (High Peak) Andrew Bridgen (North West Leicestershire) Andrew Griffiths (Burton) Andrew Jones (Harrogate and Knaresborough) Andr
  4. Seems the TV cameras were out again in the Town centre on Saturday night recording the local culture.
  5. http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/local-news/fiddlers-ferry-future-near-widnes-10462378
  6. Dizzy, they wouldn't. That's when they would need to be turned ON.
  7. I read that they are for the remote control of lights by an operator who can decide when lights may need to be switched on or off, during freak weather for instance. Also so that bust lamps can be pinpointed without people needing to report them.
  8. I'm surprised that a technician from PC World even knew what Windows 10 was.
  9. Not sure if 'God Save the Queen' would have any meaning to an atheist.
  10. Robbo

    Laurel & Hardy

    This facebook page is all about the British tours. https://www.facebook.com/laurelandhardybritishtours
  11. I must say that the whole mood of this forum has changed for the better in a matter of days.
  12. You were fortunate to be signed on Sid, my next door neighbour tried to sign on as unemployed and was told he didn't qualify for job seekers so he couldnt sign on as they didn't have an unemployed register it was only a jobseekers register.
  13. Can you do any other whistle apart from a 'wolf' whistle Wolfie?
  14. I'm up for it if I can be teachers pet.
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