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Lottery to double in price?


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Of course it is a rip off..... imagine buying your tickets on a Friday for the Friday and Saturday draws and then winning on the Friday.... you would have wasted your money buying the Saturday ones then!!


In all honesty, having known two jackpot winners and a thunderball winner and someone in a syndicate who won the jackpot quite recently, I've no chance!! :lol:

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if you get 3 numbers right you win £9.  Not bad for a 56/1 chance.  Getting 4 right is over 1000/1 and this week paid £60. Camelot and their pet charities are laughing all the way to the bank.  Then again, is 2 quid too much to pay for the dream of being rich, you decide.......

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How many national lottery draws are there these days. I know they had a wednesday and a saturday one then the friday one and also a daily one after that I gave up counting.


I used to do the saturday draw only but after a two year stint and winning just ten pounds thought better of it. Brother in law managed to get five numbers up once, got ninety five pounds because of the fact that quite a few people had a similar experience that week. the following week Mrs sid got four numbers and got a hundred and twenty pounds. brother in law was well gutted at that one and hasn't played it since.

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So hasn't the prize money changed? I thought they said it would be more for the smaller prizes to compensate?




Bill :)


Yes Bill and I matching 3 will give £25 rather than a tenner.   They are being a bit naughty though as they are saying that 'the prize for matching three numbers more than double to £25' Yes it will more than double but people will also have to pay DOUBLE to hopfully win it.


Maybe PJ can work this out for me.  Match 3  . . . .  £1 stake = £10 win  VS £2 stake = £25 win.  What is the actual  % increase :wink:


Matching 4 numbers will increase from £60 to £100 (or was it £120 can't remember)


But on the down side matching five numbers will apparently drop by £500 to £1,000 while matching five numbers and the bonus ball will halve to £50,000.


I still wouldn't mind matching 5 and the bonus ball but what are the odds of that when I can't even manage to win a tenner more that a couple of times a year  :lol:

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