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  1. Certain members of Labour just rub people up the wrong way and unfortunately they are the ones that make the media news. Diane Abbott for instance ? And when elections happen these figures are in the minds of the electorate not the actual candidate.. For example who was quoted this morning about the result? ""Diane Abbott, an ally of Sir Keir Starmers predecessor Jeremy Corbyn, tweeted: "Crushing defeat for Labour in Hartlepool. Not possible to blame Jeremy Corbyn for this result. Labour won the seat twice under his leadership."" What has that to do with the reasons be
  2. Even I wasn't around back then 😂 But if my history lessons were anywhere near accurate here is the official take on this subject................. Jersey was occupied by the French in 1461 as part of an exchange of helping the Lancastrians fight against the Yorkists during The War of the Roses.
  3. Some countries have long memories 😁 Jersey was part of the Duchy of Normandy, whose dukes went on to become kings of England from 1066. After Normandy was lost by the kings of England in the 13th century, and the title surrendered to France,
  4. No they will likely request an Armistice and call it a Victory. Then in around 5 years time demand the return of Jersey to legal French rule.
  5. I lived in Grammar School Rd. And had to get a bus across town to Beamont Tech. for 5 years !
  6. That is an excellent idea whether it would ever happen is obviously a cash driven thing... private or council financed owned for a start.
  7. Yes the current location is a bit off-putting a fair hike from town centre and undesirables seem to frequent this area for whatever reason
  8. I suppose our high street will never return as it was but I guess it's just part of evolving and moving with the times. My generation will miss it a lot but for younger groups it's just a cute image of the past , and they won't even miss it that much; same as we have adapted to no local corner shops or pubs just something that once was and now just a fond memory. We will conveniently forget the filth and air pollution that accompanied it all
  9. All the more reason to utilise thes buildings into something for the community as I've already mentioned a walk in, but also a Police Hub and Library spring to mind
  10. Thinnking of town and how to bring things back to normal................... Going to be a hard job to fill a lot of the empty shops now appearing everywhere. One big problem will be Debenhams. Why not have a walk in health centre, Widnes/St Helens/Runcorn have one. And it would ease pressure on A&E at the hospital. Plus increase footfall in GS.. It's a win win situation. Well it's an idea 🤔
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