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  1. I see Northern Ireland have kept compulsory mask wearing
  2. Time to make masks and distancing a lawful requirement on transport and in shops. Should never have been relaxed.
  3. Parents must realise that they risk not just their health but the childrens as well... Why don't they wake up and grow up πŸ™„
  4. No it's the same with me. I have just been in Sainsburys and all is as normal stock wise.
  5. I will wear mine until the virus has gone or as near as damn it gone. And I'm among the unfortunates who wear glasses so fog is a real pain but small price to pay compared to getting a dose of covid.
  6. Comedian and Liverpool fan Jimmy Tarbuck was one of those paying tribute during the hour-long service. "To be born a gentleman is an accident, to die one is an achievement," he said. "Thanks for all the pleasure I got from watching you, it was just a joy. I am honoured to be called a friend of yours." Liverpool legends Roy Evans, Kevin Keegan, Ian Callaghan and Ian Rush were also among the mourners. The final hymn played at the end of the service was the Liverpool anthem You'll Never Walk Alone. RIP Sir Roger
  7. He's becoming Europe's answer to Kim Jong-un Outrageous statement after outrageous statement
  8. 45,177 .. about 25,000 down on other years. At least the queues at the tram stop would have been better ☺️
  9. If I last another six years maybe I will finally get treated for my long standing condition ; that could be done tomorrow if I went private πŸ™„
  10. And if it is proved conclusively they will still deny it. And at the end of the day what can we do about it now ?
  11. That's poor they can do both instead of putting you to the bother of 2 trips rather than 1. If you work it also gets expensive two lots of time off
  12. Really helpful surgery.😬.. worse than mine 😊
  13. My GP sent me a text with the appointment details at the surgery. If you don't hear give your practice a call
  14. I'm booked in for a double ; covid booster + Flu jab a week on Saturday .
  15. I'm just saying that there is a choice and sure if you love your car that much then put up with the queues I'm totally happy(and much better off financially) not having one
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