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  1. At least now we are out we can stick two fingers up at the cranks
  2. This is the nearest thing for virus information I can find. https://www.warrington.gov.uk/coronavirus-figures-warrington
  3. Never understood why it is so expensive ,they come in small cans and have a low alcoholic strength. It's a nice enough brew but why so expensive?
  4. They have a massive workload and lets be honest it's all new to them. Give them a bit of slack because all in all they are doing a good job in uncharted waters
  5. Then have it at Warrington General Seems a bit authoritarian the current policy.
  6. Why have to go all the way to Halton when there is a testing site near our new market.? The same happened to me last month. and as I couldn't get to Runcorn due to no transport I lost the slot.
  7. Well if the option to have it was there and easy to access what is detering them.? If we had stayed in I think we would still have jabbed in great numbers.
  8. Sod e'm plenty of lovely destinations elsewhere. Take our cash to some country that welcomes us.
  9. I suggest a GP could maybe do a spot of working in Warrington A&E Dept that would open their eyes to the real world. ?
  10. Don't the police bother to question them ? If it was a group of British teenagers they would have swooped down on them.
  11. They seem to be bullet proof as far as criticism or accountability is concerned. Remember the days when you phoned them up personally at the surgery Now that only happens on cosy tv soaps. Real life is very different.
  12. GP surgeries these days are very much no go areas. Gone are the days of ringing the doctor if you are poorly.
  13. Bit harsh that asp; considering the efforts put in during the past 12 months
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