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  1. He may be the first but you can bet he won't be the last
  2. One thing I do notice is that in any Rugby or Football team pictures from 1946 till the mid 50's the players all looked like men well into their 40's . Guess they were ex servicemen who had been through the grinder during the war and the years had taken their toll.
  3. Yes; Thats why I started using Liverpool as it was ten times quicker than Manchester in all procedures
  4. The biggest pity about it all was that my father in law didn't even reach retirement age and so worked until he passed. And his Wife was virtually housebound for the last 10 years of her life due to to her health problems. So much for reaping the rewards of a hard fought life
  5. I think back then it was a case of everyone doing their bit. While my Mother in law was at Risley her husband was on the Atlantic (and then Russian )convoys. So I suppose it was all get stuck in and not to complain
  6. Yes my Mother in Law also worked there and said she cried every morning on the bus to Risley apparently the conditions were horrific. Her skin turned yellow due to the chemicals she handled in her section. She had terrible breathing problems for the rest of her life after working there
  7. The US has tightened its definition of a commercial astronaut, meaning billionaire businessmen who launch themselves into space are unlikely to be recognised with the government's official "wings". "In order to maintain the prestige of Commercial Space Astronaut Wings, the FAA may further refine the eligibility requirements at any time as it deems appropriate," the FAA said. Watch out ........ There's A Pin About ! 🤪 And quite right too 👍
  8. The aircraft carrier is totally outdated and no doubt could be sunk by an enemy without to much trouble. Terrible waste of money
  9. Yesterday the announcement was made .... A ROYAL Navy fleet of more than 20 warships is set to be based overseas in a challenge to China’s dominance. A carrier strike group — including an aircraft carrier, frigates, destroyers and a nuclear sub — could be based in Japan under Navy plans for a “more permanent presence in the Far East”. That was yesterday.... And today .. Only one of the Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyers is operational, ministers have admitted. HMS Defender, recently at the centre of a diplomatic row with Russia following a voyage off the Crimean peninsula, is the only vessel of the class without an issue. The other five Type 45s all need work, either planned or due to problems developed while at sea. OK whats going on .. I think we should just concentrate on defending our own shores and forget all this sabre rattling. Our navy can only do so much given what it has at sea.
  10. If a business appointment is worth £28 million then it must be some deal..😲 could it not have been changed for another day?
  11. Well having watched the news this afternoon all it seems to feature is this billionaire going on a trip to the edge of space . Oh whoopy doo ! I would like to know how much the 1 hour flight cost ? And this is classed as a a news item , sorry Its already been done mate ,,And it's not exactly a trip to the moon He is on an unbelievably expensive trip for what? Well if he wants to find a way to spend it then there are lots of worthy causes just crying out for a few bob. Instead of wasting it on a personal ego trip.
  12. Apparently Beetamax was a better quality system ,, but shops and rental stores tended to store 85% VHS and eventually it just died out.
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