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  1. Yes he suspected he had cancer and took his own life. very sad, nice man.
  2. 20 hours ago, Davy51 said: I didn't smoke , but i remember the outside bogs ,a relic from the past. The bogs were disgraceful two bits of wood screwed to the bowl was the seat, no toilet rolls provided and and no wash basins just 4 cubicles and a gutter . Wouldn't get away with it these days.
  3. Green...I'm sure he got pleasure belting pupils total bad ass Also there was Mr Scott the maths teacher wasn't the hitting type just extremely sarcastic and seemed to enjoy putting people down with his withering comments He just couldn't distinguish between playful and hurtful sarcasm.
  4. Birket reminded me of the headmaster in Please Sir Inept and bumbling . Joe Dutton the assistant head would have done a much better job. .Thomas was the art teacher slightly eccentric but treated us all well Bill Slynn English Litt. great guy always smoked Senior Service in the classroom. Had a few pints with him in The Mulberry a few years after I left and he remembered me !
  5. Fanny Yates used to get the same bus home as me (she lived in Grappenhall) A right sour trout if ever there was one... never smiled. Mr Lyons brother was the Wigan second row Geoff.
  6. If Gaffer Henry was on playtime duty all was fine he just wanted a quiet life he and Mr La Won were decent teachers. Rumour had it La Won had been sunk twice during the Atlantic convoy runs in 1941.
  7. I wonder if we ever shared a crafty cigarette in the bogs at playtime 😅
  8. His rugby coaching couldn't be questioned his pupil management was something else.
  9. He was a bully who had his pet pupils (Rugby players) and gave the rest hell Believe me. His mate was Jack Atherton the metalwork teacher.
  10. I left in 1966. And I started work on £5 a week; back then you were allowed to keep all the first weeks wage. Then your Mum got half of all wages, which suited me fine.. food gas electric everything included 👍! Boy did I have an eyewatering shock when I got married a few years later 😬 .And England win the World cup wow what a wonderful year 😄 Even the pop music was good 👌 June top 5.... 1 Frank Sinatra Strangers In The Night 2 The Beatles Paperback Writer
  11. Certain members of Labour just rub people up the wrong way and unfortunately they are the ones that make the media news. Diane Abbott for instance ? And when elections happen these figures are in the minds of the electorate not the actual candidate.. For example who was quoted this morning about the result? ""Diane Abbott, an ally of Sir Keir Starmers predecessor Jeremy Corbyn, tweeted: "Crushing defeat for Labour in Hartlepool. Not possible to blame Jeremy Corbyn for this result. Labour won the seat twice under his leadership."" What has that to do with the reasons be
  12. Even I wasn't around back then 😂 But if my history lessons were anywhere near accurate here is the official take on this subject................. Jersey was occupied by the French in 1461 as part of an exchange of helping the Lancastrians fight against the Yorkists during The War of the Roses.
  13. Some countries have long memories 😁 Jersey was part of the Duchy of Normandy, whose dukes went on to become kings of England from 1066. After Normandy was lost by the kings of England in the 13th century, and the title surrendered to France,
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