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  1. Is it something to do with the new turbo machine being built on Woolston weir ?
  2. Yes. And a British coach so no chance of getting homesick or finding mates that are players from down under who are just after a last pay cheque
  3. I wonder if Obs' even managed a smile reading this or is he still on his Doomsday Watch 🤣
  4. British Bulldog was the main reason I joined Latchford Methodist Cubs .. Happy memories and a few scuffed knees at the time 😊
  5. Who incidentaly will be closing my local surgery today at 6.30pm until next Tuesday morning , so another 4 days of overloading at our local A&E totally unacceptable in this day and age.
  6. Wasn't sure why Clarke and Ashton were not in the starting line up. Oh well I suppose there is a method in Prices logic,it just evades me.🙄
  7. You talking about my GP again ?
  8. Anti Fracking / Anti smacking / Anti drinking/Anti anything that people enjoy eating and Barbie Dolls banned from sale until she comes out !!!! The list is endless for these meddling nuisances These meddlers just need to lighten up and try to see the funny side of life.. they will feel much better for it
  9. Yes we had a virtual warfree period, NHS arrives,full employment,low crime rates ,respect was shown to each other and traditional family life was very much the norm. Plus as kids we could roam and go playing out all day with impunity just a bike butty and bottle of water !
  10. Earthlings can breathe a sigh of relief after US space agency Nasa confirmed the planet was "safe" from a once-feared asteroid for the next 100 years at least. Nasa had deemed Apophis to be one of the most dangerous asteroids to Earth after its discovery in 2004. Close calls in 2029 and 2036 were predicted and later ruled out. A slight threat still remained for 2068. But now Nasa has dismissed that threat based on new analysis of the asteroid. "A 2068 impact is not in the
  11. There is a microfiche of old Guardians at the reference library. I'm sure they could help.
  12. I think that as in the case of wine drinkers there can be whisky snobbery as well . Where the more you pay the better the quality and taste. Now this may have a bit of truth at the very bottom of the scale ,But then it all comes down to personal taste. When I was working I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of many expensive Scotch brands at Christmas and so I can say that without fear or favour there are some really poor whiskies hiding in very expensive bottles I was amazed sometimes at the downright poor quality disguised by beautiful labels of faraway Scottish islands
  13. But they were in many many ways. We even knew their names on the Latchford beat Bobbies Bellian and Dooley ... always on nodding terms with 98% of residents the other lot vanished at the first sighting ... Life WAS better and easier to enjoy
  14. So this week we see a rise in positive tests after weeks of falling. The culprit is of course as expected ; the return to school of pupils. As was forecast to happen there is no need to panic. But when the pubs get the green light I fear that is when we will see how well we are placed to slowly get back to normal. I for one will be holding back for a while to see before I pop down to my local.
  15. I just can't understand why anybody in their right mind would object to having a life protecting jab. It took me 10 minutes from entering to leaving the HJ now I have peace of mind. It's beyond my comprehension why folk complain and resist. 🙄
  16. And now they are allowing German citizens loose in Spain what kind of logic is that ????????????? Who are worse.. German authorities for allowing it or Spain for letting them in . Tens of thousands of German tourists reportedly arrived in the Balearic Islands at the weekend, in a welcome boost for local businesses.However, this has not gone down well around the country as Spaniards are still facing a travel ban due to coronavirus restrictions.
  17. Lemmings spring to mind watching these morons.
  18. As I grew into a young man in Latchford it was not of case of are you going to the RL cup final this season? More a case of which pub trip are you going on ! Money was paid in each week and on the big weekend everything was paid for ! From beer and butties on the way down to ticket and overnight accommodation. what a wonderful occasion to look forward to for weeks before!!! Now sadly not only are there no trips there are no pubs either.😒 What a sad thing that this generation is missing out on such rich memories
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