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  1. I remember the same shambles in Vietnam with a massive load of ordnance left for the Vietnamese armies or dumped at sea. https://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/us-ditched-helicopters-withdrawal-vietnam-war.html
  2. Yes I didn't see it but have seen him on tv recently. So sad the speed of his deterioration
  3. Why can't the gov't see the bloomin obvious ????
  4. I have been amazed at the numbers now allowed into football games. It's really overkill The old way of limited access would be sensible until this damned virus is a lot less widespread At the moment we are asking for trouble.
  5. Well Boris should sort it out and alleviate the labour shortages in one fell swoop !
  6. I didn't know a book had been published .. if the money goes to him lets hope it sells thousands
  7. One less job for them 🥴
  8. Lets hope they do. Before winter arrives
  9. Well all is not quite so well in Scotland The number of new Covid cases reported in Scotland has hit another record high of 7,113. The figure tops the previous high of 6,835 which was recorded on Friday. It comes as Health Secretary Humza Yousaf warned the NHS was facing a "perfect storm" of pressure. The latest government figures show a total of 507 people are in hospital with Covid and 52 are in intensive care. But they had 60,000 in Ibrox on Sunday no distancing or masks It defies logic 🙄
  10. Beg to differ Bill When you are in with the doctor and he decides you need a blood test once it was just nip into the nurse next door and get done. All in one visit. Now it's another journey from surgery to Hospital which for some pensioners without a car is a big job get 2 buses each way is 4 journeys waiting for the bus and in winter can't do them much good stood in the cold and sometimes rain .. and needless stress if they feel poorly(usually the reason for visiting Dr)
  11. Just stopped doing surgery tests no real explanation😳
  12. Ahhhh thank Gawd.. the press are sods for clickbait headlines to sell their rags 😎
  13. Yes I have been a few times never longer than 10 mins
  14. I am aware of the phail shortage that has nothing to do with what I said. I stated blood tests are not done in the surgery now but at the Hospital
  15. And it seems that ear wax removal is no longer available at GP surgeries wonderful .. now it will cost me £60 to get it fixed this and the withdrawal of surgery blood tests !!!! What next ? It seems beyond comprehension that these are no longer available so it's a private bill for my ear and drive to hospital for a test and a nightmare queue as everyone is in the same boat so all gp surgery patients have to be in one place for their test. 🙄
  16. Located in Powell Street Latchford. The Premier Cinema opened in the early 1920’s. It had only ground floor seating with an 18 feet wide proscenium. It was closed in September 1959. And then used by a furniture removals firm.
  17. When I had a few bob in my pocket it was The Ritz on Saturday morning and The Premier in Latchford in the afternoon, I remember like it was yesterday my Mum telling me I would end up with square eyes ☺️
  18. UK doctors are the third highest paid globally, according to Medscape's latest online international earnings survey comparison report. US doctors were highest paid on average at £231,000 a year, followed by German physicians at £133,000. The UK average was £101,000. The lowest paid doctors among our global editions were in Mexico at £8781. About time they started earning it !
  19. Looking back I never thought about ill health or other dangers. Well I'm still here(just) And then like a express train whooooosh Age happens and that's it aches pains and being ultra cautious. And that lad who raced up and down a rugby pitch becomes .................... Old 🥴
  20. I was just in Home Bargains and all the over 50's are still wearing a mask and keeping 2 mts apart from folk in the queue. The young ones don't mask up or distance. Ah well I'm still playing it safe and feel better for it. I don't understand their logic is it bravado or just a couldn't care less attitude ?
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