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The British Citizen Test


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I'm not going to take it.... instead I'm going to leave my house and go and work illegally in a Chinese or Indian takeaway and destroy any documents that prove who I am.... that way if I get found; the border agency can't do anything anyway!!!

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Man (or should I say 'person') enough to admit it... I'm impressed Baz :lol::wink:


So go on... what score did you actually get?


I only got 6 right but like I said in my ealier post I did score 100% on the 'ones I got right' :wink::lol:

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I got 8...... but there were no questions on the production years of the Ford Granada MK1..... (History) no questions on "How many times have Manchester United won the title as opposed to Liverpool" (Sport).... (Not including European cups of course!! :P ) or


"You are cycling on a main road and suddenly you see a cycle lane.... do you


a..) Make use of this very expensive resource and ride in safety ....or

b..) continue to risk your life by cycling alongside trucks and cars (Common Sense)

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