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  1. I have been there a number of times accompanying members. I presume it is Ok to take friends once you are a member. My wife and I have considered joining, but, as I am not yet retired, I wouldn't have time to make decent use of it and my wife is still recovering from two knee replacements. We intend to apply in a couple of years time.
  2. I presume these references are to Thomas the Tank Engine rather than to a military vehicle?
  3. I have lived near the King and Queen since moving to Warrington (1975). It was changed to the Famous King and Queen fairly recently during a refurbishment of the signage, but locals still all call it the King and Queen anyway as "there is nothing famous about it", as one said to me!
  4. All PSV vehicles have to pass a COF (certificate of fitness) and ir is much more stringent than the MOT.
  5. We don't have any grass - and the trees we used to have are long gone.
  6. Better if you look under Warrington, Lancashire unless it was Lymm side.
  7. I object to that! I may be a grammar nazi, but not odd... well, maybe just a little
  8. Well - I shall find out tomorrow evening as I am on shift at 21.30 in Haydock, yet again. I haven't seen Winwick Road down to one lane during my commutes, but it is two narrow lanes at all times - not good when you travel at the same time as all the Royal Mail articulated wagons! They also seem to have wasted their time and money with the 30 mph signs as very few take any notice of the 40 mph ones anyway! I'm always glad I drive a decent sized van these days and leave my bike at home.
  9. I have just seen the report on the Feb 10th closure of Winwick Road when turning right from Long Lane. The proposed diversion appears to be Winwick Road, Lythgoes Lane, Cockhedge Roundabout, Lythgoes Lane, Winwick Road. Is it just me that can't see how this will work? I come, on most working nights from the Padgate area, along Long Lane to head to Haydock. I certainly don't intend to go anywhere near Lythgoes Lane.
  10. RingoDave


    Only just seen it - damn!
  11. Always tricky with a number of geese, but the "official" terms are; flock of geese, gaggle of geese , wedge of geese (flying in a 'V') , skein of geese (in flight). I don't know why there are so many.
  12. Happy Birthday, Sheila. Sorry, I've had a few nights off shift.
  13. I finally got to see them at the weekend. Rather close to the ambulance station as well as being an eyesore.
  14. I have to admit to having driven through there on Tuesday lunchtime and didn't notice this at all (Yes, I have been to Specsavers!). Think I may have to have another drive out that way just to be nosey.
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