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Sex Education For The Over 60's


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Do you think the over 60's need any sex education?

:huh: A workshop with a background of safer sex for the over 60's planned by Portsmouth City Council was cancelled due to lack of interest. :roll:

Bugger the over 60's what about the over 70's, I know I could use a refresher course. :wink:

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1)How to correctly dive off the wardrobe with a replacement hip.:roll:


2) Practical uses of the zimmer frame.:shock:


3) Stair lifts and their role in a successful seduction.:wink:


4) How to cope with alzheimers and a varied sex life.:oops:


5) what can be achieved while bed-ridden?:


6) What can't be achieved while bed-ridden?:


7) How to produce an aphrodisiac from 69 diferent types of medication:


8) The benefits of a using a blow up bed sore cushion to achieve a comfortable position.

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Mmmm, let me think......


So many prospects, so many choices, plus the opportunity for education as well!!!!


Okay, thinking time over and decision is made - I'd rather have a Sunday Roast - takes less preparation, satisfies for longer and nobody minds if you talk about it in public :P

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