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  1. Ref. coin meters on televisions, I actually fitted them and collected the money once a month. I was a TV engineer in the 60's and some customers rented the TV and paid the monthly rental through the meter. The meters took a six penny piece (you got a lot for sixpence in those days).
  2. I can lend you some Slim Whitman cds.
  3. Victor

    Icy roads

    I walked along Fairfield Road, Stockton Heath, yesterday morning. The road had not been gritted. The road and pavements were extremely slippy. It's a pity that the majority of drivers didn't notice or care about the conditions. They just carried on regardless, driving too fast even for dry conditions.
  4. Victor


    Nice one Bazj. (Ok, I took a while to reply)
  5. Victor


    What's an APP ?????????????????
  6. I totally agree, Asp. Trouble is, the idiots would probably create another think tank to look into how to stop waste, which would probably cost more than what is being wasted !!!!
  7. Obs, it's not the content of this newly generated tax summary that I am talking about. I am just annoyed that HMRC can spend millions on this kind of communication.
  8. I have just received a Tax Summary for 2013/2014 from HMRC. This shows total income and tax paid for that year and also a breakdown on how income tax paid is utilised. All very interesting but these summaries have been sent out to 24 million tax payers in the UK. If it only costs £1 to prepare each summary (it is probably a lot more than this), then this has cost £24 million pounds. How can this be justified in these times of austerity.
  9. I couldn't see the polution through the smoke from me pipe !!!
  10. I posted this tomorrow !!
  11. My meter was changed 27/11/13 for the new smart type. Just prior to this I had received a letter from United Utilities stating that my Direct Debit payment would be reduced to £15.50 per month for the remaining period of the year(up to April 2014). After the meter was changed I received another letter stating that my monthly Direct Debit was to increase to £25.30, the reason being that they had to estimate the useage because the new meter started a "zero" so they were unable to calculate from my previous reading. I was on the phone in seconds !!!! I told them that I had readings for the past 5 years so why couldn't they do their calculation on these figures. They checked their data and agreed with my calculation of 30 cubic meters useage per year. She said that paying £25.30 per month would be excessive but they would re-calculate after my next reading in April 2014. I refused to pay this amount because I would, in effect, be loaning them £50 for 5 months. She reinstated my Direct Debit to £17.75 per month (my calculation based on 30 cubic meters per year). If they did this to all their customers who had a new meter they would be receiving a sizeable amount "up front". By the way Dizzy, you used 700 litres of water at a cost of £2.35 when you jet washed my paving on 24/4/13. I also recall buying the pies for dinner !!!!
  12. Thanks for all your replies and info. Having checked the HP website, they confirm your comments. They and most other manufacturers use an industry standard method of defining the page yields for each cartridge. I will sleep easy in my bed tonight !!!!
  13. Does anyone buy cartridges where the amount of ink is stated on the box? I use HP cartridges and all it says on the box is that it will print "xx" number of pages then, in brackets, "actual yields vary based on printer used, images printed and other factors". What a totally useless statement. If I buy a bottle of beer, a tin of paint or a tin of beans the quantity is on the label. So, why not on cartridges?
  14. Morrisons unleaded is 131.9p per litre which is equivalent to 75p per pint. Although I think that the price of fuel is diabolical, it is cheap compared to a pint of beer. (take heed all you beer drinkers !!!!!!).......................just a thought.
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