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Happy birthday Bill


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Silly me... yours wasn't there when I was doing mine Gary (I've deleted it now) :oops:


So for the second time ...........




Not that long of retirement now I see :)


So what did you get for your Birthday then? socks ? undies? or better ?


Have a good day :D



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Errm excuse me Bill but I had actually said it twice so surely that deserves a 'x' or a special post/star rating :lol::lol:


Are you tiddled yet or are you past that now you are 00111101 :P


I hope I got that right or Cleo will be after me


:rolleyes: 00111101 is the binary for 61 so, yes, Dizzy, you got it right.

Go up a class and take your knitting with you. :lol:

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You know Dizz, I can't even remeber how it works myself it's been that long since I last used it. It's Gray code btw not grey (my play on words). It's ones and naughts alright but the order that the bits change is rather different.


Don't loose any sleep over this one.


Bill :)

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