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over 65 drinking


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Safe recommended drinking limits should be slashed for the over-65s to take into account the effects of ageing, according to a doctors' report urging more action to tackle alcohol and drug misuse among the elderly the Royal College of Psychiatrists said in a report titled Our Invisible Addicts.


Is this another attack on the British public by a specialist vested interest group who want to make a name for themselves?


First we had the underage drinking, then the teenage drinking, then the drinking at pop concerts by middle aged people now this.


When will these do gooders stick to their day time jobs and leave the rest of us alone far from the scaremongering and unjustifiable attacks on groups of people that totally ignore the individuals, based on "statistics" generated by themselves?


I am fed up of vested interest groups pumping out propaganda about all sorts of matters purely to justify their existence and bolster their egos.

It is about time these do gooders did something useful.


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I read the same news article today and I tend to agree. It did however mention that as people age it takes longer for the alcohol to be cleared your body when you are older due to aging.


On a plus side that means you are getting better value for your alcohol money :wink:


It's a bit of a nonsense thing though as they are saying the safe limit for men over 65's is 1.5 unit a day... where as for younger men it's 3 units... not much difference really.

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I have no idea as to what the "Boffins" are claiming is factual or not, what I do know is that whem I was in my 30s & 40s a session on darts night for me would entail sinking 7 or 8 pints of bitter, in my 50s I would have consumed 5 or 6 pints whereas now I am in my 70s 3 pints and I've had sufficient and that now only occurs one night a week, I believe the follwing factors contributing to my decline in consuming alchohol are 1. physicaly I can't take it. 2. the cost is prohibitive. 3. drinking large amounts would entail me spending more time in the bathroom than asleep in bed. 4. The Mrs now has more control over me than she used to have.

I do agree that as you become older the affects alchol seems to stay with you longer and the body doesn't seem to shake of the affects as quickly.

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so according to that I am ok drinking my three units a day :P:P .

However I cannot afford to drink three units a day. :cry: :cry:


I will have to content myself with my three bitter shandies a week then. :blink: :blink:


This could be a start off a new drinking craze on behalf of the oaps. Whinge drinking :shock: :shock:

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Did anyone hear the Radio 4 report on this item in which Emma Soames, editor of Saga magazine, said eating and drinking was the only pleasure left for most people over 65. What an outrageous remark coming from the editor of a publication for older people. She should be sacked.

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Even if she said exactly that, I think most would understand what she meant. I like having a pint of beer but that said, I've never been a big drinker. I do know my ability to drink a lot seems to have reduced as I've grown older and these days, at the age of sixty, I doubt I could ever drink more than three pints of the stuff. I hear what the reports say but if you took them all too seriously, life just wouldn't be worth living.


Bill :rolleyes:

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