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  1. Contrary to the repeated claims that it is the most important vote for a generation, I think the outcome is irrelevant. You will have a bigger influence on your own life if you vote in your local parish council election.
  2. I have been much amused at the way this debate has wandered to and from the initial topic. I have looked for the "official" definition of the word "culture" and found a great many. I think the one that appeals to me most is "The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively" That being so, it is probably true that Warrington does languish somewhere near the bottom of the pile. Equal last with a great many others, however.:
  3. Horace

    Mr Smiths

    Really, should we be laughing at someone who has never heard of the Trammps? Sounds to me as if someone has had a misspent youth!
  4. Warrington's response to the WW1 commemorations has been very poor, from what I have seen, compared to Frodsham - which is a much, much smaller place.
  5. Actually, if you look up the word "posh" you'll find that to call someone posh is actually paying them something of a compliment. And from what I hear, Alderley Edge has more or less been taken over by footballers who, while they might have money, certainly are not posh!
  6. I never cease to be amazed at the ability of certain members of this forum to transform any serious subject into trivia.
  7. Ye Gods! Do we have to have stupid comments about former councillors etc brought into a serious topic? That sort of mentality is almost as bad as the idiots who committed such mindless acts of vandalism!
  8. I say keep it - Facebook has too many idiots on it. I know there are a few here too - but at least they are local idiots!
  9. Just been watching some young girls ambling their way to school, their eyes glued to their mobiles. Thumbs working feverishly sending text messages to friends. This seems to be their main occupation these days - and it means they are living in some sort of digital world and not even noticing what is going on around them. Is this the future? Or will these youngsters eventually get fed up of texting as they grow older.?
  10. Some time ago, my granddaughter fell victim to a scam website, cleverly named after a reputable one. As a result, she parted with £100 for a product which never arrived. I took the matter up with Trading Standards in Warrington - and they didn't want to know!
  11. I suppose it gives a great opportunity for the nobodies to have a laugh at the expense of the somebodies!
  12. The number of people that go through the turnstiles - idiots though they may be.
  13. The fact that something is difficult to enforce is not a reason for not doing it. Murder is against the law but nobody suggests that it be made legal simply because it has proved difficult to stop people doing it!
  14. Because I didn't know who he was! And still don't. Threads should be constructed in such a way as to avoid unanswered questions.
  15. Who is Chris Smailing? I am not sure who is the biggest prat - Mr Smailing or the people who assume everyone knows who he is!
  16. ME ? Grumpy? How dare you! I'm not a bit grumpy. Grrrrrrrrrr!
  17. Algy Calm down boy, calm down. For someone who does not care one way or the other, you are getting quite worked up. If you think today's camera technology makes it possible for monkeys to take good photographs, why go to the trouble of posting them at all? To answer your question, however, I did not look at your pictures intentionally. I stumbled upon them after wondering why an item about photos from Northants merited a mention on the frontpage of Warrington's daily online newspaper. However, I realise you were not responsible for that. It's just the way the forum works. I didn't even see the pictures of the National Memorial Arboretum at first - only your other pictures "thrown in" at the top of the list! Still, this episode prompted me to look at the Photos of Warrington section, where I discovered you are a frequent contributor. But I am puzzled as to why so many of your pictures have been withdrawn, apparently by yourself. I can't believe they were not even up to monkey standard!
  18. Algy My comment was not intended to be a reflection on your photographic skills. The pictures are excellent. I merely question whether this is the place to display them. Anyway, my comment has undoubtedly boosted your response rate!
  19. I see nothing wrong in what the BBChas done. Entrapment? So what - if wrong has been done!
  20. Algy - you do realise what most people think of other people's holiday snaps, don't you?
  21. I don't know why people are complaining about the NHS. My recent experiences of it have been OK. Observer may have a point when he says the dedication of the staff is helping to keep things going, but isn't this true of every organisation ever put together by Man? Every firm I ever worked for was kept going by the dedication of the staff - not ALL the staff, of course. There are always a few who don't pull their weight and I am afraid that is as true of the NHS as any other organisation. But by and large, people don't go in for one of the caring professions unless they are caring people. This is the problem with the banking industry. People there tend to be motivated purely by money - they don't care about anything else.
  22. A bit laughable, really, all the judgements being passed here. Love or hate her, she achieved more in her life than any of us are likely to achieve in ours. And how can a grocer's daughter be accused of starting a class war?
  23. Sid, Is it really as bad as you say in your neck of the woods. I have never had eggs thrown at my windows and seldom have any trick or treaters call. Tempting fate I suppose!
  24. I can just about understand a Rugby League fan going to Wembley to watch the match, even though you get a better view on TV. But why anyone would want to go and watch the team come back is beyond me.
  25. Well you can all make the predictable jokes, but it would seem none of you are particularly bothered about the incident. Personally, I DO deplore what has happened. Not the publication of the picture (although I have not see it and have no wish to) nor because I am anti-Royal. In fact I am very pro-Royal - which is why I deplore the behaviour of the prince. He should have learned by now the members of the Royal family can't do what the rest of us can do. Nightclubs and particularly nightclubs in Las Vegas should be out-of-bounds.
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