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Council's new logo poll


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Thanks for taking up the idea of a poll Gary.


Further to the headlines, Fiona Bruce did in fact vote for a debate on the matter and therefore voted with Labour.


I suspect Mayor Dirir has found her "Jim Hacker Cause", those of you who saw "Yes Minister" will know the episode I mean. :D


I voted for the Coat of Arms as I rather like such things, interestingly the logo is based on the Goddess Nike, and I can sometimes see the merits of new emblems but maybe not for a Council......just yet anyway :D:D:D


PS I was lousy at it if truth be known though.

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I agree with Jimmy Mac.

At least the coat of arms stands out whereas the new logo just becomes another bit of trivia, or does that resemble the council?

Whatever the cost, at a time when the council should be saving money, and the Lib-Dems are bleating about cost savings, the money involved should be spent on something useful.

It must add up to a few thousand ?????'s. :x

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I think you make a good point Bill. With regards to cost, I understand the new logo would be introduced on an as and when basis, thereby not incurring additional costs.


Maybe the new logo should be the "skittles"....then again maybe not, it's just a reminder of waste. :D


Of course why have a logo or crest at all.


But of course as I implied in one of my earlier posts, maybe all this has more to do with May 3rd or even something a little deeper than that, I will say no more but time will tell I guess. :wink:

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Originally posted by Paul Kennedy:

Maybe the new logo should be the "skittles"....then again maybe not, it's just a reminder of waste.

Actually - whilst I know you were joking, that is a very good suggestion. You should go into logo design perhaps! :D


Like them or not [and I am in the former category] they are quite a landmark in Warrington, and many people who visit notice them and comment favourably. A stylised sillhouette of a whole [or partial] skittle would be distinctive and actually tie into the local area in some way.


Unfortunately, it seems the gate has been jumped after the logo has bolted the gun. Or something.

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Originally posted by Matty:

I wonder how much it will cost to put it on all council property and other such items that carry the logo.

Slightly off-topic, I sometimes wonder how much it cost Trafford MBC to paint all the street furniture black with gold hoops.


If the new logo is used when things require repainting/repairing anyway, then the cost implementing a new logo does not have to be that huge.

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I feel that this new logo is a great thing to come from the council; it is new, fresh and shows that Warrington is a town that embraces change.


If you look at local authorities up and down the country, they are changing there logo's away from crests to more modern logo's, this has been the case for example in Salford, Bolton, Wigan and soon Cheshire.


The crest is not being completely scrapped; it is being retained for civic purposes such as the mayors? office and civic visits. It will also remain on the new Warrington Borough Transport livery, as the logo was kept on the buses to show the connection to the council.


Cost will also be kept down as has already been mentioned, by phasing the new logo in by only when something with the old logo needs replacing.


Also a well done has to go to the graphics department at WBC, as getting this done from an outside companies could have cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, when WBC have produced a high quality, futuristic logo on a shoe-string budget. Well Done

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