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  1. The old original one would be a start walking 9 paces across the manor hall where you would be tried holding a red hot iron bar in both hands outstretched in front of you .......... you did of course HAVE to pick it up first from within a cauldron of boiling water
  2. Bring back trial by ordeal
  3. Obviously not the French besides, English archers would quite often remove their shoes and shoot barefooted anyway, gave them better grip on their backleg which took most of the force when shooting arrows skywards.
  4. Shambolic battle tactics by the French and also the mud did help as well
  5. As is well known the Bayeux Tapestry is THE best reference available for the build up to and the actual battle itself, although as in most historical references it may well be biased ........ It does however heighten the fact that Harold was 'starved' of archers, the tapestry shows 29 archers altogether (some in the bottom row) and out of these 29 only ONE is a Saxon. Of the 28 Norman archers, one is unusually wearing what may well be a mail hauberk (very unusual for an archer at that time) and one is actually on horseback. If you look closely at the foot archer in the hauberk it shows what looks like additional arrows being held in the left hand holding the bow, many theories abound that this may well be a crossbowman ........... as the use of the crossbow was very, very rare indeed at this particular time. Here's a link to something that may be of interest http://www.archerylibrary.com/books/badminton/docs/chapter07/chapter7_1.html By the way, Harold didn't really have the time to wait to assemble more manpower
  6. A total lack of archers on Harold's side didn't help his cause
  7. I don't think King Harold would've found the 'eye to eye' bit funny ....... especially after somebody did say to him ' Whatever you do, DON'T look up '!
  8. tonymaillman


    On this very day in 1066 ........... our history changed dramatically
  9. If it was the girls from Holyoaks the place would be rammed I am told the girls from Hollyoaks will be along supporting their team! I'll be there then !!!
  10. I suggest you think 'Paganism' don't you ?? spirituality came from the earth for people for thousands of years, a good example is the finding of many valuable objects in lakes, rivers etc .......... belief in gods in the water and also as an offering, and belief that water was endless thus objects passing into another world ........... we live in a totally different society who sadly find that our ancestors beliefs are 'laughable' and 'nonsensical' ........... that's why we have an education system with history in it to teach how life WAS not how it is NOW and to dispel the 'sceptical myths' spread around by those who don't want to understand the beliefs and way of life of previous generations !
  11. Adam - I worked in the events and functions dept at Tatton for a number of years and ALL safety precautions regarding the fireworks are taken ..... in fact consultation has to take place with Manchester airport as to the timing of them as it's on the immediate 'take off/ landing' flight path. The fireworks are strategically planned to be released from the main Tatton mere and thus any remains also descend into the mere never ever seen an ounce of trouble there
  12. You have to make allowances for scousers wolfie
  13. And totally betrayed by the Stanleys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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