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Council's new logo poll


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Warrington will always have tradition and history, however Warrington is now seen as a successful, vibrant, and a dynamic place to live and work, the new logo reflects this by being modern, crisp, distinctive, innovative and original by using the iconic wings of the goddess Nike. This brave choice of logo design I believe has been produced by the

in-house design studio at little cost, if an external agency was involved I think you would be talking estimates of 10?s of thousands of pounds, the Council and in-house design team should be applauded. I for one like this logo and will be happy to see it on any Council Stationery/building or van. The crest has its place, but is ideally suited for a Mayoral chain or on civic invites, and not suitable for a progressive and successful Warrington.

Well done WBC!


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He's probably the "Person" responsible for the rather lame and derivative design in the first place 8)8)

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This is one of the most pointless, unimaginative bits of branding I have ever seen. It has no meaning, no sense of purpose, and no context within the history or future of Warringotn as a town.


This is just another load of Lib Dem woolly minded tosh. They must have known it would be badly received, so they used thier normal tactic of pushing it through, sorry, rail-roaded it through without debate.


I wonder what the new inscription could read as a post-script for this?


'faeces dat incremetum'


I presume they think this change must be a vote winner? !! :D


I think the Lib Dem administration should really adopt the a completely new motto.


falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus


[ 19.04.2007, 00:45: Message edited by: Great White ]

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Well I have to agree with others, I don't like the new logo and it does look like it's been a free download. I don't care if it has been designed by "in-house" it has still cost money to have done and they shouldn't be wasing public money on such trivia

Why are the council discussing such trivia when there are more important local & sensitive issues to be discussed and dealt with.

Seems like this council like councils before them like to waste money and I bet they have a meeting to have a meeting, if you see what I mean.

Personally I hate the skittles, & people I have spoken to dont' like them either, I think they've made a laughing stock of Warrington.

I'm sure the money could have been better spent.

When the town was redesigned I think a lot of money was wasted especially on the skittles and the cost of the paving and fountains, those fountains are ridiculous, they cause the water to freeze onto the pavements in the winter and I'm surprised the council haven't had a lot of compensation claims from people slipping on the ice, or maybe they have but don't say.


I have to use a wheelchair & my poor hubby has to push me around, I hate it but it can't be helped, it's most uncomfortable as the pedestrianised areas are very uneven, you don't notice when you are walking but if you stand at the bottom of Sankey St where Specsavers are and look up toward Market Gate you'll see that the walkway slopes, and it's hard work for any one pushing a wheelchair. It's not very disabled friendly in my opinion but who am I to know what's right.

Why can't councils, sorry councillors stop wasting public money and when big issues come along inform the people of Warrington what they would like and get them more involved, I bet half of the councillors don't live in Warrington anyway.

Sorry for moaning but it gets me mad when I think of the public money that is wasted.


With regards to the crest of arms I think the middle word means increase, but I didn't do latin at school but seem to remember some one telling me years ago what it meant, but of course my memories not like it used to be lol.

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Okay I've cheated but Deus Dat Incrementum means God Gives Growth. It's also the motto of the Judd School in Tonbridge, Kent. Isn't Wikepedia wonderful :D:D:D

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Morning Asperity, thanks for the translation, well increase means growth doesn't it so I did get a bit of it right but not the middle bit, now that you have kindly put the right translation up I do remember it now, thanks for helping an old woman's memory tee hee tee hee

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Well as you say it does seem pretty trivial when people are dying every day but how trivial is it for the council to have meetings to discuss having a new logo when they could be investing that money into the hospitals and thus hopefully helping those people who are dying to die with some dignity.


We are only saying that Warrington doesn't need a new logo and it's an utter waste of public money, and yes maybe they've had it designed with their own in house designers but it's still cost money.

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From Thursday's WWW:


A council spokeswoman said: ?In developing the new brand, staff used current traditions as a starting point and attention was focussed on the town hall gates and Greek goddess for victory, Nike, which is a recognised symbol of Warrington with the protective arch of the wings.


?This constitutes a clear link to our heritage and the wings form the basis of the new logo?.?


I can't be the first person to question where this "Nike, which is a recognised symbol of Warrington" came from, can I?


Ah, I see, gates = wings = Warrington.


No agency in the report, no names, so no responsibility.


Lazy, lazy, lazy....

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Suppose you've got to look on the bright side; after all: they could have spent hundreds of thousands of ?s, getting some chap from America to design it; then paid even more to have the logo shipped over here; plus the everlasting artistic rights of the designer to prevent it being tampered with. :P

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