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School Dinners


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I wonder how many of us remember the school meals we were forced :roll: to eat in the '50s and early '60s? I can only remember lumpy mash, cabbage boiled till it was soggy, tapioca and rice pud with jam in the middle :cry::?:shock:


Can anybody remember what we had with the spuds? :(


Bren. :D

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70's and onwards I remember corned beef hash and what I would't give for a plate of it now.... it was actually rather nice. And semolina or rice pudding with a big blob of jam in the middle that was rather nice too.


Yes mash was rather lumpy but the home cooked real meat pie with a crusty pastry top in huge big trays which they sliced up and served with gravy which sort of took your mind off the lumpy mash :lol:


Oooh and the rather stodgy hard jam rolly polly and custard YUM YUM.


Ok so at the time I probably moaned about the dinners and lack of vast choice but looking back on them they were ok really and cooked on site and pretty balanced meals. Friday we got CHIPS :D:D


Whatever they served must have been pretty good really as there were not as many overweight kids at school like there are now. Saying that we didn't have all the processed and fast foods at home then either nor did we have as much of our own money to spend on crisps, chocolate and fizzy pops and sweets.... these were a Friday night treat every now and again.


Looking back our school dinners were far better than my sons school options of baguettes, barm cakes, sausuage/bacon butties and other fast food isles or processed quick stuff. His school did have the healthy options choice but with so much choice and so much on offer kids will always be kids and chose the quickest or less healthy option.


Flippin' heck I'm feeling peckish now Brendam :lol:

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Remember the rock hard carrots. They could have been boiled for days and were still hard. Sprouts were something to dread as well. Great for using as ammo in catapults but hard work to eat even one.


Fridays was always liver for some reason used to hate the stuff (still do) but the best pudding, was ginger sponge with white sauce.


What I do remember is that the dinner halls always smelled of boiled cabbage even if there was no cabbage on the menu. In summer we did get a salad option, complete with caterpillars for that extra bit of protein :P

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As some of you will expect. i remember the early school dinners of the war years(Beamont council). Quite horrible. The only good thing I remember is on Tuesdays we had a jam ( yes jam) slice. If you got a middle bit, it was miniscule but if you got one from the end, you got the same amount of jam, but a great wodge of pastry.


A certain person flatly refused to eat his school dinners (four pence in old money i think,}, and the dinner time entertainment was watching him being force fed - it used to take about half an hour.


Happy days

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That's really stirred some memories............not all of them good! I remember the sponge pud with white sauce - one of the nicer things we got to eat. Prunes were horrible as were the sprouts, the rock hard peas and carrots - I also remember the "frogspawn" now my memory's been prodded.


I don't remember having bangers with my mash, but I do remember that the custard was watery and a weird shade of yellow!


Bren. :shock:

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I used to like school dinners and with no one at home to cook for me they were my main meal of the day.


I remember a pudding they used to dish up called Manchester Tart, made with custard, bananas, coconut and raspberry jam. It used to be one of my favourite puddings and I?d long forgotten about it till I saw it on a restaurant menu a few years back.


Luuuurvley :P:P:P



Bill :)

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You must have gone to the same school as me Pete! :) I think frogspawn was either tapioca or sago...not sure which, but haven't tasted either since my school days :roll:


I halfway remember something grey, rock hard with curled up sides..........could it possibly have been fish of some sort???


Bren. 8)

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