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Which Royal shone the brightest?

Geoffrey Settle

Which Royal shone the brightest?  

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  1. 1. Which Royal shone the brightest?

    • Catherine
    • William
    • Harry
    • Charles
    • Camilla
    • The Queen
    • The Duke

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Out of the royals I say William and his new wife Cathertine (Kate)

as after all it was a wedding and it was their day. :wink: Both shone and although Kate was very composed I liked all the cheekly little grins and quiet 'comments' that Willaim kept doing.


Next was Kate's sister who everyone seems to be talking about but of course she's not Royal.,,,, unless Harry has his eye on her now :D


None of the other royals particularly 'shone' as such but then it wasn't their special day so that was good although I must admit I would have liked to see the queen looking more regal but then again it was her grandson's special day and not her day.


Prince Harry looked scared to death... but was great in the carriage later with the kiddies.


Eugene and Beatrice looked very out of place and rather 'odd' (trying to be polite so I don't get beheaded)


Charles was ok... Camilla I don't like...


The little bridsmades and page boys were great and for such young kiddies it must have been a very long, magical but at times scarey day for them.

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I missed the TV coverage -- time difference you know -- but enjoyed the summing up of Lauren Collins in The New Yorker, of May 2. Mind you most of it was over my head -- words, phrases and concepts that I'd never seen or heard before: "Kate Middleton's former piano teacher writes song"...in 1923 when Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon married Prince Albert...a request by the BBC to broadcast was rejected by church officials for fear men might hear the service, sitting in public houses, with their hats on...Republicanism in Britain is normally as a harmless and mildly embarassing pursuit, much like morris dancing or Presbyterianism"


Our old movies cable station played the 1951 MGM musical "Royal Wedding" followed by Roman Holiday, Love Is A Many Splendored Thing, and even more romance films. Royal Wedding must have included actual footage of the procession in the streets for Elizabeth and Mountbatten. Would have been prohibitively expensive for that many extras and costumes, horses, etc.

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Do the numpties want to own up to voting for carbuncle Camilla and explain why?


Perhaps to annoy you :wink:


Takes more than that. :wink: I get more wound up by you and the other snappers who not only take better pictures than me, but upload them as well. :roll::lol:

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