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Another murder


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So - another murder arising from mindless violence in Warrington. What sort of a town do we live in?

A young man, with his whole life before, struck down before he had a chance to make his mark.


And apparently the whole thing started at a party organised for college students in a local club.


I repeat - what kind of a town do we live in?

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As stated previously, the punishment is no deterent. The Guardian article a few weeks ago high-lighted 10 court cases in a typical day at Warrington courts and only one was given a custodial sentence.


I personally know of a similar death a couple of years ago where a youth died after a fight in the town centre. The other youth responsible got 15 months and he was out with a year.


There should also be a hard hitting TV campaign on say, Friday and Saturday evenings about 7pm, similar to the present one where the lad falls off the scaffolding, telling reminding that a punch up later that evening could result in them being banged up for 15 years.

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Unfortunately these days the only way to get banged up for 15 years is to say something nasty about the government. You can commit the most horrific crimes but if it doesn't affect the ruling class (Gordon et al) a slap on the wrist is seen to be too harsh if you're not a taxpayer :x:x

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