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  1. I bet you wont get rid them in a Hurry...Lock everything up...
  2. I guess we are lucky here then...Once again!!!
  3. Sid thank you, that quite a bit considering... thankfully here there are loads of Companies who want you to join them hence the lowish Prices... A lot of the Local companies do have higher prices but i change every year to the one who is the cheapest and who gives me the best price..more competition equals lower prices..
  4. Were paying about 90p a liter for Diesel...so be happy your not paying our prices..
  5. Just out of Curiosity how much do the Average person pay for Gas and Electric? KW Preis incl Tax.. At the moment i pay for Gas 4.52 ct about 3.6p per KW Electric 22.00 ct about 17.6P Per KW I also pay a flat rate of about 120 Pounds for top for the Gas/Electric Meter ect.. How about the UK?
  6. Happy belated Birthday Wishes Tracey
  7. Algy your right but the main reason is to reunite the lads from the Regiment and to make sure the said person is well, our Regiment i am glad to say is still very much a large family and if we find they need help we will and if the depart then we always make sure someone from the Regiment is in attendance.. Gone but not forgotten...
  8. Thanks Algy lad.. but i cant use 192...no way to pay them but thank you anyway.. i am sure i will find him one day... No mad rush to find him would just of been nice to find him again..
  9. Dizzy ask him maybe he knows him or someone who remembers him.. Sid no probs mate...Take me all my time to remember my name...
  10. Sid ask mate you never know...maybe he knows him... Dizzy sorry to say he isnt on FB..
  11. He would be about 45-50 ish.. he was in the Regiment and lived not far from Mullberry Tree pub? goodness my memory has certainly gone to pot..I will have a look for that group om FB cant say i recall any of his Family names i only visited him once or twice...I remember there used to be a Police station near the Roundabout not far from the pub.. this would of been about 1980 ish..
  12. LOL what have you started Gary? one Topic and so many Posts.. half of them off Topic but no matter...
  13. Dizzy I cant not enough hours in the day at the moment next week will be worst,, back at work and i will be in Holland...so no time to be a moderator anymore.. i gave up three Mod jobs because just not enough time..i even get grief off the Mrs because i spent too much time on the PC as it is.. Defo not an Angel.. looks are deceptive.. but then again i am good looking....PMSL....
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