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Shopping in Warrington


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What I can't understand is..why do supermakets to their own brand of something e.g. Tesco Soft Cheese, then have Tesco Super Value Soft Cheese, then have Tesco bargain basement soft cheese, why don't they make just the one soft cheese, it must be cheaper to make one product than 3 versions of the same, thus saving on packaging, production and shelf space...it really makes me boil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :roll:


Saw a thingy on this very subject a while ago. It seems that the strategy is actually based on a load of psychological cunning. If they offer us a premium brand, like Heinz beans and an own brand, a significant number will buy Heinz. If they add a third offering, so we have Heinz, standard own brand and really cheap own brand, then the balance shifts and the middle offering sells best, because we want to feel we've saved, but don't want to feel we've bought rubbish. So by offering us the economy version, they also increase sales of the standard own brand, on which they make the most money..... sneaky, eh?!

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Psycology is definately part of the ploy; every other week, they change the location of food stuffs, not just to upset your routine, but to force you to look at other products and perhaps buy something you wouldn't otherwise buy. :twisted:


Does it really work in the UK?

It just annoys me and I go elsewhere.

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cos she dragged me out kicking and screaming into town on Saturday right in the middle of a bunch of rugby fans spilling out of the towns pubs whilst on the way to some game or other......


?3.60 to park at Cockhedge when Tesco and ASDA and the Trafford Centre is all free!

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I find town centre poor for shopping compared with other towns that are smaller but have more shops.

Access to town centre is not brilliant if you just want to nip in and get something. eg: at 08:50 I can get to a national retailers shop in Salford, park right outside (for free) quicker than I can get to Cockhedge and have to pay for parking.


I had half a day in town one last week whilst the car was being serviced and it didnt take me long to get round any shops of interest. The market also seems to be getting smaller.


What is wrong with Warrington as a shopping town ?

Why do we have more Charity Shops ?

Are there too many empty shops ? (Not retail units in that terrible golden square - with its hills to climb and slippy floors) and quite a few

empty units still.


I will admit to remembering town centre with many more shops than

we have now, when you could park for a few minutes, get what you want and then away.


Town Planners ? Town Councillors ? Development Companies ?

Who is to blame

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Here?s a retro thought? let?s do away with single/double yellow and let car users park anywhere for 3hours in and around the town centre, that should help shoppers into the town centre?


I can remember when you could drive up and down Horsemarket Street/Bridge Street and Sankey Street down to Buttermarket Street ?.ah those were the days.


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Just been in the giant Tesco (the one our planning chief rightly said should not be granted permission) for the first time. Came away very disappointed. Couldn't get what I wanted and came out without a single item. Struck me as being a pretty downmarket store - and it wasn't particularly cheap either.

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