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  1. Lucy


    I could hear the noise in Lymm louder than in previous years. Previously it has just been BOOM, BOOM, BOOM but I could hear the "singing" as well this year. I was surprised to learn, from someone somewhat younger than I, that there were no live bands involved - just DJs playing recorded music! And 70,000 people are prepared to pay £100 or so to go to it!!! How sad - they want to get a life!
  2. PJ If your remark had been confined to the comment about the size of the shop it would not have been ill-mannered. But you then went on to infer that I was a snob, without cause. My remark about being able to afford what I wanted does not necessarily mean that I have a lot of money, it could just as easily, and in fact does, mean that the things I want are not expensive. But I like particularly brands of various products and I find that the discount stores do not sell them. In fact they often sell only their own brands. But I don't need to defend myself to you as your track record on this forum shows what sort of an ill-mannered person you are. You cannot get involved in any debate without become offensive - and for you to remember the chewing gum debate of long ago, when you attempted to defend the indefensible, shows what you are.
  3. PJ. Maybe not - but it is certainly not up to ill-mannered people like you either. Do you, or have you ever, lived in a cardboard box under a railway arch to have such a jaundiced view of just about everything?
  4. Not been on here for a while, but seeing as my home village seems to be under attack, I will have my say. I haven't and won't be signing any petitions because I know it is a waste of time. The planners cannot refuse permission just because they don't like the applicant, or in this case, the tenant. I don't know anything about Netto because I had never even heard of it. But it is described as a discount food store. Well I Iike a discount as much as anyone and quite often visit pound shops, never mind discount stores. But has it not occurred to anyone that the reason a discount store might not be appropriate in an affluent area could be because it simply does not stock the goods the locals want to buy. Believe it or not, but even the big stores in Warrington do not stock the same range of goods as those in Altrincham, who serve the Hale and Bowdon areas. I shopped at Spar when it was in Lymm and quite frankly don't think the Sainsbury store is much better. The Co-op is as good as anyone - but again it does not have the range of goods. I often find I have to go to two or three shops in Lymm to get what I want. So don't call me a snob - I'm just someone who knows what I want and can usually afford to buy it
  5. Most 16 and 17 year olds were immature in my day - and they still are today. The point is, no-one suggested giving them the vote "in my day" but today it is being suggested. Believe me, because I suspect none of you are old enough to remember, they are even more immature today. On the point about being old enough to fight for your country, I agree. !7-year-olds should not be expected to do it...nor 18 year olds. But two wrongs do not make a right. Incidentally, it is a well known fact that most older people won't go into Warrington town centre of an evening now because of the unruly behaviour of the youth of today. That situation certainly did not exist in my day!
  6. I am afraid the fact that most teenagers are immature means that the few who are not must suffer. That's life. It's a bit like people who are exceptionally tall. The world is made for people under 6ft - which means that someone who is, say 6ft 3 inches is always banging their head getting in or out of cars, or even houses. Visit any club or bar in the small hours and you will find them packed with young people - many of them well into their 20s - acting like idiots. Drinking too much, taking drugs, smoking. A good proportion of them going on to have unprotected sex. Are these the people you want to give the vote to?
  7. Lucy

    Chewing gum

    Well, all I can say to all those who see nothing wrong with chewing gum is...you haven't been brought up properly. And Dizzy, how you can give such a graphic description of bubble gum chewing in your youth and STILL see nothing wrong with it is beyond me. My parents told me chewing gum was a vulgar habit,, imported by American servicemen during the war and that decent people didn't do it. I believed them and I still do. And the fact that so many people spit the stuff out and leave it in the street strengthens my belief. Have none of you ever got a piece of gum stuck to your shoe and not wanted to shoot the person who dropped it? Ye Gods...talk about standards!
  8. Bazj I am not tarring them all with the same brush - I accept there will always be some who are different. But we are generalising here. If it makes you feel better, please insert the word "most" where you feel appropriate. I am pleased to hear about your nephew - but I am afraid he is in a minority (even if a sizeable minority) Incidentally, I don't think Labour supporter ALWAYS mess things up and I wish people of all political persuasions were posh. Then perhaps there wouldn't be so much chewing gum in the street!
  9. Lucy

    Chewing gum

    Well Bazj, I can't see anything wrong with any of my comments and I stand by them. I can only assume you are a "gum chewer" and, from the way you have reacted, one of those who spit it out on the pavement.
  10. I totally agree that young people are too immature to vote at 16, 17 or even 18 and that they are more immature today than they were a couple of generations back. But we shouldn't forget the reason WHY they are immature - because of the way their parents have brought them up (or more correctly, failed to bring them up).
  11. Lucy

    Chewing gum

    Sorry Asperity, but while I agree with the second part of your comment, I think there is everything wrong with chewing gum. I think it is a revolting habit - almost as bad as smoking. The sight of someone with their jaws constantly rolling and, if their mouth is slightly open, the occasional glimpse of the gum in their mouth, makes me feel sick. It also makes them look like simpletons. There is a myth that it is good for you - but every dentist I have spoken to has rubbished the idea. It can cause indigestion. Just what it does for anyone I cannot imagine. There are other myths that it is helps you relax, helps you concentrate, etc. All rubbish. Some sportsmen seem to think it is some kind of aid to performance but an Australian cricketer nearly died once when a piece of gum got stuck in his throat while he was playing. I have heard that the manufacturers actually pay some sports celebrities to chew gum as a means of persuading others to do so, although I don't know if this is true. It is clearly habit forming because users seem to become as addicted to it as smokers do to cigarettes. Having said all that, it is, I suppose, no business of mine if some people want to make themselves look idiots by chewing gum. Unfortunately the "certain groups of people" who drop it in the street appear to large in number, judging by the amount you see. If it is in decline and the industry is suffering, I for one am delighted.
  12. Lucy

    Chewing gum

    Not been into Warrington town centre for some time (nor on this forum) but on a recent visit noticed that the amount of chewing gum stains on the pavements in Bridge Street in particular, but elsewhere as well, is as bad as ever. I read in the paper the other day that the chewing gum industry is in crisis because people are not buying gum like they used to. As this foul habit appears to be on the decline elsewhere, is it too much to hope that it might go into decline here also? PS And before anyone says anything...yes there is a fair amount of gum on the pavements of Lymm too!
  13. A TV programme yesterday claimed that the average UK household wastes £600 a year buying food they end up throwing away. The problem, apparently, is that most people are poor shoppers. They fall for "two for the price of one" offers and other methods used by supermarkets to boost sales. Ladies, are you one of these food wasters? Gentlemen: Is your wife a food waster? Or if you do the shopping are you one yourself? Wouldn't an extra £600 a year in your pocket be useful? The simple solution is to write a shopping list before you leave home and only buy what is on it!
  14. It's fairly obvious that during the warm weather over the weekend, many people will want to relax in their gardens. It is also fairly obvious that many people will want to keep their windows open. But why do so many want to play loud music, without any consideration of their neighbours. I don't care what kind of music they play, Beethoven or Beatles, but most of them seem to go for rock and pop. Really I want to go and complain - but I think one should try and stay on good terms with neighbours, so I don't. But why do some make it so difficult?
  15. I am still here too. But what has happened to You Know Who?
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