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Where did you go on holiday?

Geoffrey Settle

Did you go abroad or stay in the UK this summer?  

8 members have voted

  1. 1. Did you go abroad or stay in the UK this summer?

    • Stayed in the UK and it was brill
    • Stayed in the UK and it was horrible not again
    • Went across the Pond
    • Went to Europe
    • Went to see my rellies in Oz
    • Stayed at home and had no holiday
    • Went some where else - please sya where below

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I went to Europe because the UK is a bit crap these days. It may be dearer to eat and drink abroad, but the hotels are a damned sight cheaper and the customer service is miles ahead of what we get over here....


Going to Egypt in October, never been, probably too hot for me, but couldn't stand the thought of the UK weather up until next June!!


As a kid, we always holidayed in Devon with the caravan that mum & dad had, unfortunately, even the campsites here charge more than some 4* hotels abroad so not bothering with that one either.


Probably unlike Geoff, I don't class going to the Lake District for a walk as a holiday so abroad is my best option.


What about you Geoff, where did you go?

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I cant vote in this one either as I don't fit any category :lol:


Stayed in the UK and second week of the main holdiday was horrible because of the weather and having nothing to do....but I'll probably do it again next year :? . Had many other weekend breaks earlier in the year in the UK and they were all lovely and we had a great time.


I can understand why people go abroad though but it's not an option for us 8)

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I?m making up for lost time by having two this year :shock: , Mombassa and Tenerife. Most years it?s just time off work to do jobs in the house or garden.


I?m just remotely downloading some pictures from my son?s camera but it?s going to take a couple of hours more before its done. If there?s any good piccies I?ll post some up.


Bill :)

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Just got back from 2 weeks on a last-ish minute booked holiday in Turkey.


We'd never been there before, it's usually tended to be Greek islands, Cyprus etc., but the effects of EU membership have now been felt in those places. Working Time Directive, Minimum Wage and the dreaded Euro have all conspired to make them far, far more expensive than they ever used to be.


It would have cost us well over twice as much to go to a similar standard of accomodation in Cyprus as we paid for Turkey, and meals out and drinks would have also been far more expensive.


Everyone we talked to in Turkey who works in the service industries is hoping and praying that they don't join.

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Mary sweet heart there is an 'other' category and I thought that you lived in paradise. You only have to book a week off and walk down to your local beach. :wink: Maybe someone wants to do a house swap with you for your next break. Mind you holidays are a very rare thing in the USA or so I've been told.


But surely we have more than 8 posters who have have a holiday break?

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