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Death Crash on Lovely Lane....


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apparently it is Dizzy... it also appears to have coincided with some small power cut around the Bewsey area too....


Reports are that the Audi was wedged between the wall of the bridge and the railings..... there is a truck at the scene removing the car at the moment but I'm guessing Lovely Lane is closed for forensics. There was talk of air ambulance landing on Sankey Valley... how true that is I'm not sure but would be a bit weird seeing as how close Warrington Hospital is

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The air ambulance did indeed attend the accident and landed in the field on sankey valley opposite the hospital. A lot depends on what the injuries were. they may have been something that Warrington hospital does not have a specialist unit for and manchester or liverpool has.

Whether all involved were killed is another matter. I have been told that the woman pedestrian died but that was from a neighbour so do not know how true it is. The accident occurred at 6:50 pm the power cut was at around 9:00 pm so I doubt that the two incidents are related.

The power cut affected most of bewsey from the traffic lights at winwick road to the traffic lights at bewsey road to and the lights after those leading to where the accident was were still lit.

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tara_dad, on 26 Apr 2013 - 04:42, said:snapback.png

best wait till the police give out a statement before listing to gossip and false reports


Well said TD Steve!


from the front page news story....:


"and eye witness reports said an air ambulance attended the scene landing in near by Sankey Valley Park"


Gossip?....hearsay?...... or a quote from my posts???


and I have to say that coming from someone who was blaming everything except global warming on the Pink Ladies Taxis a few years ago...... talking of gossip and false reports is a bit rich TD!

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