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Scum bag businessman convicted of selling fake bomb detectors

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From the BBC



"Millionaire businessman James McCormick, 56, has been convicted at the Old Bailey of three counts of fraud after selling fake bomb detectors.

The Advanced Detection Equipment was based on a golf ball finder device and sold for up to $40,000 (£27,000) in Iraq, Georgia, Saudi Arabia and Niger.

McCormick, of Langport, Somerset, said to have made £50m from sales of the devices, will be sentenced next month......."





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Had he been some guy selling them on the market for a tenner a pop nobody would have bought one. But he was flogging them at an extortionate price so everybody wanted one regardless of whether they worked or not. It is a case of, at that price they must be good. Cannot condone his actions in selling them as bomb detectors but you have to admire his cheek. Del boy eat your heart out.

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What I want to know is how the heck does a golf ball finder work? 


Reminds me of when they discovered the mirror in the Hubble telescope was distorted and all the stars looked blurred. 

Yet when they turned it and pointed it towards the earth, all they could see was golf balls.


May be they weren't the only ones this guy conned. :mrgreen:


Bill :)

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:lol:  :lol:


Just as a side note if anyone ever does come across a golf ball finder that works can they let me know so I can buy my dad one for his birthday. 


But on a more serious note. 


I do have to wonder why so many of these fake bomb detectors were bought and especially why they were used on border controlls in known  places where the threat of bombs and loss of lives are so very real etc.   Clearly no one in authority had bothered to test them out in a controlled environment to make sure they did actually work. 


Surely the mention of them being able to detect 100 dollar bank notes too (or whatever it was ) and everything else must have made people wonder.... or maybe desperate people are more gullible


..... or maybe some other evil sods spread the word that they did work ( knowing that they wouldn't) just so more innocent lives would be lost or people injured and the blame could be shifted from the evil bombers to the one idiot in the 'other' counrtry who provided the so called testers.


Quite shocking all ways around

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I did come across a golf ball finder that worked but he didn't come cheap and ended up banned from the golf course. but only after they found out he was employing six other lads to help him whilst he sold the found balls at the entrance at a quid for five. made quite a bit of money out of it until he was stopped.

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So he's now got 10 years in jail , but you do grudgingly have to take your hat off to the bloke . I remember buying a tv ariel once & when i got home i realised that that H antenna vanes  weren't actually connected to the wire that went in the back of the telly . Maybe that was one of his early scams.

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