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  1. Aborigines may point out she is part of the immigration into their country.
  2. During the height of the IRA's activities would Obs have been demanding that all Roman Catholics should be forced to take an oath, along with anyone with an Irish accent or name?
  3. My apologies - I meant to say " that Windsor woman and her successors" ( I didn't mean to give her position legitimacy by using the word "queen")
  4. The report I saw just said one of them was of Nigerian descent - we're all of African descent if you go back far enough.
  5. As I said - not just religious but also what I see as a secular morality.
  6. Allegiance to what - not the bloody queen, I wouldn't do it - why should they?
  7. I had the misfortune to see the crime scene photographs, babies impaled on railings - truly horrifying. Even after thirty years the image is burnt into my memory. However I still do not believe that the state has the right to kill criminals. I find the notion of capital punishment morally offensive. I find it offensive both on a secular level and also against my personal religious beliefs that see human life as sacred. The deliberate killing of one human being by the state is not justified by that person's taking of life. Society should be better than its worst members - not s
  8. Like a snake oil salesman working a gullible crowd, just don't go thinking he believes in what he is saying. As for smoking - some of us plebs realise it aint good for us, don't be so patronising as to think we can't make up our own minds.
  9. Too Easy ! Sorry, couldn.t resist.
  10. To be fair he doesn't totally rely on such surveys. There is also his extensive collection of Jennings novels You know the ones; Jennings Goes to School Jennings Follows A Clue Jennings Finds Matron Jennings and the Burning Sensation Jennings Goes To The Clinic
  11. asperity you have caused a problem for Obs - he doesn't know if any retrospective legislation could be blamed , by Nigel Fartrage, on Europe for annoying his friends in industry.
  12. Saying what ever he thinks people want to hear - how like any other career politician. Nice to see that smoking and drinking are how you judge people Obs - nothing shallow about you It appears that some of Fartrage's crew find the whole policy thing a they get in e.g. their leader in Suffolk "it was difficult to come up with coherent county-wide policies. He said: “We’re still working on that. I don’t know if we’ll have them in place by next week.........” Suppose they could just ask the local village idiot what he thinks.... (as long as he isn't a
  13. Der der der dum der der der der http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-22554314
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